My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 40

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The day has finally arrived.

After the sad event of losing my fiancé to my sister when Leanhardt-sama told me he was going to break off our engagement, I am finally getting married.

The man I am marrying is His Royal Highness Prince Alfred of the neighboring Kingdom of Albania.

I know I have caused His Highness a lot of trouble and inconvenience, but he has always supported me.

“Alfred-sama was so determined to make Charlotte his wife that he studied the language of the Ezersta. He was so excited that he had found the perfect woman that I was surprised to see how passionate he was.”

Gina, who has taken care of me since I came to the palace, told me how much His Royal Highness Alfred cares for me.

I had heard such a story from him in person, but hearing it from somebody else gives it a different feeling, and it warms my heart, though I feel a little embarrassed.

—While I was thinking about this, I heard a knock at my door.

Gina opens the door to answer it.

Who is it?

“Ara, it’s Irene-sama. Are you here for Charlotte-sama?”

“I just had a chance to say hello to her the other day. Can you give me a moment?”

“Your Highness Irene, I’m so sorry about the other day. I was a little nervous…”

Princess Irene, Prince Alfred’s sister and Princess of this country, has come to see me.

I had only greeted Her Highness Irene along with His Highness Alfredo when we first arrived in this country, but what was she doing here…

“Indeed, you speak fluently, as if you were an Albanian, while my brother doesn’t speak Ezerstian very well.”

“No. His Highness, Alfredo, speaks perfect Ezertian.”

“No need for flattery… Gina, can you leave us alone for a moment?”

“Yes, of course… !”

Princess Irene folded her arms and looked at me with the same blue eyes as His Highness Alfred.

Her long blonde hair is just like His Highness Alfred’s, and even a stranger can tell that they are brother and sister.

But what is so important that she has to visit? I’ve been feeling very intimidated for a while now, but…

“You know, the other day, you played the piano and violin, right?”

“Y-Yes…! His Highness Alfred requested that I play three songs.”

The other day, apart from the wedding, His Highness Alfred also held a party to introduce his fiancée, at which His Royal Highness asked me to play the piano and the violin, which are all popular here.

I was very nervous, but I remember being relieved to finish my performance flawlessly.

I wonder if I did something to offend Her Highness Irene during that performance…

“Well, since no one’s here now, I’ll tell you—yes, the performance was great! I was so moved! I had goosebumps! Oh, can I shake your hand?”

“Eh? A-A handshake? Ah, yes. All right…”

Suddenly, Her Highness blushes and asks me to shake her hand.

The hand she held out to me trembled slightly and felt cool as I shook it.

“Oh, and I have one more favor to ask you…”

“One more favor? Please, whatever you want.”

We shook hands, and looking at her hand, Her Highness Irene said, in a faltering tone, that she had one more favor to ask.

She seemed to be in a state of deep thought—.

“Sister! May I call you Sister Charlotte?!”

In a loud voice and with a serious face, Her Highness Irene asks me if she can call me her sister.

Yes, of course. Of course, I would be her sister-in-law now.

That means I’ll have two sisters…

“…I’m glad you called me that. I feel like I’ve been accepted as His Highness Alfred’s wife.”

“Haha…! I’m pleased to meet you from now on, Sister Charlotte!”

I extended my hand again to Her Royal Highness Irene, who smiled at me.

Her palm had become warm before I knew it.

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