My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 49


I was adopted by Duke Ebert, a cousin of the King of Albania, and although we have not yet found anyone to take Miri’s place, we have already made the official decision to distance ourselves from the Arzel family.

This means that the father and mother left behind in Albania are completely alone and destitute.

They are now waiting to see what the Kingdom of Ezersta will do to them.

As for Miri, there are different opinions about what to do with her. Some say she should be punished whether she remembers or not. Others think you can’t condemn someone who doesn’t recognize the crime.

“Of course, this made me uncomfortable, too. But I recognize that she is now being given a chance. When her memory returns after a proper education, she will know the gravity of her crime and she will be judged as a person.”

His Highness put the punishment on hold, saying that once Miri is educated, she will be able to know about her sins.

That’s right. If she can gain knowledge, learn manners, and think for herself—.

“Sister Charlotte, are you thinking again? I know. It’s about your sister, isn’t it?”

“Y-Yes. I’m sorry, your highness Irene. Am I playing out of tune?

I was teaching piano to Alfred’s sister, Irene, but I seem to have been absent-minded.

It’s not good. I have to concentrate…

“No, you’re playing perfectly, but… Sister’s mouth was open the whole time. You know, even now…”

“Hmm… I’m sorry. It’s this part, where the modulation went about five times in a row, and finally—.”

When it was pointed out that I was playing with my mouth open, I began to explain, trying to hide my embarrassment.

The famous 200-year-old composer Polmenius’ Piano Concerto No. 7666 is still talked about as a masterpiece in the Kingdom of Ezersta, and I have played it countless times since I was five years old.

“I really admire you for your teaching skills. I didn’t think I could play it in one day.”

“It was only because of Her Highness Irene listened attentively. I look forward to seeing you at your birthday party.”

Her Highness Irene’s birthday is coming up next month, and she has stated that she would like to demonstrate that their friendship with the Kingdom of Ezersta itself has not been harmed by the wedding incident by playing a song from the Kingdom of Ezersta herself.

I was glad she felt that way.

“Yes, I’m counting on it. Sister is going to show off her stringed instruments, her paintings, and the wooden bear she showed us yesterday. With all that’s going on, do you have time to sleep?”

Her Highness Irene is worried that I’m doing too much, but it’s the opposite.

I am always anxious and think too much if I am not doing something, so I am just doing something.

I have been teaching Miri and Her Highness Irene because I want to immerse myself.

“I’m getting some sleep. I’ve been sleeping well.”

“That’s good. Don’t worry about it. Neither I, nor your brother, nor that idiot Aurelius, will despise your sister. We’ll get along just fine.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

I thanked Her Royal Highness Irene for her kind words and left her room.

Everything is going to be alright. I don’t know what that means, but I have to take it all in.

“Onesama! Today I read a book in Albanian by myself. I learned how to use a dictionary.”

“Miri, that’s great. You did a good job.”

She looks very proud of herself and is happy that she can read a book.

I got the everyday life I wanted. But this is still a fake—.

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