My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 12

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Leo, the legitimate son of the Duke of Sazaria, went to the royal palace after his sister and Marian returned to their rooms and changed into formal attire.

He had to report to Roland, his sister’s fiancée and the Crown Prince, about what had happened yesterday.

When he arrived at the palace, the Crown Prince’s knight escort took him to his office.

Roland was reading the report, but immediately looked up when he noticed Leo’s arrival.

He has golden hair and strong-willed green eyes.

He has a soft atmosphere, much like the queen known for her beauty, but the sharpness of his eyes is quite different from the delicate queen.

He is the fiancé of his sister Minerva, but the Crown Prince and Leo have known each other since childhood.

Her sister, the Crown Princess, is tasked with supporting the Crown Prince externally, while his job is to eliminate his enemies behind the scenes.

He always thought so.

“I heard there was quite a ruckus.”

At Roland’s insistence, Leo told him about last night.

Nick’s secret meeting with his lover was seen by his fiancee.

And that his fiancée had left a note and disappeared.

“The fiancée was my sister’s best friend. She had left a letter for my sister, and she had passed it on to the man.

“I see. So there was such a quarrel.”

Roland nodded and mumbled something about the Marquise of Deedaloid.

“I remember that the first candidate for Crate’s fiancée was the daughter of one of the marquises.”

“Yes, it was “almost” a done deal.”

Roland muses, then mutters to himself.

“…Crate made a move.”

Crate, the second prince of the Kingdom of Lalard, is a half-brother to Roland.

His (Crates’) mother was a concubine, but he came from a ducal family in this country and was more favored by some nobles than the queen from another country.

The crown prince is confirmed to be Roland, but the forces that are trying to carry Crate are not yet ready to give up. So both Roland and Leo were paying a lot of attention to Crate.

Roland frowned when Leo told him that Crate was making a move when Rietta pleaded with him.

“He went to all the trouble to get involved in this mess. That’s good for us, but it’s rather stupid. “

Crate still hasn’t given up on making Rietta his fiancée.

“The Marquise of Deedaloid is a former loyalist. The fact that his daughter was chosen to be His Highness Crate’s fiancée must be the consensus of the faction of the secondary queen. I don’t think the other side will give up so easily.”

If the Crate’s faction moves forcefully, this could be an opportunity to wipe out their forces.

The second queen faction and the royal family, which have taken note of the rich lands and financial resources of the Counts of Doretta, have so far managed to avoid any connection.

Marian herself seems to have not noticed, but there were many men who wanted to be her fiance.

Minerva’s wit may have delayed the decision of Marian’s fiancee.

For the sake of the Crown Prince, Leo should have made an effort for Marian before she became engaged to Nick.

Still, he could not bear to use her for political purposes, and nothing had been done until now.

When she got engaged to Nick, he gave up thinking that it was all over, but now Marian is in his Duchy.

—This time I will get her by any means necessary.

He had made up his mind.

“I feel sorry for Mina’s best friend. I hope she’s okay.”

“Mina is also looking for her. If she finds her, the Duke’s family will take her into custody.

This may be the first time he has reported something false to Roland, his Lord.

—I don’t want to tell anyone where Marian is right now.

It goes so far that he plans to hide Marian behind the Duke’s house forever.

—I’m beginning to think it’s okay.

“Okay, so Let me know when you do.”

“Yes, sir.”

He says yes and leaves the Crown Prince’s office.

His next stop is Nick, who is being held prisoner in the dungeon.

If he cares for Marian, Leo has no intention of breaking the marriage.

But in reality, he kept a mistress before they were married, causing Marian grief.


Nick needs to be severely punished.

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