My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Nick’s Side│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

The place where Nick is imprisoned is the royal palace’s dungeon.

Even though it was called a dungeon, it was not a very bad environment.

The lamps give him a good view of his surroundings, and he doesn’t feel cold.

The cobblestone floor was a little cold, but he could ask for a rug and pillows.

But Nick sat on the floor without trying to contact anyone and wondered how he had gotten into this situation.

—Marian… Emilia…

Two women come to mind.

A promising future with one’s beautiful fiancee, Marian

In addition, there was Emilia, a lovely lover who loved her wholeheartedly.

Of course, Nick wanted to marry Marian.

and Emillia.

He had vowed to take good care of her (Emillia), even if it would make her sad, and he had also promised never to leave her in financial straits.

Emilia was also considerate of his situation and said that she had nothing against his marriage as long as she could stay by his side.

—But why? How could this have happened?

His first stumble may have been that he had embraced Emilia in the royal palace.

And then, unfortunately, Marian was there.

Until he read the letter, he had never thought that Marian, who was like a childhood friend, really loved him.

It was impossible not to be happy to be loved by a beautiful woman.

—If Marian really loved me, she would not have disappeared and simply allowed Emilia’s presence. Emilia is a modest and kind woman.

She poses no threat to Marian’s position and has no desire to live with us. All she had to do was allow me to visit her a few days a month.

Yes, Emilia is kind. I am sure she was afraid that I would be in a bad position, and that’s why she acted the way she did.

Yes, she told everyone that she was going to back out of the apology. She must have said that to protect me.

But she said she never loved him.

—I was upset when she told me that I was mistaken, but I could understand her attitude at that time.

He yelled at her that she had deceived him. And then he raised his hand and “accidentally” hit her.

“I have to apologize to Emilia. She did it for my own good.”

As he stood up and said this, a mocking voice sounded from the entrance of the dungeon.

“… You are a foolish person. You still don’t realize you’ve been used.”

“Who the hell are you! You dare to call me a fool?!”

Nick thought the guards were mocking him and said so aloud.

But it was Leo, the heir to the Dukes of Sazaria, who appeared.

His silver hair shone in the light of the dungeon like moonlight.


Nick turned pale at the sight of him.

Nick was then taken to a room in the royal palace for interrogation.

He was treated like a criminal, and at the entrance of the room were two knights with swords.

He thinks it’s an exaggeration of a little quarrel with his lover.

But he regretted his mistake of causing a commotion in the palace .

Now that it has come to this, the only option is to be interrogated as quietly as possible. Then he will be released soon.

In the first place, it is impossible to be put in a dungeon for something like that.

—I’ll have to protest and demand an apology from the knights later.

Nick thought about it, but the fact that Leo was silent in front of him made him wary.

As heir to the Duchy of Sazaria, he is a close associate of Crown Prince Roland, who will become the Crown Prince’s brother-in-law after his sister’s marriage.

They say he’s a ruthless and scary man, but sitting here in silence like this, Nick doesn’t find him all that scary. In fact, he seems like a gentleman.

Just when he thought the rumors about him might be over-exaggerated.

Then, Leo looks at Nick and smiles.

It was a fierce smile that sent shivers down his spine.

“Let’s get started.”

When he said so, he gave instructions to a knight waiting around him.

The knight then seated Nick near the wall.

“W-What the hell are you…”

—I’m going to be killed!

As he screams in fear, the knight orders him to be quiet.


He was about to protest when I heard a woman’s voice from the other side of the wall.

“…That’s why he’s been threatening me all these years.”

A familiar, beautiful voice.

It was, without a doubt, the voice of his beloved Emilia.

—Emilia? Is she being interrogated too?

From what he had heard, she was interrogated that night and sent home, but she was called back to the royal palace and questioned again.

“Who is he?”

The voice of an old man said.

Apparently, it’s not a young man who’s interrogating Emilia. Relieved, he listens to her voice.

“Of course, it’s Nick-sama. I have been threatened by him! And not only with words… (sniff) He was also very violent. Many people saw him beat me that day, didn’t they?”

—Emilia? What are you…

He couldn’t believe these were her words.

He stood up, but the knight held him down. His face was against the wall, and he could hear her voice more and more clearly.

“I don’t love him. I was forced to say it. I only did what he told me to do because I was scared… And I’m so sorry for what I did to Marian-sama.”


His body trembles.

He thought she was saying that to protect Nick.

—I thought…

But what she said was clearly to protect herself. She’s trying to blame everything on Nick to protect herself.

He wanted to yell out loudly that she was lying, but he was too indignant (angry) to speak out.

Suddenly, he heard a mocking voice behind him.

“Hehe… It looks like she was one step ahead of you.”

Leo was laughing at Nick.

“…Damn you!”

Enraged, Nick pulled the sword from the knight holding it and swung it as hard as he could.

“Don’t you dare mock me!”

If he wields a sword in the royal palace, he can no longer be suspended.

He could have been sentenced to death for treason.

But Nick couldn’t even think of that at the time.

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