My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 19

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“Now you have no one left to torment you. I am sure that the current Count Family will welcome you with open arms.”

“Leo laughs softly.”

“Now, I can…”

As he says, if her uncle and his wife accepted her mother, they might also accept Marian, who had gone missing.

They would probably not force Marian to get married.

She doesn’t think her uncle has the same ambition as my father.

—But isn’t that too convenient? No matter how much my father was being used, isn’t it unnatural that the count’s family involved in smuggling was not destroyed?

And why were the Marquise of Deedaloid and Prince Crate, who were probably working very carefully, captured at the same time as my father?

The more she thinks about it, the more she can’t help but think that it reflects somebody’s strong will.

—Who is it?

Marian stares calmly at Leo in front of her.

—Could it be?

Nick, who was unfaithful but still wanted to marry Marian with a casual look on his face, was unexpectedly convicted of a crime for drawing his sword and wounding someone in the royal palace, and is still in a prison where criminals are locked up.

Emilia, who was trying to seduce Nick into being his mistress, was placed in a disciplined convent and probably won’t be able to get out of it for much longer.

Her father, who wanted to use Marian as a pawn in a political marriage, and her brother, who shared his father’s views, have been disgraced for their crimes.

They will never return to being nobles.

The Marquis of Deedaloid and the Second Prince, who was trying to use Marian’s father as a pawn, have also lost their positions.

Nick’s sister, Rietta, who looked down on Marian, has had her engagement to Crate called off and has to marry a son-in-law to keep the household afloat.

All that is left is a frail but kind mother, a kind aunt and uncle, and Minerva and Leo, who have always been there for her.

“…Thank you very much. But I don’t know if I can go back like this…”

“The former countess is very depressed because her husband and son are guilty, and her daughter is dead. It would be a great relief to know that her daughter is alive.”

“My mother?”

Marian bites her lip.

She was worried about her mother, who had been left alone.

However, if Marian, the criminal’s daughter, returned, she could cause problems for her uncle. She thought so, too, but her uncle and his wife are suspicious of Marian’s death and are actively looking for her.

Marian’s mother, uncle, and aunt will continue to search for her, unsure whether she is alive or not, but will not give up hope.

Leo says that it is better to go back soon.

[Marian was staying in a convent when she was found and protected by Minerva, who never gave up looking for her.]

Leo said he was going to make the plot that way.

“Yes, I might be able to help my uncle that way.”

—I don’t think I can marry properly anymore because I have become the daughter of a criminal and my engagement has been broken off.

I hope I can help my uncle and at the same time take care of my weak mother when I get home.

“On that note, Minerva will soon be married into the royal family and become the crown princess. She said she would like to take you with her when she does.”


She exclaims in surprise.

Minerva will become a princess and, eventually, a queen.

The maids who serve her are chosen from the children of high-ranking nobles, unlike the maids who work in the royal palace. It is a great honor to be a lady-in-waiting to the queen.

For Marian, who has no hope of a decent marriage, this is the best possible treatment.

“I wonder if I’m the right choice…”

“Of course you are. If you stay with Mina, I can be at ease.”

Leo said so and smiled softly.

So Marian was able to return home after being taken into care by Minerva.

Her mother, who had been sick in bed, cried and rejoiced that Marian was safe.

She hugged her mother and apologized for the trouble she had caused.

In order to protect the family, her father decided to commit suicide so that he could not be exploited by Prince Crate’s faction, but this had no effect and ended up only tormenting her mother.

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So, at the very least, she tried to act cheerful to reassure her mother that she had sorted out her feelings and was fine now.

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