My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 48

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“This first pronunciation is important. Stick out your lips and bite your tongue lightly. Otherwise, the word means “delicious potato.” It’s hard to pronounce because it’s not in Ezersta.”

“My name is Miri Arzel (Albania)!”

A month has already passed since Miri lost her memory.

Since then, the Kingdom of Albania has been preparing sanctions against the Arzel and Wildan families in the Kingdom of Ezersta.

Although they really want to hold them accountable right away, it seems that His Highness Siegfried is intervening to prevent the international problem from becoming more serious.

Elmhardt-sama is still detained in this country and repeatedly claims that Anna is responsible for everything.

Anna herself has been very good at her job, and the head of Albania’s diplomatic service likes her. She is planning to move her family to Albania soon.

In the meantime, I have been staying with Miri.

I tried to have as many conversations with her as possible to make up for lost time.

After losing her memory, she showed interest in everything and became so eager to learn that it was almost a lie.

She read the books I brought from Ezersta in her spare time. She wanted to learn Albanian because she wanted to read our books too. She wanted to learn arithmetic on top of that…

She changed so much that it was scary, but I accommodated her wishes as best I could.

After only one month of study, Miri has learned most of the general culture and is learning the basics of Albanian.

Perhaps if her parents had given her a normal education, she would have had a very different fate…

But Miri has broken a taboo.

The day will come when she will have to take responsibility for that.

I began to worry that the fact that she would be able to understand her transgressions would make the consequences more cruel.


“—?! Yes. What’s the matter?”

“What are these strange-shaped symbols?”

“Oh, that’s… It’s a symbol for holding your breath for a moment. Many words in Albanian have different meanings depending on when you hold your breath. For example, “◆◇◇◇◇#” means “beautiful flower” if you hold your breath at the first “◆”. If you hold your breath on the “★,” it means “sole.

I was so engrossed that I didn’t notice Miri asking me a question.

In Albania, there are many words that have different meanings depending on when you hold your breath, so it is often difficult to understand the meaning of a word if you do not use the right symbols in the sentence.

Miri, however, has begun to investigate these things and ask questions of her own….

“Charlotte-onesama knows everything. I don’t remember any of this about myself, but I’m sure I used to brag about Onesama~.”


—That’s cute.

I can see why Leanhardt-sama and Elmhardt-sama were so crazy about this girl.

She has a pretty face that makes everyone look at her, and she absorbs everything I teach her with an open mind that makes me love her even more.

Because she didn’t know anything, she felt bored with everything and started to live according to her instincts.

And because she was allowed to do everything, I guess she can’t stand selfishness anymore.

“Now let’s move on to the arithmetic lesson. The theorem of Aesoptron was discovered by Ezersta in the year 722, when the circle was considered a small universe…”

I regret why I did not have this opportunity earlier.

But for now, let’s cherish this time and teach her as much as we can.

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