My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 27

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Elmhardt-sama, who wanted Miri for his wife, demanded that she be adopted by a branch of the duke’s family.

This was probably done to get her parents to break off their relationship.

I thought it would be better not to take her in anyway.

“No, no, Elmhardt-dono. That is impossible. I would not give my precious daughter up for adoption, and I would not allow her to marry.”

Naturally, my father refuses to marry the duke, which would be a loss of meaning.

He said that such an arrangement would be unacceptable and that they would only lose out.

My father was pale when His Royal Highness Alfred suggested the same thing to him just the other day… But he is not so strict with Ermhart-sama, to whom he hasn’t even gotten engaged yet.

“Is that so? I thought it was a good story. Maybe Miri won’t get any more offers. Rumors travel fast, and one day they might even reach the royal family…”

“What?! Will Miri’s case reach the royal family? Elmhardt-dono, are you…”

Elmhart-sama’s words could be taken as a threat.

He says that if we don’t give him Mirim, he will spread the word that she has disgraced herself in front of His Highness Alfred, but would he really want to go that far?

I don’t see any advantage in having Miri, and I can only think of it as an attack on Leanhardt-sama.

Is it because he still looks young? It seems to me that he is believing, or trying hard to believe, that he is right in making a wrong choice…

“Elmhardt-sama, if you are considering Miri for your wife because of your feelings for Leanhardt-sama, you would be wise to stop. Please think calmly about your future.”

I advised Elmhardt-sama not to marry Miri because of personal feelings of resentment.

It is obvious that this person has a grudge against Leanhardt-sama. However, it is not right to let your feelings of resentment lead you to marriage, and it will not make you happy.

“Charlotte-san… You have been a good sister all your life. You don’t know how I feel. You don’t know how I feel, having been humiliated by having to stay under my brother just because I was the second born.”

Elmhardt-sama looks at me with glazed eyes.

It seems to this person that I have had a smooth sailing life all my life.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think my words will make any difference.

“Charlotte, give it up. He’s a sick man. Our words will not reach him. We’ve both experienced our fair share of stress and adversity but we can’t discuss it.”

His Highness Alfred was born a Crown Prince.

It seems that he closed his mouth, saying that his argument would not reach Elmhardt-sama.

“Well, you have some time on your hands. Take your time to discuss it. But I don’t have much time left before I bring Charlotte home. So, are we ready?”

“My apologies. I’m sorry for the embarrassment and taking up so much of your time.. I’ll leave you alone now.”

His Royal Highness Alfred, who had read that a long talk would not lead to a conclusion by the end of the day, advised Elmhardt-sama to take his time in discussing the matter.

He accepted the advice and got up to leave.

“Well, we’re having trouble with Elmhardt-sama. I am sorry, your highness. I didn’t mean to make a mess of things.”

“Yes, indeed. I knew I couldn’t leave Charlotte in this house. I’m determined to get her to Albania as soon as possible. I’m not going to go through the trouble of rumors spreading anymore. I will do whatever it takes to protect her.

His Highness Alfred said and picked me up in his arms.

Eh? He suddenly put me in his arms!?

Then he carries me out of the house and puts me in the carriage.

“I’ll send someone to get your stuff later.”

Before I could catch up with my thoughts, the carriage had departed.

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