My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 14

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Marian heard Minerva’s story and stood up, pale.

“No way! Leo-sama is…”

“Calm down. It’s alright. It’s nothing serious.”

Minerva took Marian’s hand in hers to calm her down and slowly sat her down.


The hand Minerva is holding is shaking ever so slightly.

She told her that Leo, who had participated in Nick’s interrogation at the palace, had been slashed by him.

Nick had not only raised his hand against Emilia in the palace, but had also taken a knight’s sword during the interrogation and injured a member of the Duke’s family.

Nick is therefore no longer in the dungeon of the palace, but in a prison for felons in the royal city.

She was only mildly shocked to learn that his fiancée had gone off the deep end, but she couldn’t calm down when she heard that Leo was wounded.

He and Minerva were the only ones who were always on Marian’s side.

That’s why Marian was very protective of both of them.

“Don’t say it out loud, but it’s all Onii-sama’s plan.”

Maybe because Marian was so upset, Minerva gently told her the truth.

“…A plan?”

“Yes, They had him listen to Emilia’s interrogation in the next room to deliberately upset Nick.”

in the next room, not knowing that Nick was listening. Emilia accuses Nick of being to blame for everything and threatening her.

“But I guess Onii-sama didn’t expect Nick to pull the sword and run amok.”

Having been pressured during the initial interrogation, he probably expected Nick to lash out a little.

But when Nick learned of the betrayal of the woman he loved, he lost his temper and went on a rampage.

He slashed the sword at a knight and at Leo, who had angered him.

“The other knights were there, so Onii-sama wouldn’t get hurt too much. So don’t worry about it.”

” …But.”

She felt guilty, thinking that this might have happened because she had relied on him.

“If you’re so worried, visit Onii-sama later. I heard that Roland-sama told him to stay at the house for a while to recuperate.”

“Y-Yes, of course.”

Marian nodded immediately.

Immediately after, Minerva went to the royal palace for her queen’s education.

Marian, who was left behind, decided to go visit Leo immediately.

She asks the maid if she can visit him in his room, and after receiving a reply, she goes to his room, accompanied by the maid.

Both are dressed in maid uniforms, so she giggles and thinks she looks like a co-worker going to work.

She’s slowly getting used to her outfit. If she goes back to her former look, she might find the dress a bit tight.

—My former, huh…

She knows she can’t stay here forever.

But she didn’t want to go back to that house or see her father again.

She would only be forced to get married again to a house that suits her father’s needs.

While she was thinking like that, she arrived at Leo’s room.

The maid knocked on the door to announce Marian’s arrival, and Leo’s voice came from inside to ask her to come in.

“This is Marian.”

She announced her name and stepped into the room.

The maid who had been escorting her followed her. As expected, she could not be alone with a man who was not part of her family.

Leo sat comfortably on a couch in the middle of the room.

From the looks of it, there were no obvious injuries.

When he sees Marian, he immediately stands up.

—I’m glad…

As far as she can see, there is no problem with his movements.

Minerva had said he was fine, but Marian was finally relieved to see that Leo was really safe.

“I’m sorry to have bothered you…”

Leo smiles gently after she tells him she’s coming to see him.

“The knights covered for me. I only grazed my arm a little.”

Leo rolled up his arm and saw that it was bandaged.

But there is no blood and the area is not very big.

“Um, Nick-sama, I’m sorry.”

Leo looks a little dissatisfied when she apologizes like that.

“It’s not your place to apologize.”

“But I haven’t broken off my engagement yet so…”

There was no way her father would call off the engagement just because of Nick’s infidelity.

That’s why Marian faked her disappearance by writing a fake letter.

That is why Marian is still his (Nick’s) fiancée.

—Besides, my father might not give up on Nick so easily, even after all this…

If it is an unsolvable problem, Her father would give him up and find another fiancé for Marian.

That’s what she thought at first, too.

But Nick has the second prince, Crate, and his faction behind him.

Crown Prince Roland has always had an abundance of talented men in his ranks, and there is no room for Marian’s father there.

So, if her father wanted to be close to power, he had no choice but to go to a place like the Second Prince, where talent was in high demand.

—Nick was an important person in my father’s plan. I do not think he would give him up so easily.

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