My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 21

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“Hehehe, Yes, I know what the ring means.”

The next day, Marian, who was restless no matter what she did, paid Minerva a visit.

Minerva was happy to see Marian, even though she didn’t have an appointment.

When she heard Marian’s story, she laughed, and Marian looked annoyed.

It seems that Minerva knew the meaning of the ring from the very beginning.

“You knew?”

“Yes, of course. I was rather surprised that Marian did not know.”

“…Because I was only engaged to Nick from the beginning.”

It was never going to happen that someone else would propose to her.

“But I guess Onii-sama didn’t think Marian didn’t know what that meant.”

“…I don’t really know.”

At the mention of Leo’s name, she gets flustered.

If Minerva was right, Leo gave the ring with the ducal coat of arms to Marian on purpose, thinking that Marian knew the meaning of the ring.

That day of the party

The nobleman who got involved with Marian was so frightened that he ran away, believing that she was in a relationship with Leo because of the ring she had received.

“I couldn’t say anything else unless Onii-sama wanted me to, so I kept quiet. I’m sorry, Marian, but neither my brother nor I will force you to do anything. If you don’t like it, you can just give it back.”


Marian told Minerva that her mother and aunt were so excited that they didn’t believe Marian when she told them it was a misunderstanding, which made Minerva laugh.

“Onii-sama probably saw it coming and let you keep the ring on your finger. I want to support Onii-sama, but I also care about Marian. If you want to run away from Onii-sama, I will help you.”

“Mina-sama, I…”

—I need more time to think.

That was what Marian meant to say.

When she hesitated, Minerva smiled.

“I understand. Leave it to me. You can take your time and think about it. It’s a lifelong commitment, after all. “

Marian stayed with the Duke for the next few days under the pretext of being Minerva’s Lady-in-Waiting.

Perhaps because he wanted to give her time to think, Leo seemed to refuse to see her when she asked for an audience, but Minerva told her not to worry.

“It’s Onii-sama’s fault for ignoring Marian’s feelings and taking matters into his own hands.”

If he loved Marian, he should have told her instead of going behind her back.

But Minerva also did not forget to defend Leo, saying that her brother, who often works behind the scenes for Crown Prince Roland, may not be able to express his love for Marian openly.

To hide and avoid one’s true feelings.

It is the only way to survive in the aristocratic society of this country.

“Onii-sama was protecting Prince Roland and me by wearing the mask of a cold-blooded man. And Marian, too.”

As expected, it was also thanks to Leo’s efforts that the Countess’s household was not destroyed and that the Marquis of Deedaloid and Prince Crate, who had used Marian’s father, were traced back to him (Leo).

“Really, Leo-sama, did that for me?”

Marian, who had received the ring, still couldn’t believe it.

“Onii-sama has always loved Marian. Even after you got engaged, he couldn’t forget her. Maybe that’s why he thought he would take a risk this time.”

Marian listened quietly to Minerva’s words.

She wondered why he hadn’t said anything when she found out what the ring meant. If Leo had told her directly, she wouldn’t have been so confused.

But for Leo, the Crown Prince’s confidant, his beloved was like a weakness he had exposed. There are many who resent him for working behind the scenes for the Crown Prince.

But in the present situation, those around him might think that he took pity on the situation of his sister Marian’s best friend and made her his wife.

—Yes, that’s fine if that’s the pretended reason.

“But I really wanted him to tell me the truth personally.”

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