My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: (Anna’s POV)│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

I’m in trouble.

I never thought I’d have to attend the wedding of Charlotte-sama and Prince Alfred in place of Miri.

Even if it’s the master’s command, we won’t get away with it if we are discovered.

Elmhardt-sama is only 15 years old.

Being the heir to the duke’s throne must have given him a kind of intoxicating sense of almightiness, because he believed that he could do it without knowing who Miri-sama was.

And this is the result.

Miri-sama is sleeping in his carriage, dressed in the clothes I used to wear.

But Ermhardt-sama said he left a letter for her not to leave the carriage even if she wakes up, but I have a bad feeling about this…

I advised him to bind her hands and feet, because if she comes here by mistake, everything will be over. But he did not listen to me and said, “What if Miri’s beautiful body gets hurt?”

I can only hope that she will not wake up.

“Oh, I guess Leanhardt-kun is not the heir to the Duke’s family anymore.”

“I’m sorry for the disturbance. My brother was deemed unfit to take over the family.”

He was polite and wore his trademark smile as he addressed the wedding guests, who were all prominent figures in the Kingdom of Albania with ties to the Dukes.

“Is the girl in the mask your fiancée? I heard she was very beautiful, but I see she had a tragic accident…”

“Yes, it was a terrible accident. But she insisted on attending her sister’s wedding. I managed to get permission from his gracious highness Alfred.”

Elmhardt-sama is a blabbermouth and a liar… but he’s speaking through an interpreter, so there’s nothing wrong with being talkative…

To my surprise, no one objected to my disguise. It may have been because His Highness Alfred had told them about it in advance.

Elmhardt-sama smiled and spoke, whispering to me. He asked me to “give greetings and speeches in Albania”.

I guess it’s because no one here knows Miri’s voice, but it seems risky to me.

…Yes, yes. I understand.

“I am Elmhardt-sama’s fiancée, Miri Arzel. I have lamented the misfortune of having to attend today’s great day like this… But such things are insignificant compared to the happiness of my sister. I know that this is not a very nice appearance, but I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of my sister to all of you who have gathered here. (in Albanian)”

I gave a speech in my fake Albanian language, somehow trying to match the tone of Miri’s voice.

Elmhardt-sama is so inconsiderate.

He even asks me to pronounce things in Albanian, even though he himself only speaks a few words of it.

No, you don’t have to applaud or anything.

Please, Elmhardt-sama, don’t look so proud of yourself.

Now we’re in trouble—.

“Well, I’m surprised. I heard my older brother’s fiancée is a brilliant woman, but her sister is quite brilliant as well. (Albanian)”

I, I, I hope my language skills are wrong.

Didn’t the blonde-haired, blue-eyed man in front of me just now say “older brother”?

King Albinia has three children: his oldest son Alfred, his oldest daughter Irene, and his second son Aurelle.

So this is His Royal Highness Alfred’s younger brother—

“”His Royal Highness Aurelle!””

With a round of applause, His Royal Highness, Prince Aurelle, the second prince of the Kingdom of Albania, came up to us.

This is not a good development. I had no idea that the prince of all princes here would be interested in me.

If we deal with him the wrong way, we could get into trouble.

“We’re going to be relatives. We have some time before the ceremony. What do you think, Elmhardt-san and Miri-san? Tell me about the Kingdom of Ezersta.” (Interpreter)

Elmhardt-sama, you have to say no.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is; just say no.

If you stand out too much, you run the risk of being caught in a lie—.

“Please let me speak to you. As heir to the Duke’s throne, I would be honored to interact with Your Highness.”

This is not good. He’s in heir mode, he’s in high spirits…

I can’t even worry about finding a new job anymore.

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