My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 15

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—But to be honest, what my father is doing does not make much sense.

Marian believes that the position of Crown Prince Roland is secure, and it is unlikely that the second prince, Crate, will succeed to the throne unless something bad happens to the Crown Prince.

However, the second prince’s group, which includes Nick’s father, the Marquis of Deedaloid, seems to be trying very hard to put him on the throne.

Unlike his father, who is willing to accept anyone as long as they are powerful, this difference in temperature will be a disadvantage for her father.

Her father, a country aristocrat with wealth but far from power, would be a tool for them.

—My engagement would not be good for the family either, I am sure.

They will be forced to finance them, but will get nothing out of it.

Marianne comes to this realization after leaving her house.

She just followed her father’s lead and got engaged to Nick.

She had no doubt about marrying him.

But when she left home and joined the Dukes of Sazaria on the side of Crown Prince Roland, she learned many things.

—First of all, my father is an opportunist in both camps.

He has a daughter engaged to Nick, the second son of the Marquis of Deedaloid, a faction of the Second Prince of Crate.

But Marian is very close to Minerva, the fiancée of the enemy Crown Prince Roland.

By simply leaving it at that, Crate’s faction would suspect that her father is really on their side.

For her father, he might have thought that the more connections he had with the powerful, the better, but the factions of the powerful are not so easy to deal with.

—My engagement is the link between my father and the other side. I almost fulfilled this role without knowing anything about it, as I know now.

Nick’s sister is the first candidate for the engagement of the second prince, Crate. If this marriage is consummated, Marian will be the sister-in-law of Crate’s wife.

—It’s probably a good thing I was able to distance myself beforehand.

It started off with a light heart.

—I don’t want to be a villainess in their love story. I just wanted to punish them a little. I wanted to remind them that they are acting like it’s a tragic love, but in reality, it’s just an affair with real consequences.

She realizes that her engagement to Nick isn’t good for her personally or for the house.

—I don’t know what to do…

Even though she’s in front of Leo, she can’t help but think about it with a gloomy look on her face.

What she has to think about now is what to do from now on.

If she remains missing, it means that her engagement to Nick will continue.

She had no choice but to hide until her father broke the engagement with Nick or Nick decided to marry someone else.

—And I didn’t know that Nick could get violent so easily…

It was terrifying to hit Emilia to the point that her cheeks were swollen, but he also hurt Leo with a sword. If he had reacted too slowly, he might have lost his life.

—If I married such a person without knowing anything, what would happen in the future?

For that, she would even like to thank Emilia.

It made her realize that there were a lot of problems with her engagement to Nick.

In conclusion, she doesn’t want to go home for now. And the Dukes of Sazaria are the safest place where her father and the Crate’s faction, can’t touch her at all.

“I am sorry. I know I’m causing you trouble, but could you please let me leave here for a little while longer?”

She asked Leo, even though she knew it was a presumptuous request, but he immediately agreed.

“Of course, In fact, Mina will not let you leave her side until the problem is solved. You can stay as long as you feel comfortable.”

“…Thank you very much.”

Both Minerva and Leo treated her like a friend, even though she had potentially sided with the second prince faction. She was sincerely grateful for that.

Not wanting to stay too long, Marian left Leo’s room and returned to the living room she had been assigned.

Minerva would not be back for a while.

She must think long and hard about what she’s going to do from now on.

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