My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 43

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An incredible scene was unfolding before my eyes.

Miri was in fact chatting with His Highness Aurelle, Irene’s brother.

I was about to go to him to make final arrangements with His Highness Prince Alfred when I found Miri and the others talking happily on the terrace of the Royal Palace.

His Royal Highness Prince Aurelle said he spoke only a few words of Ezerta, but he seemed to be conversing with Miri without an interpreter.

It is as if she is a different person.

How? Isn’t she really a different person…?

I had always felt that Elmhardt-sama wanted Miri to attend the wedding even if she had to wear a mask, but now it seems to be cleared up.

“It can’t be…”

But, I changed my mind when I saw that Miri had also started speaking with an interpreter.

On second thought, we had already met with Miri the other day, and the Dukes would immediately have an international problem if they tried something so outlandish as to have someone else attend the wedding.

There is no way they can take such a risk for a wedding they do not have to attend in the first place.

I guess I’m just too nervous about overthinking things…

“You look great…I know you are nervous because you have never been to an Albanian style ceremony before, but as long as you follow the instructions we discussed, you will be fine.”

“I am nervous. But now that I’m here, I’m ready to convert to the Erelian religion.”

The Erelian faith is the state religion of the Kingdom of Albania. Of course, the style of the wedding is different from that of a typical wedding in the Kingdom of Ezersta.

First of all, it is essentially barefoot. It is not allowed to cover your feet in front of the God Ere, so you must remove your shoes in the church.

The couple then purifies their feet with holy water in front of the god before taking the vows of matrimony.

Anyway, Erelianeists believe that the power of God comes from the feet that tread the earth, so the cleanliness of the feet is the most important thing.

Many cultural aspects are unknown to me, but I must learn to appreciate the taste of water if I want to become an Albanian…

“Oh, Irene mentioned that. Yes, she did. Maybe I was too narrow-minded… Come to think of it, your sister, Miri Arzel, didn’t want to be like that either. She’s a victim of the Count and Lady Arzel’s neglegence… Perhaps we should at least help her to be re-educated so that she can become a lady if she so desires.”

“Your Highness, Alfredo… Thank you for your generosity.”

After I told him that I would like to face Miri head-on, His Highness Alfred seemed to have some thoughts on the matter, and he affirmed it.

It may take some time, but if it’s possible to improve our sisterhood, I would like to do it.

“I also heard that she gave a speech in Albania. I would like to recognize her efforts and her achievements.”

“I was also surprised to hear that. I don’t know what kind of magic Elmhardt-sama used, but it certainly gave me hope.”

“If she can talk to Albania normally, maybe we can start over with a real teacher and training. Most of all, Charlotte, I want to respect your feelings.”

I want to respect your feelings—I am more than happy to hear you say that.

My heart was filled with happiness as the wedding was about to begin.

—How happy I would be to spend the rest of my life with him.

I was grateful for his care as he held my hand and gently stroked my hair, as we waited for the moment when we would become husband and wife.

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