My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 20

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Her mother was very worried about Marian’s future.

Her uncle and his wife were very kind to her, but after what her father had done, Marian was afraid that she could not live on the estate forever.

When she learned that her mother was begging her uncle to find her a new fiancé, she quickly withdrew her request.

“I intend to go to the royal palace as Lady Minerva’s lady-in-waiting. So I have no intention of marrying.”

” … Are you still not over Nick?”

Her mother asks her this, and she shakes her head in denial.

“No, I’ve already forgotten about him. I can’t believe he was like that…”

Marian has been completely awakened when Minerva tells her what Nick has done. She denied, once and for all, that she had feelings for Nick.

“I know it’s difficult for me to get married. Minerva-sama knows it and wants me with her, so I decided to serve her for the rest of my life.”

“Yes, it is a great honor to serve Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess, but…”

Marian’s being the daughter of a criminal is a rather unfortunate circumstance.

But a mother who wants her daughter to be happy as a normal woman cannot accept this.

Even so, she has no choice but to agree.

Her father sided with the second prince.

But his faction has already collapsed.

Those who used to be in his faction may be treated coldly from now on.

However, the fact that Marian is under the protection of Minerva, the wife of the crown prince, shows that the current countesses are not hostile to the crown prince.

At least that’s what Marian can do for her uncle and his wife, for whom she has caused so much trouble.

Her mother and uncle exchanged a few words with her and were concerned, but then her aunt noticed Marian’s hand and said,

“I’ve been wondering if… what about that ring?”


Marian looked at her aunt’s gaze and looked at her finger.

There was the ring that Leo had left with her, still on her finger.

Minerva had suggested she keep it, and she had left it on her finger.

She would have to return it once she started working at the royal palace.

“It was given to me by Leo-sama. He asked me to keep it on me for my own protection…”


“…But that’s!”

Marian’s answer made her mother and aunt shout at the same time, and her uncle stood up in surprise.

“T-That means…”

Marian was also surprised by the reaction and looked at her mother, aunt, and uncle’s faces alternately.

“How did this happen?”

Marian was confused when her uncle asked, in a suddenly calm voice.

She had no choice but to tell him.

In truth, she wore it when she came to the royal palace as a maid to see Nick ruined. But there was no way she could tell her uncle that.

“I see… did Marian know what it meant to receive a ring with a coat of arms?”

“N-No. I was just told it was for security, so I just…”

Minerva said the same thing.

Then her mother said, with an irresistible air of joy.

“Oh Marian… a ring with a coat of arms is a sign of courtship. You have been proposed to by the next head of the Dukes of Sazaria!”


Marian was speechless with surprise at her mother’s words.

—Leo-sama is asking me to marry him? But that’s impossible.

She thought so, but it’s true that Leo gave her this ring directly.

Marian could only stare at her mother and aunt, who were delighted, and at her uncle, who was deep in thought.

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  1. BloodCoveredAngel Avatar

    I would be confused too, and since I was tricked into both receiving and keeping it. I would return it with a flat refusal. I don’t like these kind of tricks. Ask properly or look like a scumbag.

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    How the hell is possible that she doesn’t know what seems to be common knowledge in aristocracy?

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