My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 6

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The next day, preparations were made for the party that was going to take place that night.

Just by putting on a brown wig and changing her makeup, she looked very different.

If he were to meet Nick at this moment, he might not recognize her as Marian.

Also, Minerva, the Crown Prince’s fiancée and the Duchess, has a number of maids. So it’s safer to mingle with them.

“Ah, I see you’re ready.”

While she was waiting for Minerva to get ready first, Leo walked by, dressed up in his glittering formal attire.

—As always, both siblings are dazzlingly good-looking.

Leo narrowed his eyes when he saw Marian dressed in a maid’s outfit.

“When you are dressed so simply, your beauty stands out even more. Some noblemen are fools, believing they can do whatever they want to the maids… You should be careful. “


How was Nick yesterday?

Marian, who was going to ask him about it, but Leo’s unexpected words made her unsettled.

—Did he say I’m beautiful? Did I mishear? Or is that a social compliment?

When she was busy with such thoughts, Leo took something out of his pocket.

“You should wear this. If you get involved with a strange man, show this to him.”

With these words, he handed her a ring engraved with the coat of arms of the Dukes of Sazaria.

“It should work on anyone but the Crown Prince.”


She thought she should decline, but tonight’s party was a sort of social gathering for young nobles, and some of them were not so high ranking (country bumpkin) that they could not normally be invited to the party at the royal palace.

As Leo said, some of these people are very forceful with those of lower status.

It may be better to be thankful for the loan (ring) than to cause unnecessary commotion and become conspicuous.

“I’m sorry. Please let me borrow it.”

Leo smiled with satisfaction as she said this.

“Be careful on your way. If you need anything, please let me or Mina know right away.

“Thank you very much.”

After thanking him, Leo said, “See you at the venue,” and walked away.

—I thought it was because Mina-sama told him to.

Maybe Leo is also concerned about Marian and is working for her.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. Marian.”

As she takes her eyes off Leo’s back, Minerva arrives, having just finished getting ready.

—Beautiful women get more powerful when they dress up.

Marian thought about it rather casually, but Minerva seemed to have spotted a ring in her hand.

“Marian, is that…?”

“Leo-sama lent it to me. He told me to use it in case I got tangled up with a strange man.”

“…Right. You’d better keep it. It’s going to be a little loud today.”

Minerva said this and then smiled “meaningfully”.

“Maybe, like in a novel, love is closer than you think.”

Together with Minerva, they boarded the ducal carriage and drove to the royal palace.

Her escort is supposed to be her fiancé, the Crown Prince, who is absent from tonight’s party for political reasons. So her brother, Leo, seems to be her escort.

“Is it alright if Leo-sama doesn’t escort his own fiancée?”

She asked casually, and Minerva sighed deeply, with a melancholy look on her face.

“Well, you see, my brother doesn’t have a fiancée yet…”

“Eh?! Is that true?”

She asked back in surprise.

Marian thought he had a fiancée.

Leo is the eldest son of a duke and will eventually inherit the dukedom of Sazaria.

“My father is also worried because I got engaged first. Even when we force him to choose, he refuses and disappears for some reason for several days each time.”

It’s clear that Leo is not one to be taken in stride, but there doesn’t seem to be anything the Duke of Sazaria can do about it, since he didn’t leave any evidence.

“I’m marrying into the royal family, and if my brother brings someone to marry him, whoever the woman is, my father will welcome her…”

The Duke of Sazaria seems to be going through a lot.

“Oh, by the way, the ring Onii-sama gave you…”

Minerva said, as if an idea had just occurred to her as the carriage was about to arrive at the royal palace.

“It’s better to put it on your finger from the beginning because it’s too late if there’s trouble coming. Besides, they’ll know right away once you take it out.”

“That’s right. I will do that.”

Minerva smiled with satisfaction as Marian put on the ring for protection.

“Come, let’s go… we will hunt the man who betrayed Marian.”

They meet Leo at the royal palace, and in his company, Minerva makes their way to the venue.

Marian sees them off and goes to the waiting room with the other maids.

She cannot see the inside of the hall directly, but she can hear them.

So she will be able to hear what is going on without having to face Nick.

Minerva will not make a move until after the first dance.

So Marian decides to relax in the maid’s waiting room.

As you might expect from all the young aristocrats, there was a sense of cheer in the place.

The same seemed to be true in the maid’s waiting room, with some exchanging information with maids from other families, while others seemed to have become friends after seeing each other several times and were chatting happily.

And as Leo had feared, some of the nobles attending the party had shown up in the maid’s waiting room and approached the maids.

The maids seem to be accustomed to it and are able to communicate well with them, but they still seem to be having a bit of trouble.

Minerva is about to make a move and show them the letter she wrote earlier, so she shouldn’t cause any problems.

As she sighs, thinking of this, and then, she is suddenly grabbed by the arm from behind.


She exclaimed, surprised.

When she turned around, she saw a man, who must be a nobleman, holding her arm with a smirk on his face.

“Well, you’re pretty good for a maid, aren’t you? Should we play a bit?”

“…Please let me go…”

With that, she shakes off the man’s hand.

She didn’t think it would be as Leo said, but she had a trump card.

She did not recognize the man’s face.

She guessed he was not a man who attended parties at the royal palace very often.

The Minerva’s maids also warned her that only such a man would touch the maid or get entangled with the servant.

Apparently, it was true.


The man shouted when Marian, who he thought was a maid, shook his hand away.

But his eyes widened when he noticed a ring with the ducal coat of arms on her finger.

“Y-You can’t be serious…”

Marian is puzzled as she sees the man’s face turning pale.

She thought this was to prove that she was related to the Dukes of Sazaria.

—Does it mean something else?

A commotion spreads as the man, who had been acting like a big shot, suddenly turns blue and begins to shake.

But Marian was just as confused as they were.



She tried to ask him what was going on, and walked up to the man.

However, the man backed away as if frightened and ran away in a flash.


She looked at his back in disbelief.

As she turned around and was about to ask someone, she suddenly heard Minerva’s voice coming from the hall where the party was being held.

“Nick, I want to ask you something.”

Her dignified voice echoed through the hall.

It seems that the show has finally begun.

Marian listened to the voice from the waiting room..

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    1. Vivec says:

      Especially when she does have a good impression of Leo, silently seems to be thinking “man if I could just be sisters with my best friend for real” and just hadn’t even considered Leo as a real option yet.

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