My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 39

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“Y-Yes! We have no choice! Anna! You will attend the wedding as Miri-san!”


No matter how hard I tried to get Miri to remember to introduce herself, she kept saying she was “a delicious sweet potato.”

I decided to resort to one last resort.

What is the last resort?


Fortunately, Miri and Anna are of similar build and have dark hair.

As long as you hide your face, they will look alike.

Anna is not very happy about it, but it is a big deal for the Duke’s family.

She may not like it, but she has to work.

“Fortunately, you and Miri are similar in height. Your face, well, it’s not great, but if you hide it with a mask or something, you won’t be recognized.”

“Elmhardt-sama, please calm down. There is no way you can attend a wedding wearing a mask. And what about my voice?”

Hmm. Anna has a practical problem.

But it is no longer possible to have Miri attend the ceremony as the undisputed lady of the house.

I just fed her an Albanian dish, but she stumbled at the first step of etiquette.

I tried to teach her. But it’s hard to teach her when she looks so cute, her eyes are moist and she’s scared like a little animal.

Oh, how dainty…

At this rate, she’ll be stuffed when the food is served at the party…

“I’ll ask permission from His Highness Alfred about the mask. I’ll just say you got stung by bees all over your face.”

Yes. I’m sure His Highness Alfred will forgive you if you tell him that Miri’s pretty face is in trouble.

Let’s say she got stung by a bee and her face is all red and swollen.

“Of course, he would demand to see a doctor. At least His Highness and Charlotte-sama will definitely check my face. What if they order me to take off my mask?”

“Then I’ll pretend that you insisted on going to the party and forced Miri to take your place.”

“And you think I’ll agree to that?”

I suggested that if Anna found out, she would be the one to blame, but she gave me a blatant look of disgust.

This woman has no restraint these days. Let’s clarify the relationship between master and servant here…

“Anna, you’re a very good servant. That’s why I chose you as my attendant. And… Your family is indebted to my father, but you won’t return the favor, will you?”

“It is the Duke who is in my debt, not Ermhardt-sama…. Ha~a, but I have no choice. Miri, look at my palm.”

“Look at my palm? —Eh? Goo, goo, Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…”


Anna put her hand over Miri’s and gave it a quick shake, and to my surprise, Miri fell asleep.

Huh? What is this? What does this mean? What’s going on?!

“I learned hypnosis because I thought it might help me get a new job.”

“Where do you think you’re going to work? And don’t just casually tell the Master you want a new job.”

I heard that Anna can use hypnosis.

No, it’s more than that. She can put people to sleep just by holding their hand.

“It usually takes longer to put someone to sleep, but thank goodness it’s a simple one. This way, you can make a simple suggestion.”

Anna pulls out her make-up kit and paints numerous red spots on Miri’s face.

What are you doing? You’re playing a trick on Miri’s pretty face—.

“Miri-sama, when Elmhardt-sama asks you a question, you nod your head. However, if Elmhardt-sama clears his throat, you shake your head. Then move with Elmhardt-sama until you wake up. Keep your mouth closed so that you never speak.”

Anna then gives the suggestion.

Her hypnotism is not universal. She can only give simple commands.

Still, it’s impressive enough, but where is she going with this…

“Listen, Ermhardt-sama. Please get permission from His Highness Alfred to allow Miri to wear the mask at the wedding… Then I’ll exchange places with her. If anything should happen to the Duke’s family, my family will be in trouble.

And so, with a half-asleep Miri and a black mask, I went to the palace to greet His Highness Alfred and Charlotte.

Good, good, now I can save face. If I fail, Anna will take full responsibility.

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