My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 45

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The masked woman who was thought to be Miri was Anna, the duke’s maid, whom I had spoken to several times when I was engaged to Leanhardt-sama.

When she revealed herself to me, I was in a state of shock.

At the same time, I believe that such a strange thing as her speaking Albanian happened.

When I think about it, even if Elmhardt-sama did his best to teach Miri, it would be too difficult for her to give a speech in a few days.

“But I don’t understand. I had my suspicions about Miri Arzel’s double, too. That’s why I checked her face last night… She was clearly a different person then. She was calmer…”

His Highness Alfred seems to have the same doubts as I do.

Miri seemed calm and honest last night.

This gave me a strange sense of security that she would not make a fuss at the wedding.

“I used hypnosis… I hypnotized Miri-sama, and then—.”

Anna begins to speak.

That he had ordered her to be her double when time was running out; that she had hypnotized Miri so that we could see her face first, so we wouldn’t find out; that Elmhardt-sama had put Miri to sleep in the carriage and hadn’t even hired a guard to keep the secret from us—

Elmhardt-sama, who was so confident, implicated Anna…

I pity her because she was good enough to make a statement to His Highness Alfred in Albanian without an interpreter.

“… I’m not so stupid as to not realize my own sins. I think I’ve been a part of something stupid.”

Anna finishes her story without making excuses.

Her family must have received a lot of support from the dukes, and it would have been difficult to oppose Elmhardt-sama.

“I’m not impressed with what you did. As a result, our wedding was postponed…This marriage was not just a marriage… it was to further the friendship between Albania and Ezersta, and at the same time, it was decided to focus on diplomacy from now on.

“Your Highness, Alfred…”

The wedding of His Highness Alfred and I was supposed to be a wedding ceremony that would also signify the beginning of a closer diplomatic relationship with the Kingdom of Ezersta.

I knew that postponing this wedding meant that this goal was far from being achieved, but…

“I have no words to reply with. Please take whatever action you need to.”

“……Our diplomats are looking for someone who is familiar with the affairs of the nobility in Ezersta and is fluent in the language… If you work with the intention of making up for the delay, I’ll consider granting you immunity. You’ve been thinking about a new job, haven’t you?”


Your Highness Alfred, Are you planning to hire Anna at the palace?

She is certainly an excellent and valuable person, and she is very hard-working.

I think she is a very generous person.

I’m sure there will be opposition, but as the crown prince, I’m sure he felt it would be a shame to condemn her.

For one thing, I also think she had no choice but to obey Elmhardt-sama’s order, so I didn’t want her to be punished heavily.

“—I thank you for your generous words. If you allow me, I will do my best.”

“Yes, But you will be under house arrest for a while. I have a great deal to discuss with the Dukes.”

In a calm but firm voice, His Highness Alfred said that he would settle the matter with the Dukes.

This puts the Dukes in a tight spot, and Elmhardt-sama will not be able to return to Ezersta easily.

Also, my sister—.

“Alfred-sama, Charlotte-sama. Miri-sama has awakened. “

“You’re going to her, aren’t you? That’s the way it has to be.”

“Yes, I will talk to my sister until she understands the gravity of her actions.”

With a kind of determination in my heart, I got up and went to the doctor’s office, where Miri said she had woken up.

I made eye contact with her and vowed to make her realize what she had done before I blamed her for her actions—.

“U-Um. Who are you? Do you know me?”


Miri has lost her memory due to the shock of the head injury.

I never thought this would happen.

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