My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 44

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It seems that all the wedding attendants were already waiting for us to enter the venue, including my parents, Miri, and her fiancé, Elmhardt-sama.

After this ceremony, I will be a completely Albanian person—and yet I want to talk to my family again, especially about my relationship with Miri.

Just as I was thinking that, the incident happened.

“Y-Your Highness Alfred, Charlotte-sama…! I’m sorry to inform you that today’s ceremony has been canceled!”


The panicked chief of the military police tells us that the wedding is canceled.

What’s going on? The first thing that came to mind was my sister’s face, but I couldn’t speak.

“Police chief, what’s going on here? The ceremony hasn’t even started yet, but it seems that something terrible has happened…”

His Highness Alfred confirmed the facts in a calm and unaffected tone.

If the people at the ceremony had only been violent, it is impossible that it would have been called off.

I think that the person should have been kicked out and the ceremony should have started.

So, there must be some trouble…

“There was a maid who entered the hall with her shoes on. We removed her as soon as possible, but the hall is already unclean, and it will take at least a few months to purify it as a sanctuary.”

“Someone stepped into the cathedral with their shoes on the ground?”

“Yes, It was probably someone from the Dukes of Ezersta. She was calling out the name of “Elmhardt-sama” when we seized her.”

In disbelief, High Highness Alfred listens to the news that someone has set foot in the hall with shoes on.

Yes, the cathedral where Albania’s royal family performs the wedding ceremony is called a sanctuary, and no one is allowed to enter with shoes of any kind.

Blasphemy to God—If a person enters the cathedral with their shoes, the sanctuary will be contaminated with impurity and will not be available for the ceremony unless the priests purify it.

But didn’t the maid, a member of the ducal family, know this?

I have heard that the servants of the Duke are all well-educated and highly qualified.

I heard that Anna, who worked for Leanhardt-sama, graduated second in her class at the Royal Academy… It’s impossible that she doesn’t know Albania’s common sense.

“The maid you captured… And how are Ermhardt-kun and Miri Arzel?”

“Ha! The maid seems to have fallen and hit her head hard against the pillar when we were seizing her, and she is unconscious. Elmhardt-dono and Miri-dono are being questioned, but they are not saying anything…”

“I see. Anyway, there’s no point in arguing about what happened. Charlotte and I will go and talk to Miri Arzel.”

His Highness Alfred calmly held me by the shoulders and said, in a reassuringly slow tone, that he would check on Miri.

It seems that he understands my earlier concern for her.

I nodded and thanked His Highness for his kindness—for thinking of me even at such a time.

“Thank you, Your Highness, for your concern.”

“I’m sorry about the postponement, but maybe after you’ve reevaluated your relationship with your sister, you can start over with a clean slate, alright? Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to her. Police Chief, show us the way.”

His Highness Alfred takes my hand and leads me to Miri.

What am I supposed to say to Miri? I wish I could make some progress—.


“I’m sorry, Charlotte-sama. It’s all the Dukes’ fault for trying to look good… I’m ready to take responsibility.”

“Y-You’re Anna…?”

When His Highness Alfred and I went to see Miri… A dark-haired woman slowly takes off her mask—to our surprise, it is not Miri but Anna, the duke’s maid, who is attending the ceremony.

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