My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 3

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“Anyway, have you both witnessed it?”

She asks, thinking they should have a strategy.

“Of course I did. I was about to throw my fan at them.

Minerva looks in the direction they came from.

“True,I thought I’d burn the whole garden down too.”

Unlike Minerva, Leo’s voice was serious.

It sounded like he was really going to do it, and that scared her a little.

“No, you’ll be arrested for treason, won’t you?”

Her sister reminds him that they are in the gardens of the royal palace .

“At first, I thought it was a rehearsal for a play, but it seems that both of them are serious. But everyone loves such scenes, don’t they?”

She asked Minerva, a lover of romance novels. She pondered for a while and then muttered,

“Yes, many people like tragic love stories or stories about lovers doomed to be torn apart by power. But that’s only allowed in novels, while in reality it’s just an affair.”

Minerva is a sensible person who said it so clearly.

“But I think there are a lot of people like that, and I don’t think my father would break off the engagement even if something like that happened, and I’m afraid they would make me the villainess if we got married…”

If they were to get married as is, it would make things even more exciting for both of them.

She didn’t want to be made the villain after being cheated on.

So, they had a strategy meeting to prevent that.

Minerva, who reads a lot of romance novels, might come up with a good idea.

“So you want to get the public on your side?”

She nodded her head in agreement with Minerva, who immediately understood what she wanted to say.

“Yes, It would be best if I could avoid marriage and make those two feel sorry for themselves.”

“…I see.”

Minerva, who had been thinking for a while, seemed to have come up with something and smiled.

“Marian, how about disappearing?”


“Yes, that’s right. There was a scene like that in a novel I read the other day. [The heroine finds out that the love of her beloved is not for her but for his close friend, so she disappears so that they can be happy together]. I was very moved by the heroine’s goodness.”

And the hero, realizing how deep the heroine’s love is and that he cannot be the only one who is happy, decides to leave his close friend.

And so, knowing that he was always saved by the heroine’s kindness, he sets out on a journey to find her.

“…I don’t want him to come looking for me, but I think that if something like that happens, I won’t be the villain, won’t I?”

If anything, this makes the hero and his close friends look even worse for betraying the heroine’s love.

“Unlike in the novel, if there is just a disappearance, the motive may not be clear and it may become important. It would be perfect if there was a letter left by the heroine, describing the circumstances of her disappearance.

“Onii-sama is right.”

Marian nodded to Leo’s words, but the question was where to put (give) the letter.

“But if I just put it in my room, my father might try to cover it up.”

“…I guess so… Then let’s say you sent it to me. I can then make your letter public that way.”

Her father could not deny Minerva’s words, daughter of the Dukes of Sazaria and the Crown Prince’s fiancée.

Marian nodded in agreement.

“…Then I will write a letter and disappear.”

It would be more credible if she disappeared after witnessing her fiancé’s affair.

They need to discuss the contents of the letter later, but for now, they need to hide Marian.

“I need to hide somewhere where my father can’t find me.”

“Let’s go to my place. We still need to talk about the letter and the future.”

When asked if it was okay with the setting, she smiled and said, “Of course”

As suggested by her, Marian exchanged dresses with Minerva’s maid, and she was then taken in by the Dukes of Sazaria group.

The maid in Marian’s dress successfully disappears from the royal palace, leaving no witnesses. They switch clothes. And in order to avoid suspicion about the number of people on the duke’s side of the party, they had the maid (in Marian’s clothes) escape the palace first.

“Will she be okay on her own?”

Walking alone outside the royal palace in a beautiful dress can be dangerous.

She’s worried about the maid who has taken her place, but Minerva assures her that she will be fine.

“She is also my bodyguard. So don’t worry.”

It seems that the maid who took her place is a maid who can fight.

She is relieved to know that she (the maid) can walk through the city safely.

She would have felt sorry for her and for Minerva if the maid who took her place had been in danger while wandering outside the palace.

Minerva comes back to the party with Leo. She seems to casually ask people if they have seen “Marian.”

Since she is the Crown Prince’s fiancée, she cannot leave early.

So Marian, along with the other maids, will wait for her return in the servants’ waiting room.

But she is not worried because she is accompanied by some maids who know what is going on.

When Marian changes into her maid’s uniform, she stands in front of the mirror and looks at herself calmly before going to the waiting room.

—I have to make sure I don’t meet anyone I know before I leave the royal palace.

black hair and green eyes.

Neither color is unusual, and she considers herself an “ordinary face”. Therefore, she thinks that if she puts on a maid’s uniform and acts inconspicuously, she will not be recognized unless you get very close to her.

—Yes, everything seems to be in order. I should think about the text of the letter I will leave behind.

Marian once again considers the setting.

It is a premise that he loves Nick and steps aside for their (Nick and Emily’s) happiness.

—I never thought of him that way. Then again, a novel is just a story, I guess. Because even if I really loved Nick, my love for him would be immediately dampened if I saw such a scene.

Marrying Marian In Nick’s mind, it was a “harsh fate.” It seems so.

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