My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 38

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In the evening, Elmhardt-sama and Miri came to visit us at the royal palace in Albania.

However, Miri was acting strangely.

She has been stung by a bee on her face and is wearing a black mask for the wedding.

And she has not said a word since a few minutes ago.

I don’t think she has ever been this quiet before.

“Elmhardt-kun. I thought you had a modicum of common sense. Even if you do have a personality problem… Don’t you think it’s not polite to attend a wedding with a mask on?”

His Highness Alfred let the bee sting incident slide for the time being and questioned the pros and cons of having Miri wear a mask to the wedding.

Yes, it would be wrong to let Miri wear a mask to a ceremony attended by the leading nobles of Albania and even the royalty of neighboring countries…

“Miri, her face is all swollen and she looks so miserable… But she was in tears, wanting to see her sister, Charlotte, on her big day! I was also moved by her feelings for her sister!”

The performance was abysmal; frankly, I thought so too.

If by chance, Elmhardt-sama punched or slapped Miri in the face when she didn’t listen to him… I think she must have suffered a serious injury to her face.

Speaking of which, he was in a scary mood when he said that he would use any means to discipline Miri. His brother, Leanhardt-sama, also hit Miri.

Elmhardt-sama may be willing to raise his hand to a woman.

“Excuse me, Elmhardt-sama. I am a relative of Miri. May I see what her face looks like?”

I have been bothered and annoyed countless times.

But Miri is my only sister. I am not without compassion.

If she’s been hurt so badly, I can’t just leave her alone.

“Cha-Charlotte-san wants to see Miri-san’s face? I don’t think Miri would like that very much. Because, of course. There are certain faces that you can’t show, not even your family.”

Elmhardt-sama is clearly agitated.

That’s suspicious. It’s weird, no matter what I think…

After all, Miri is Elmhardt-sama—.

“Elmhardt-kun. I cannot make up my mind whether or not to allow Miri Arzel to attend the meeting without seeing her face. If her face is in fact sympathetic, I will not refuse to make a special exception.”

“I see… if Your Highness Alfred insists so much…”

Ermhardt-sama looked resigned and took the black mask off Miri’s face.

Her face, which had been hidden, was now revealed…


We were speechless.

Miri’s face was covered with numerous red spots. It looked as if she had been stung by bugs in several places.

It did not look swollen, and did not appear to be bruised or otherwise injured.

Apparently, she hadn’t been injured by violence.


“Her throat was also struck, and I don’t know if she will be able to speak tomorrow. But I have taught her some manners and will not let her do anything rude. Isn’t that right, Miri-san?”

Miri nodded silently at Elmhardt-sama’s voice, her face somewhat vacant and lifeless.

She was more confident about her appearance than anyone else, so perhaps she was shocked…

I’m worried about her when she looks like this.

“Hmm, never mind. If you are responsible for her, I will make an exception.”

His Highness Alfred, perhaps feeling sorry for her, approved of Miri’s attendance.

Indeed, if she is so quiet, it might be all right.

However, there is something strange about it. I hope my fears are unfounded.

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