My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: (Elmhardt POV)│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

Where did it go wrong?

I was supposed to be the chosen heir of the Dukes of Wildan.

I was supposed to have a bright future in my hands…

Why, why, why did it have to come to this?!

Miri Arzel walked into the cathedral, the wedding venue, with her shoes on the ground, and her double for Anna was discovered.

I am held responsible, and I have to get out of this predicament and return home somehow.

“It was all done by my servant, Anna! I tried hard to stop her, but she insisted on going to the wedding, even though she comes from a lowly family. She put Miri-san to sleep and forced her to wear a mask!”

That’s right.

From the beginning, I decided to blame Anna.

Of course she’s going to defend me as her master if something goes wrong as ordered.

And if I also say that it was her fault, I should be able to get away with it.

Yes, I’m sure she will—.

By “Anna,” you mean the maid that Miri had disguised herself as, right? That’s not much of an excuse, is it? Last night, Ermhardt-dono took Miri himself to my brother and Charlotte-dono. There’s no reason for you to listen to your maid, is there? Or the other way around…”

Damn… Prince Siegfried, the second Prince of the Kingdom of Ezersta, a close ally of Prince Alfred, who speaks both Ezersta and Albanian and is a key figure in diplomatic relations between the two countries, has been summoned for questioning.

I thought it was a good excuse, but it was immediately rejected…

“But it’s true. Anna would have said the same thing. It was all her fault. Right~.”

But it doesn’t matter if she’s contradicting herself.

If Anna admits her guilt in defense of me… I’m sure it can be reversed.

“A-Anna said it was her fault, didn’t she?”

“Yes, she did. Yes, she did. “

“…She said that no matter what the master’s orders, she’s guilty as sin when she’s involved in wrongdoing. Compared to you, who’s always making excuses, that’s admirable.”

Anna! You betrayed me!!

She’s a member of the Duke’s household, and she won’t defend her master to the end!

I’ll never forgive her! I’ll crush her family!

I’ll make sure that any woman who takes the power of the duke’s family for a fool will be thrown down to hell!

“So, I guess you, or rather the Dukes of Wildan, will have to take the appropriate responsibility.”

“Appropriate responsibility… What? In the first place, isn’t it Miri-san who is at fault?! You don’t normally go into a cathedral with your feet on the ground! It’s common sense!”

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Why should my future be ruined because of what a woman from another family did?

There’s no way this unreasonable thing can go on.

“Enough! You open your mouth like a child and keep making excuses! Don’t you realize that you are bringing shame to the Kingdom of Ezersta with every word you say?!”


Is it the end for me?

What? What? Eh? Eh?

Anna! Help me. Why won’t anyone help me?!

If it’s like this, I wish my father had never given me the title of legitimate son.

Why am I the only one who’s suffered like this—?

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