My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 23

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Flowers eventually turn into accessories and jewelry.

She thought about returning them back to Leo, since she couldn’t afford to get such expensive things, but she couldn’t give them back so easily when she thought about Leo picking them out for her.

On the other hand, she isn’t sure because her feelings have gotten stronger since she learned about them.

When asked how long she has been in love with him, she finds it difficult to give a clear answer.

First of all, Marian’s first love was Leo. It was a kind of childhood longing, and as she grew up, she came to realize that she and Leo were not meant for each other, so naturally she gave up the idea.

But now Leo, with whom Nick claimed they weren’t compatible and her father told her it was impossible, wants Marian so badly.

When she thinks about it, her heart is filled with something warm.

Leo has always been there for Marian.

She had never thought of him as cruel, as people say.

Rather, he is a kind and loving person.

But she doesn’t feel they are equal.

Leo is the heir to the duke’s family, and she is the daughter of the count who committed the crime.

Even so, if Leo wills it, her heart is inspired to overcome all difficulties.

—As expected, I can’t be like the main character in a love story.

She never understands her own feelings, but she doesn’t want him to protect her. She wants to be his partner. Until death separates them

—Love, as in romance novels, may still exist.

She has always had feelings for Leo for a long time. She never thought that such a thing could happen in reality.

That day, Marian wrote a letter to Leo.

[I know you are busy, but please come and see me once.]

The same day, she received a reply saying that he would come to see her tomorrow morning.

She was worried if it was so sudden, but Marian wanted to see him.

When she announced that Leo was coming to visit tomorrow morning, the house suddenly became very busy.

Since then, her mother has been by Marian’s side, advising her on the choice of clothes and accessories.

Her mother, who was very depressed because of her father and brother, seems to have regained her strength lately.

And the next morning,

Marian, who had prepared herself early, was waiting for his visit in the living room.

Leo would first greet his uncle and then get his permission to see Marian as her guardian.

Her uncle has been very nervous since yesterday.

He had been living as a commoner until recently, but now he was suddenly the head of a noble family and had to deal with Leo, the heir to the dukedom.

Soon after, a chambermaid announces Leo’s arrival.

Marian gets up from the sofa and greets him.

Leo enters the room and immediately looks at Marian with narrowed eyes.

Today, she wears the jewelry he gave her.

Leo is happy and compliments her on her beauty.

“I’m sorry to bother you while you’re busy.”

After apologizing, she presents the ring that she has been keeping for Leo.

“I’ll give you back the ring I’ve kept for you.”

Leo took it and turned to Marian once more.

“…to reassure your mother… The current Counts of Doretta need a link to the Duke of Sazaria, and I will find an excuse until I have you… That’s what I planned.”

The words are spoken softly.

Undoubtedly, these are his true feelings.

“But when Mina told me, I woke up. I should have said the most important words to Marian, even if she had rejected me.”

Leo then offers Marian the ring she has just returned with.

“Marian, I love you. Will you be my wife?”

I love you.

Marian’s cheeks blush slightly as he finally utters these words, and she nods.


Leo held his breath and then hugged Marian tightly.

“Thank you. You gave me this ring back to give me a second chance, didn’t you?”

Marian nodded softly.

It was Minerva who verified that the ring with the coat of arms was a sign of courtship.

Marian found it funny that someone so adept at intrigue had done so little more than give her the ring without an explanation.

There will be many difficulties ahead.

Marian also doesn’t think she will be easily accepted as Leo’s wife.

But if she can spend all her time with Minerva and Leo, it will be enough for her to be happy.

—I have only one thing to say.

“Don’t ever cheat on me. If you do, I’ll write you a letter and disappear.”

When she said that, Leo’s eyes widened in surprise, then he smiled kindly.

“Oh. I’ll never do that. You’ll always be the only one for me.”

He then takes her in his arms.

She closes her eyes and thinks that she is much happier than in a romance novel with a happy ending.


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