My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 26

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Elmhardt-sama, Leanhardt-sama’s brother, visited our house, and to our shock, he said that he wanted Miri to be his wife.

We were silent because Miri had just caused a problem.

Even His Highness Alfred seemed surprised.

“I am very happy with this offer, Elmhardt-dono, but… Miri has just misbehaved with His Highness Alfred the other day and is to be re-educated in a monastery.”

My father is upset, but explains to Elmhardt-sama that it has been decided that Miri will be re-educated in a monastery.

Perhaps the Duke and Leanhardt-sama have told him about this as well…

“Yes, my father told me. He told me that she had approached His Highness when she was still engaged and that she thought His Majesty the King of Albania had no name. What a unique woman.”

It seems that Elmhardt-sama knows the whole story and wants Miri as his wife.

I wonder what he is thinking when he smiles so brightly…

I have the impression that he is amused by Mirim.

“Elmhardt-kun, I don’t understand what you are trying to do. You are the heir to the duke’s title. Why don’t you think about choosing a woman more suitable for the future duchess?”

My father and Elmhardt-sama were having a conversation when His Highness Alfred came in. He was so interested that he interrupted them.

Many women would like to be proposed to by a duke, and Elmhardt-sama is still young, so he should take his time thinking about his future.

It’s something that my parents and I have been wondering about, so I’m glad he didn’t mind asking.

“Yes, I agree. I think that she has become a very inflected personality. I don’t believe in smart women…Yes, I guess she’s become a bit of a degenerate. But, I think there is room for Miri to become more obedient if I discipline her strictly from now on.”


For a moment, the air that Elmhardt-sama was giving off was tense.

It was a little scary to hear him say those two words, discipline and obedience, as if they were nothing at all.

“I knew my brother’s character and I was ready to take over the family in my own way, because I knew it would happen one day. I want to decide everything on my own. So I don’t need a wise woman. Besides, Miri is the one who helped me get rid of my brother. Hahaha…”

Behind his calm tone, you can sense his contempt and resentment toward his brother, Leanhardt-sama.

He says he will make her obedient, but he will be merciless with her, won’t he? It’s like he’s training an animal.

I guessed it as I looked into his eyes, which seemed to glint from time to time.

“Hmm, I have a little brother too, and I’m a little scared of him. I’d like to know what he thinks of me.”

“If I had had a smarter older brother like His Highness Alfred, I would have gladly asked him to be my successor. Don’t worry, we won’t let Miri get involved with the Albanian royal family.”

His HighnessAlfred’s remarks were coolly dismissed by Ermhart-sama, who expressed his firm intentions.

My parents must be very grateful for this suggestion.


Wait a minute.

What do you mean?

“We won’t let Miri get involved with the Albanian royal family.”

“Then that’s what I’m hoping for! I’ll be happy to give you my daughter! “

My father said, in a good mood, as he offered his daughter.

I have a bad feeling about this…

“Thank you very much. Then, Mirim-san will be adopted by a branch of our family, and we don’t need the parents who raised such an illiterate daughter.”


Time stopped again.

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