My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 46

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No way, that’s ridiculous…

Miri, who had fainted after hitting her head, seems to have lost her memory due to the shock.

She speaks Ezersta and understands words like “sky” and “water”. So we know that she only misses the memories of the episode.

“So you are my Onesama, Charlotte. That’s good. She seems to be a kind Onesama…”


“I feel like I did something very wrong. I can understand that. I just don’t remember what I did, so please tell me later. I need to apologize to you.”

I have never heard her say that before.

She has never apologized before because she doesn’t even know what’s wrong.

“Can Miri be cured? Does that mean she can recall her memories?”

“To be honest, I don’t know. After all, I myself have rarely treated people who have lost their memories.”

The doctor said that the number of people who have amnesia is very small, and they do not know how to cure it.

In other words, there is a possibility that she will remain like this forever.

He said that there were some cases where people were cured by living a normal life, so we started discussing what to do with her.

Of course, my parents were here—.

“She’s is no longer our daughter! She’s a disgrace and she’s lost her memory!”

“That’s right. This child was disowned by the Arzel family. She is no longer a part of the family. She’s a real piece of work. I’m so disappointed in her.”

“She’s just a stupid girl who got the wrong idea just because she has a nice face! How much trouble do you have to put your parents through…!”

My parents were full of it.

I am so disgusted by their tone, as if they are not responsible for anything and that Miri is no longer their daughter because they have disowned her.

“Father, Mother, isn’t it because you both neglected her education that Miri violated the prohibition of setting foot in the sanctuary of Erelian? I think you are responsible for that.”

“Ch-Ch-Ch-Charlotte, whose side are you on?! The Arzel family is in danger!”

My father protested when I told him that he and my mother were responsible and that they should take it to heart.

It’s true that the Arzel family is in danger, but I don’t think we can turn our backs on our own actions in order to avoid responsibility.

“I spent a lot of money to educate you, Charlotte! You should have shared some of it with your sister! You are really to blame for not taking care of her like a sister!”

And now my father is blaming me.

He said I was partly to blame for neglecting Miri’s education…And for not doing anything…

“Enough! Count Arzel, will you sever your relationship with Miri Arzel?”

“Your Highness, Alfred… Yes, that’s right. I have already disowned Miri, so I would appreciate it if you treated her as if she had nothing to do with our family. Yes.”

His Highness Alfred confirmed my father’s words and asked him if he had disowned Miri.

My father is trying very hard to deny any connection with Miri…

“If you want me to treat you as if you have nothing to do with Miri, then cut ties with her sister, Charlotte, as well…! Isn’t it too easy to just take the good with the bad?”

Next, His Highness Alfred asks my father to disassociate himself from me as well.

I think he is asking this question with some kind of intention…

“B-Break off the relationship with Charlotte? No, that’s…”

“You can’t be talking like that! We were planning to adopt an heir anyway, so let’s give up our connection to the royal family!”

“Y-You’re right. First we have to get out of this predicament. I understand, and I’ll cut the ties with Charlotte as well.

To my surprise, my parents easily made the choice to cut off their ties with me.

They disowned both of us to save their own lives.

“I see. You can’t overturn it with all these people here as witnesses. Siegfried, the prince of Ezersta, is also here… Anna, are you keeping the minutes?”

Yes. I have written them in both Ezerstan and Albanian.”

His Highness Alfred reminded her that this was an official statement in the presence of witnesses.

Anna also works as a scribe on the minutes. It seems that being under house arrest means not being allowed to leave the palace….

“Therefore, the Royal House of Albania holds the Count of Arzel and the Dukes of Wildan responsible for these disturbances. As for Miri-Arzel, we will treat her as soon as we find a mortician, and then take care of her accordingly.”

“Oh, no…!”

Hearing His Highness Alfred’s words, the two parents turned pale and were horrified.

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