My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Minerva’s Side│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Minerva moved a little away from her brother Leo, who was escorting her, and approached Marian’s fiancé, Nick.

Nick was accompanied by the lady in question.

—Emilia, was it? She looks a bit different from yesterday.

She remembers her as a reserved, unassuming woman, like a flower blooming on the side of the road.

But now she had a look in her eyes as if she was somehow confident in herself, as if she was sure Nick was going to protect and love her.

—Is this her true nature?

If so, Nick would be easily deceived by such a woman and lose what’s most important.

She felt a little sorry for him on that point, but there was no way she would forgive him for hurting her bestfriend.

“I see you have another woman with you. What happened to Marian? It is bad manners to have another woman other than your fiancée with you.”

When she questioned him, Emilia’s gaze became frightened again.

Her voice is whispering “Nick-sama” and her hands are shaking as she grips his cuffs, which is quite impressive.

“Don’t blame Emilia. It’s entirely my fault.”

Sure enough, Nick immediately defends Emilia.

“No, It’s entirely my fault… I knew Nick-sama had a fiancée and I…”

“I’m not blaming you… And Marian was praying for your happiness.”

Both Nick and Emilia looked surprised when she told them this.


“N-No way, that’s…”

“I’m not lying. She’s been missing since yesterday, and she left me this letter.”

She then thrust Marian’s letter in front of Nick’s eyes.

“Marian saw you two yesterday in the gardens of the royal palace, embracing and confessing your love for each other…”

He was having a secret meeting with a woman other than his fiancée at an evening party held in the royal palace.

Minerva continues, emphasizing this.

“But Marian did not blame you for being unfaithful and choosing to disappear. She… could have asked Marquise Deedaloid to dissolve the engagement and demand the payment of alimony, but she…”

She saw Nick’s face turn pale when he heard the words “dissolution of engagement” and “alimony”.

—Had he not considered this possibility at all?

His arm, which had been raised to protect Emilia next to him, was gradually lowered.

“Do you know why Marian did that? Because she loved you.”

—There’s no such fact at all, but it’s necessary to turn these two into villains.

“[I want Nick to be happy with the one he truly loves.]” Marian left a note saying so and disappeared. And you were laughing like that, not caring and knowing anything about your fiancée!”

Emotions flared, and she burst into tears.

Of course, it was an act, but it caused a commotion and spread throughout the hall. All the voices were directed at the two who were being unfaithful.

—The tables are now completely turned.

They are not lovers of fate torn by tragedy anymore, but foolish people who were hugging each other despite having a fiance.

And because of this, one of the women has disappeared. This is unforgivable.

—Marian, are you listening to this?

She glances in the direction of the maids’ waiting room.

“Mina, this is the royal palace. We mustn’t cause such a commotion.”

As planned, her brother Leo rebukes Minerva with these words.

“B-But Onii-sama… these two have caused Marian to…”

As soon as her brother comes forward, behind Nick, who has become discontent, Emilia’s face becomes tense and her face pales.

—I wonder what Onii-sama did behind the scenes…

Minerva often saw those who behaved so disrespectfully in front of her turn pale when her brother appeared on the scene.

But to Minerva and Marian, he is a kind and sweet brother.

“I know. I will never forgive those who made my precious sister cry.

When her brother smiled at that, Emilia finally spoke in a trembling voice.

“W-We can’t be the only ones happy. I’m really sorry to Marian-sama. I-I’ll be on my way. I-I will never approach Nick-sama again. P-Please forgive me.”

The trembling in her voice is not an act.


Nick calls her name, but Emilia has already turned and run away.

She was so quick that not only Minerva but also Nick had no choice but to watch her back.

“Wait, Emilia!”

Nick runs after her in a hurry.

Emilia was running fast, but Nick was also desperate. He finally grabs her arm at the entrance of the hall and pulls her close.

“Let go of me! Don’t drag me into this!”

Emilia shouted at Nick. It seems that she can no longer afford to play the role of a reserved and loving woman.

“You say you love me… You told me that your love is mine forever…”

“I didn’t say that. You’re mistaken.”

“W-What did you say…”

Nick, who had been desperate to get Emilia’s attention, now knows that he was fooled.

“W-Was that all a lie? Were you deceiving me?”

“Get your hands off me! You and I have nothing to do with each other anymore. Don’t ever talk to me again!”



There was a loud slap, and Emilia was blown to the ground.

Apparently, Nick had raised his hand against her.

And at the royal party at that. No greater fuss can be made than this.


Minerva feigns upset and looks up at her brother with tear-filled eyes.

Leo looked at them with cold eyes, but smiled slightly at the sound of his sister’s voice.

“It’s all right. Let’s leave the rest to the guards.”

With that, he called for the guards, and they quickly pulled Nick and Emilia up and took them out of the hall. They were screaming something, but soon their voices became distant.

“…How about some rest, Mina? Can you walk?”

“Yes, Onii-sama..”

The quiet hall became noisy as Minerva exited, supported by Leo.

Those who were left behind were cursing Nick, who had been intimate with a woman other than his fiancée and had driven her into disappearance, and Emilia, who had gone to such lengths and then tried to quickly escape on her own.

This case will have a great impact on the engagement of Nick’s sister, Rietta. Perhaps it will be difficult to get engaged to the second prince any more.

How will Nick’s father and sister treat him now that he has ruined their longed-for marriage with the royal family?

Even for Emilia, it would be difficult to get a proper marriage proposal in the future if it turned out that she was seeing a man with a fiance in front of so many people.

Moreover, she tried to escape alone, claiming that it was not her fault.

The only thing that made Minerva feel sorry for Emilia was the violence Nick had done to her.

With this event, the only marriage prospects for Emilia were to become the second wife of a nobleman or to enter a monastery to repent.

—All of which she deserves…

Minerva smiled coldly as her brother led her down the hall.

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