My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 22

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When she said this, Minerva looked at Marian with a slightly surprised expression on her face.

—Did I say something strange?

“What Marian didn’t like was that Onii-sama didn’t say anything? You don’t mind marrying Onii-sama, do you?”

She asked her to confirm it.


But she was at a loss to answer.

Still, Minerva has given her time to think it over.

—I think I have to face my heart firmly and without running away.

Both Minerva and Leo are more important friends to Marian than her “family” (Father and Brother).

Leo suffered wounds for her.

When the crimes of his father and brother were revealed, he also took out Nick’s father and Prince Crate, who were behind the crimes. And yet he did everything he could to keep the Counts family alive.

When she learned of these things, she thought deeply about the feelings that resided within her.

“… It’s not that I don’t like him. I was very happy when I realized he was doing it for my sake.”

—That’s why I didn’t like the fact that he just gave me the ring without saying anything.

“Yes, there is still a possibility that you and I could become sisters-in-law. I will let Onii-sama know. If he really wants Marian, he should not use tricks and do his best to seduce her. “

Minerva giggles and says something outrageous, causing Marian to panic.

“What are you talking about? I can’t let you do that to Leo-sama.”

“Fufu, Why not? It’s not strange to beg for love from someone you love. I want you both to be happy, without any guilt or hesitation.”

Even if they successfully married, as he (Leo) intended, some resentment would certainly remain.

Marian may regret not choosing her own life and following her brother’s example.

What if Leo dares not tell Marian about his love to protect her?

Minerva says she doesn’t think they can be happy together if negative thoughts are still lingering.

“Thank you. For all your consideration, I’ll do my best to convey my feelings to Leo-sama.”

“Yes, I want Marian to be not only my lady-in-waiting but also my sister-in-law.”

She smiles at her and hugs her tightly.

Marian then decides to return to the Countess’s house, where her mother is waiting.

Her mother was eager to hear what had happened with Leo, but she told her that she had only kept the ring and not that she had been asked to marry him.

Her mother seemed pretty disappointed, but that’s the truth, so there was nothing she could do.

However, the very next day, flowers arrived from Leo addressed to Marian.

Every day, there was always a card with words of concern for Marian written in his handwriting.

Marian’s mother, who had been depressed, quickly got better and kept telling Marian to write thank-you letters.

Leo must be very busy right now with the cleanup of Prince Crate’s case. We should not bother him any longer.

Marian thought so and tried to write that she did not need any more flowers, but was scolded by her mother.

“At such times, you just have to write a letter that cares for him. Do not say anything with which you can reject his goodwill.”

Her mother then recommended that she read romance novels and told her to do some research.

Apparently, her mother is also a fan of romance novels.

But when she tried to read some of them, she found that her feelings were very different than if she had left a letter for Nick.

Words that she could not understand at the time entered her heart.

—It seems like I’m really in love with Leo-sama…

As soon as she thought that, she felt as if something had woken up.

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