My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 4

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While Marian was thinking about this, the hall where the party was being held became noisy.

Marian, dressed as a maid, quietly listens to the rumors in the servant’s waiting room.

It seems that Minerva, the Crown Prince’s fiancée, is “looking” for Count Doretta’s daughter.

They were gossiping about.

—It seems to be in order…

Hearing the subject of talking, she’s relieved that the plan seems to be going smoothly.

The story goes like…

When Marian was out in the garden, apparently, Marian overheard some of the ladies in the garden whispering that her fiancé, Nick, was in the arms of another woman. And Marian may have gone home in shock.

Minerva and Leo may have led them to think so.

Such a rumor seems to have spread quickly.

—Yes, the preemptive strike succeeded.

Once this happens, no matter how much Nick and Emilia appeal to their tragic love and claim that it is pure love, the fact remains that they have hurt Marian, the fiancée, at first.

Now all she has to do is manage to escape from the royal palace and be taken in by the Dukes.

Minerva then says she’s going home because she’s worried about Marian, and suddenly things get very hectic around here.

As for Marian’s father, he must be more concerned about the big fuss created than worried about his daughter’s safety.

But no matter how much money he makes, he is still only a count.

He cannot rebuke Minerva, the Crown Prince’s fiancée and the daughter of the Dukes of Sazaria.

Minerva seems to have been allowed to leave with the Crown Prince’s approval, while Leo remained behind.

As (disguised as) a maid, Marian was able to leave the palace with Minerva without anyone noticing that she had been there.

“Well, that’s a relief for now…”

Minerva smiled after getting into the duke’s carriage.

“They seemed to be in a hurry because the situation was not what they expected. They were mumbling that it wasn’t supposed to be like this, so I guess they had a plan.”

“A plan?”

“Yeah. If they want to make you the villain, they probably want you to get mad when you see them together, and then try to do something to her, and then Nick protects her, right?”

Minerva says that this is how it usually goes in romance novels.

“I guess so. Even if Nick doesn’t have romantic feelings for me, it’s still disloyal to be alone with another woman. I think I have a right to be angry.”

We mean no harm, but we do protest.

She thinks that’s her right as a fiancée, but she wonders if they see it differently.

Minerva nodded too.

“I absolutely agree. If Roland-sama had been with another woman, I would have protested too, and then I would have appealed to my father and brother.”

—That won’t happen.

Marian thought.

Crown Prince Roland is very sincere and cares for Minerva. He even gets upset when he is spoken to by other ladies.

“We will ask Onii-sama later what happened after that. And we’ll have to prepare the letter.”

“Right. But is it the premise that I loved Nick?”

“Yes, It’s more effective that way.”

Marian was taken to Minerva’s room when she arrived at the Dukes of Sazaria’s house.

While Minerva was changing from her ball gown to her loungewear, the maid made her a cup of tea, which she gratefully accepted.

Minerva’s room looks more like a study room than a ladies’ room.

It is surrounded on all sides by bookshelves filled to the brim with books.

—Those books are…

All of them are romance novels.

Minerva’s mother, the Duchess, died when she was very young, and her father, she was told, was so busy with his political duties that he rarely returned to the house. Her brother Leo, who lives with her, has a soft spot for Minerva, and the books seem to be piling up.

“Marian too needs to change her clothes.”

“No, I’m fine like this. It’s less conspicuous with a maid.”

Besides, the Dukes of Sazaria’s maids’ uniforms were quite pretty, and she liked them.

“Is that so? I hope so.”

Marian joins Minerva, who has changed her clothes, for tea.

“We’ll talk about the future when Onii-sama comes back. What I want you to keep in mind is this and that and…”

Minerva puts five or six books in front of Marian.

“T-This many?”

“Yes, of course, just the relevant parts. We need to know what kinds of letters will be effective.”

The sections specified by Minerva are read one after another. And with this help, she managed to write a letter.

“Yes, it’s perfect…”

Minerva smiles as she reads the letter again.

“Tomorrow there will be another party at the Royal Palace. It’s a social event for young people only, so I’m sure they’ll tolerate a few things. I’m going to take this to Nick. Let’s see what excuses they’ll come up with.”

“…May I also come?”

Marian asks if she could accompany her tomorrow as a maid.

It would be a nuisance, but she wanted to see how this engagement would end.

“…I suppose so, then I’ll have to ask you to disguise yourself a little.”

“Thank you very much. I’m sorry I’m being so unreasonable.”

“What are you talking about? Onii-sama and I will stand by you no matter what happens.”

“Thank you”

Marian, thanks again.

—These two were the only people I could trust to be on my side.

It seems that Leo didn’t return to the house until after midnight that day, so they couldn’t ask him what had happened before tomorrow.

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