My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 10

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—It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Emilia, the daughter of the Viscountess of Piett, closed her eyes, covering her ears as if to reject the voices around her.

This seems to be one of the guest rooms in the palace, but there are guards in front of the room, keeping an eye on Emilia.

From the next room, she hears Nick yelling at her, and she shudders.

The cheek where Nick had hit her was sore and tender. It must be swollen and red.

—How did this happen? All I wanted was to be a mistress and have a comfortable life…


Emilia’s family of birth, the Viscounts Piett, was a small estate and not a very wealthy noble family.

She had two older brothers and an older sister.

Except for the eldest brother (heir), all the others had to learn how to survive on their own.

Her second brother had joined the Order at an early age.

Because her second brother was a nobleman from a viscount family, he was not a knight who fought in real battles, but he was admitted to the knighthood, which was responsible for the security of the royal city.

She hasn’t seen her second brother, who left home and entered the Knights’ dormitory in recent years.

His sister, who is two years older than her, got married a year ago to a legitimate son of a baronet whom she met at a party held at the royal palace .

The barons over there aren’t very well off either, and life seems as hard as ever.

Still, her sister was content that she had found a place to live.

Now that she is the wife of a legitimate son, she is now a baroness.

—Being a baroness is insignificant. And a poor aristocrat as destitute as my family.

Her sister was happy, but Emilia was not happy with her sister’s choice.

—I’d rather have a higher-ranking, less impoverished aristocrat anyway. But being the wife of a high nobleman is not easy, so a mistress would be fine.

Rich, with a decent rank.

And someone with a decent fiancée.

While searching for these conditions, she met Nick, the second son of the Marquis of Deedaloid.

Nick’s family is a marquis, but not a very wealthy one.

—If that were all, I would not have approached him.

However, the father of his fiancée, Marian, is the Count of Doretta, who owns a large harbor and a mine where precious stones can be mined in his territory.

He is a count, but he seems to have as much property as the duke.

—Nick’s fiancée, Marian, has a younger brother, but Nick, who has the higher title, will probably inherit Count Doretta.

He and Marian are engaged for political reasons, and Nick said that they do not have any affection for each other.

Emilia thought that if she became the mistress of Nick, the heir to the House of Doretta, she could live happily and without problems in the future.

So Emilia played the role of a quiet and reserved woman to get his attention.

But still, her words of love were passionate.

And she made it clear that she did not want to marry him, as she was aiming to be a mistress.

Everything was going to be fine, until…

She did not expect that Marian, Nick’s fiancée, would love him so much that she would disappear.

She was aware that Marian had been watching when she and Nick hugged in the garden.

She is the daughter of the Count of Doretta.

Emilia has always envied Marian, who is much richer and more beautiful than she is.

She certainly felt pleasure in stealing her fiancée.

No matter how rich or beautiful she was, it is Emilia that her fiance is in love with.

With this in mind, she whispered her love to Nick in a deliberate and flamboyant way.

To Nick, who still held Emilia in his arms even though he was engaged.

But she just disappeared.

—I never thought this would happen…

She played the role of a tragic heroine, much like in her favorite romance novels.

She thought that Marian was a villainess who was jealous of Nick’s love for her, and she was going to be hard on her.

But when the Crown Prince’s fiancée, who is close to Marian, shows up and encloses her letter to Nick, the roles are reversed.

Marian was the tragic love’s heroine, and Emilia was the villain who stood in her way.

—That doesn’t make sense. I wanted to be a heroine…

She was also noticed by Leo, Minerva’s brother. He is said to be a ruthless and terrifying man, and will stop at nothing to eliminate his enemies.

And up close, Leo’s eyes were cold, sharp, and icy.

She remembered that she felt a shiver down her spine, as if she had been exposed to freezing water.

He is the man you should never get involved with.

Now it’s better to give up being Nick’s mistress and withdraw quickly.

So she tried to run away, but Nick got angry and slapped her, and the guards took them away for causing a commotion in the palace .

—I don’t think they will let me back without any charges.

Nick, who is in the next room, still seems to be on a rampage.

She hears someone’s urgent cry, “Leo-sama!” and realizes that “someone” whom you should never have ever messed with has arrived.

Emilia puts her hand on her cheek where Nick has hit her.

The blow hurt so much that she felt faint, but the whole audience must have seen that Emilia had been slapped.

She’s thinking about blaming Nick for the whole thing and saying he threatened her.

Then maybe she could get out of this situation.

Emilia has no love for Nick in the first place. She just wanted to use him.

The sound of footsteps approaching.

They may be trying to question Emilia this time.

Emilia sits in the corner of the room, playing the role of a frightened and weak lady.

This time she should not fail or else.

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    Whoa, emilia is so dumb, she could’ve said that nick lied about his fiancee, saying she was an abusive woman who was using him to gain power or something like that. She could’ve acted as a good natured person who only felt sympathy for nick. Instead she’s gonna say that he threatened her? Does that make sense? Smh

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