My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 16

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“So, I’ve been thinking a lot about it.”

Marian spoke slowly in front of Minerva and Leo about what she had been thinking about for the past few days.

Both Minerva and Leo agreed that it was better not to go home now.

Leo was against the continuation of Marian’s engagement because of his political views, and Minerva because Nick was a violent man.

Marian himself was in agreement with both opinions.

It would not be good for her house to take the side of the second prince, Crate.

And even Marian, a childhood friend, had no idea that Nick was such a violent person. If she had married like that, she might have gotten into trouble.

But considering that the engagement is still going on despite Marian’s disappearance, she guesses it is not so easy to break it off.

“I don’t think they would have continued the engagement if they couldn’t find me for a long time. But I can’t spend that much time…”

If she disappeared for a few years, her father might actually say goodbye to the idea that she would never come back.

But she can’t stay with the duke’s family for that long because Minerva will soon be married into the royal family.

“I was wondering if it would be better if I were to die…”

“Marian? What are you talking about?! For such a reason…”

Minerva cried out in surprise, but Leo remained calm.

“You’re going to fake your death?”

“… Yes. If it turns out that the missing daughter is dead, it will be impossible to continue the engagement.”

“But if we fake Marian’s death, you won’t be able to return home anymore.”

“I don’t care about that. My mother will be sad, but my father and brother, they…”

Her father will mourn the loss of his political pawns, but that’s all. Her brother, who’s identical to his father, may regret the loss of connections for his future.

Neither of them will mourn Marian’s death as a relative.

“But Nick’s chances of getting off with just a restraining order are slim. Maybe they’ll cut him off. Then your engagement to Nick will be called off. Why don’t you wait and see?”

Leo said, but Marian shook her head.

“With Nick, maybe. But if I go back, they’ll probably try to get me engaged to someone else.”

They’ll just pick another fiancée from Crate’s camp. Nothing will change.

“That’s why I want to die once.”

“If that’s what you want, I can arrange it. But it will probably be difficult to fake your death completely.”

As Leo says, the countess’s death would cause a certain stir.

The marriage was of particular importance to the Crate faction.

Not only would they have access to a lot of money, but her father would also be completely on Crate’s side in this marriage.

If they found out that Marian was dead, they would do a lot of research to see if it was a lie.

Until Marian is truly dead, it is impossible to prepare a perfect corpse.

Therefore, [the body of a person who seems to be a daughter of a noble family was found].

Given the circumstances, one can only speculate that it is “probably” the body of the missing countess.

“Therefore, we can leave some possibilities open.”

But that means, as Leo says, there’s still a possibility that Marian will be able to return home.

Minerva looked worried, but finally approved, hoping that there was still a little chance for Marian to return.


About ten days passed.

Rumors circulated in social circles that Marian, Count Doretta’s missing daughter, had been found dead.

Betrayed by her fiancé and despairing of her life, the fragile young woman seems to have thrown herself into the lake.

The tragic death of the young and beautiful daughter brought tears to many people’s eyes.

And Nick and Emilia, who were responsible, came under public scrutiny.

Before, Immediately after Nick’s imprisonment, it was suggested that he should not be punished so severely for a lovers’ quarrel, even if it took place in the royal palace.

It seems that such voices were raised mainly from the camp of the second prince, Crate.

He drew his sword in a moment of passion, not with the intent of killing.

Leo was only lightly wounded.

However, it would be too bad for the publicity if the fiancée committed suicide.

So they gave up on Nick, and his sister Rietta is innocent.

They began to claim that Nick alone was to blame.

Emilia’s claim that Nick had threatened her was thrown out because her story changed every time she was questioned and was too unreliable, the judge said.

It was revealed that she had been secretly seeing Nick not only that night, but on other occasions as well, and her relatives could no longer protect her.

She was eventually sent to a convent far from the capital.

This narrative had a great impact on romance novels popular in the kingdom, and stories in which adultery and infidelity were treated as tragic love disappeared altogether, while tales of pure love, in which childhood friends were betrothed and married, or maids and women of low status were loved by those of high status, became mainstream.

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