My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 18

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Moreover, it involved Nick’s father, Marquis Deedaloid, and Prince Crate.

Now that Marian and Nick’s engagement has become difficult, they have probably tried to use her father for their own benefit instead of bringing him into their camp.

Perhaps their plan was that if their misdeeds were exposed, only her father would be caught.

It must have been a miracle that the authorities had managed to discover not only the Marquis of Deedaloid, but also the Second Prince.

Marian looked at Leo in front of her.

He was a close associate of the Crown Prince. He must be involved in this case.

If her father was the main person who smuggled state-banned goods, he could lose his title and land.

Whatever happens, it is none of Marian’s business since she is supposed to be dead.

Still, she had no choice but to blame her father for the crime, but she was worried about her mother.

“W-What will happen to my house?”

She asked in a slightly trembling voice, her hands clasped tightly together.

Leo looked at Marian with concern, but he told her the details.

“First of all, the Counts of Doretta, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be destroyed.”

“…I-Is that true?”

She didn’t believe that the house that committed the crime of smuggling would be forgiven easily.

But Leo nods in response to Marian’s question, which exclaims in surprise.

“Yes, The main culprit is said to be Count Doretta, but it is said that His Highness Crate and the Marquis of Deedaloid may have instigated him. It was said that he could not have refused if he had been forced to do so by the royal family and the high-ranking marquises.”

“I see…”

She guesses her father was taken advantage of by the two of them.

“But unfortunately, your brother was also very involved in smuggling. He won’t be able to take over the title anymore.”

“No way, Armand?”

Marian bit her lip as she called out her younger brother’s name.

He had always been like his father, but she never thought he would one day be involved in the smuggling business, let alone blame her father.


“The Counts of Doretta will be succeeded by your uncle.”

“My uncle?”

Her father’s brother, unable to take the title, married the daughter of a wealthy merchant and moved out of the house.

The merchant family he married into has grown even bigger since then, so he must have some business sense. Also, unlike her father, her uncle has a very warm personality that many people look up to.

She’s sure that her uncle will lead the Counts of Doretta in the right direction.

“Your mother will be taken care of by the new Count and Countess Doretta.”

” …Thank God.”

She is relieved that she will continue to live in the house.

—My uncle’s wife is a commoner, but a modest and kind woman. I am sure that she will not treat my mother badly either.

But the whole family has been torn apart.

Now that this has happened, she hopes her father and brother will pay for their crimes.

“And the marquis of Deedaloid. It was not destroyed, but it seems that the crimes of the head and his son, Nick, made it difficult for the household to survive. His daughter Rietta will have no choice but to succeed him and take a son-in-law.”

Rietta was almost engaged to the second prince, Crate, but since Crate is also a sinner, she can no longer marry him.

Although the house was not destroyed, who would take the trouble to take over a house where the head of the family and his heir had committed crimes?

Even if there were, it would be an older nobleman who had his own agenda.

Besides, unlike the counts of Doretta, the marquises of Deedaloid were in financial straits.

Marian remembered Rietta, who was almost going to be her sister-in-law.

She always looked down on Marian for thinking she was marrying into royalty. She was even used as her maid.

Although she was like that, she felt a little sorry for her.

As for the second prince, Crate, although he is a prince, he seems to be punished quite severely for violations of the country’s laws.

After being stripped of his royal status, he is reportedly being held in a remote prison.

That alone seems pretty harsh, but he was originally going to be sentenced to death for treason, but was commuted thanks to the desperate pleas of his mother, the second queen.

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