My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 17

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—I didn’t think it would have this much of an impact.

Marian had to laugh when she saw the large number of romance novels that had just arrived in Minerva’s room.

Despite the public attention, the Counts of Doretta do not seem to be doing anything so far.

She felt a little empty, but Marian also lived a peaceful life in the residence of the Dukes of Sazaria.

—Maybe they are both the same.

It’s sad, but she realizes that the only person who will really be sad to see Marian gone, other than Minerva and Leo, is her mother.

Her father used his wealth to lend money to various nobles, which made it impossible for her to have close friends.

When she was a child, a lady she thought was her best friend was actually the daughter of a nobleman who owed her father money. The daughter was only ordered by her nobleman father, who thought that if she befriended Marian, her father would favor them a little.

The truth is that she hates Marian.

—I feel a little sad when I remember that she said that to me.

She believes it is enough for the rest of her life as long as she has Minerva and Leo.

—The question is, what will I do after this? I have to think about it seriously.

It is not impossible to go back home.

As Leo said at the time, the mere discovery of such a body does not confirm Marian’s death.

Nick is being held as a sinner, and the people on Prince Crate’s side are trying to cut him off.

Even if Marian comes back, her father will not want to continue the engagement with Nick.

But as long as the relationship between her father and the Crate faction remains the same, he will just choose another fiancée for her.

She can stay with the Duke for a while and take advantage of Leo and Minerva’s goodwill, but Minerva, in the not too distant future will marry into the royal family as Crown Princess.

Leo, the heir to the dukedom, will eventually marry a suitable wife.

If that happens, she will not be able to stay with them forever.

She has to do something, but she doesn’t have a good idea.

At the moment, she had no choice but to spend her time with Minerva, disguised as a maid.

At first she was only Minerva’s maid, but she will try to do other jobs as well.

“Marian doesn’t have to do that.”

Minerva disagrees, but she can’t afford to be complacent (spoiled).

Since Nick and Emilia will no longer be attending the evening party, neither will she.

“I have to give this ring back to Leo-sama.”

Minerva looks at the ring she has been wearing for a long time and looks at Marian as if she wants to say something.

“What’s wrong?”

“No… I can’t say anything because it’s not my place to say anything. But I want you to keep it for a while longer.”

She wondered why Minerva would say something like that, but she didn’t think it would do anything against her.

“Yes, I understand.”

She nodded, and she smiled in relief.

That’s how she spent her time.

One day, Marian was summoned by Leo and went to his room.

It was so sudden that she headed alone, but Leo’s room had his servant, who made sure they were not alone.

Leo nodded to Marian’s greeting and began with a touch of difficulty.

“… Count Doretta has been arrested.”

“M-My father?!”

She raised her voice in surprise.

“How did he…”

“It’s smuggling. The Marquis of Deedaloid and the second prince were also involved in this case.”

It seems that her father illegally exported precious metals and gems to other countries and shared the profits with the Marquis of Deedaloid and the second Prince.

As soon as this was found out, her father was arrested. The Marquis of Deedaloid and the second prince were also punished as accomplices.


Marian was speechless.

His father was a greedy man, but he was also prudent.

She had never thought he had done such a bold thing.

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