My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Nick’s Side│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Nick, the second son of the Marquess of Deedaloid, had a fiancée.

She is the daughter of Count Doretta and her name is Marian.

She is a rather beautiful woman with black hair and green eyes.

—Not that I have anything against her.

Marian has a younger brother, but the count is probably thinking of having him as his son-in-law to succeed him.

Taking over the Countess Doretta’s family, which is engaged in business in various fields, will be a difficult but rewarding task.

—I have no complaints about that either.

The only problem was that he had met the woman he truly loved.

She is the daughter of Viscount Piett, and her name is Emilia.

She is not as glamorous as Marian, but she is kind, gentle, and very comforting to be with.

Emilia, who is very kind, understands that Nick’s marriage is a political marriage and that this marriage is necessary for her sister Rietta to be chosen as the betrothed of the Second Prince, Crate.

“I love you, Nick-sama. But I understand that I must step aside for the sake of Nick-sama and Rietta-sama’s future…”

He can’t help but love her as she says this with tears in her eyes.

“Oh, Emilia, even if the cruelest fate tears us apart, I will love you forever.”

How happy he would be if he could be with her.

But he can’t leave everything behind and take her hand.

If he does that, he will make many people upset.

He hugs his beloved Emilia and says, over and over again, that he is sorry.

“Oh, Nick-sama. Even if I can’t be with you, my love is yours forever.”

She said the same thing to him.

—I don’t know when I will see her again.


For some reason, when they returned to the hall after hugging as much as they could, they felt eyes on them from all over. They didn’t look very friendly either.

—What happened?

As he was tilting his head with Emilia, he noticed that Minerva, the Crown Prince’s fiancée, seemed to be looking around for Marian.

—She’s the daughter of the Duke of Sazaria, and I think she’s close to Marian.

It’s probably a good thing for the future that the future queen is quite close to Marian, the future queen.

However, her brother, Leo, is said to be a rather ruthless man. He is the only one he has to watch out for.

While Nick was thinking about this, Minerva’s worried voice reached his ears.

“She went out to the garden by herself to get some fresh air. She hasn’t come back since. I wonder what happened…”

He was startled at the mention of the garden.

It was the place where he had just held Emilia in his arms, whispering his love to her.

Maybe she had seen them doing it.

The thought made his blood run cold.

“The garden? That reminds me, those two were in the gardens too…”

“What were they doing with someone they weren’t engaged to?”

“They couldn’t have been having a secret meeting at the royal palace, right?”

Emilia is pale as she hears the voices around her.

He reached out to support her, but Emilia shook his hand away.

She must have been worried about the rumors around her.

Even if this was one of the few places he could see her, it probably wasn’t a good idea to hug her in public.

Nick went to the garden alone to look for Marian, thinking of excuses.

But she never came back.

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