My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 50

Chapter 50: (Leanhardt POV)│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Hi! Sorry to keep you waiting!

Yes, I am the true heir apparent of the ducal family—Leanhardt! It’s been a long time!

You’ve done it after all!

Yes… yes… I knew it. See?

I told you, didn’t I? I told you Elmhardt would make a mistake.

In this world, the wise prevail.

I’m sorry, Ermhardt, but you’re going to have to be my stepping stone again.

I heard that Miri ran into the sanctuary.

No, no, no, that’s crazy.

Why can’t you at least let her take her shoes off? It’s not about manners.

He’s being held accountable and he’s not allowed to leave Albania.

He’s so stupid it’s funny. Maybe he’s even dumber than Miri.

I’m sure my father would have understood.

I’m the one who should be the heir to the Duke’s title.

I mean, there’s a chance Elmhardt won’t make it back. I’m sure he’s not qualified.

Kukukukuk—I’m sure he’s unfit.

“I’m the one who truly deserves the dukedom—.”

“Leanhardt-sama…! The master wants to see you!”

“Whoa! What’s the matter, Cloud?! Don’t startle me by calling out to me out of the blue.”

“I tried to talk to you several times, but you just mumbled to yourself…”

Cloud, the butler, said loudly that my father was calling for me.

God, this man… He’s always making excuses.

I wasn’t mumbling to myself. I may have been a little high-strung.

But my father called me—which means that.

I’m pretty sure I know what you’re talking about—you have one choice.

Whoo-hoo! We’re back!!

We did it! We did it! We did it—!

Suck it, Elmhardt!

You have underestimated this brother of yours. Apologize, apologize, apologize to me!!!


“What the hell?!”

“The master is waiting!”

“I know, I know! Don’t startle me again!”

Damn you, Cloud! He’s talking to me like I’m some kind of fool.

And what’s that book in his hand?

Hmm? “You can make the most of your career! How to Find a New Job.”

What’s that? Is he thinking about getting a new job?

He was a pain in the ass, so it’s refreshing to see him go.

Well… I guess I’ll go see my father now.

It’s time for me to be the star again—.

“Father. I’m sorry to keep you waiting! I’m ready to be the heir again! I will never make that mistake again!”

“…The Dukedom is finished.”


I heard an unfunny joke as I declared to my father that I was ready to return as a legitimate son with a serious and determined face.

Hahaha, what are you talking about? Father…

Didn’t he say something about the end of the dukedom? That can’t be true, can it?

Father, you can’t lie to me. Lies are…

It wouldn’t be funny if it were a joke, but the Dukes are going down, so it’s not funny.

“The end of the dukedom, Father… Is that some kind of metaphor? Hahaha.”

“It’s not funny! Do you know how humiliated I’ve been?

…He’s really angry.

Embarrassed about Elmhardt, huh?

Well, I guess Father had to pull a lot of strings to get Elmhardt to attend the wedding.

And then he got his face smashed in because the wedding was ruined.

“No, no, Father. There may have been some reprimands, but it wouldn’t have ruined the dukedom. Our family is a prestigious family with royal bloodli—.”

“That’s not even close! Complaints are pouring in from both the royal families of Ezersta and Albania! It’s a disgrace to the Ezersta! It has damaged the friendly relations between our two countries! His Highness Siegfried has been going around bowing to them!”

What? What? What? This sounds too good to be true.

You’re kidding. Are the dukes going to disappear?

Then there’s no talk of me taking over this house?

I’ll have to live as a commoner from now on…?

I can’t use my career to get another job or anything—.

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