My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 25

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This morning… Miri was taken in a carriage to the monastery.

I feel bad for her.

I also feel bad about what happened to this girl.

More than half the reason my sister is the way she is is because of her environment.

If her parents had not interpreted educational theories in a distorted way, she might have been a little more self-reflective…

“The environment is a bit harsh for Miri, but I hope she will persevere.”

“I think it’s a chance for her to get mentally stronger in a slightly harsher environment. Your sister is at a critical point in her life. She may or may not be reborn.”

Yesterday we did not have time to discuss this, and His Highness Alfred also went to the Duke’s house, Leanhardt-sama’s parents’ house, so he came here today again.

Now that the Miri and Leanhardt-sama matters are settled, I can think about the future.

“So, um… You’re not going to ask Charlotte to adopt her somewhere else, are you? She’s a very important daughter… It’s not like she’s a failure like Miri.”

“A failure…? Will you then take responsibility for your own failure? Isn’t it your fault that Miri grew up illiterate?”

My father knew it would be wrong to ask me to be adopted by another family, so he confirmed this to His Highness Alfred.

But when he said the word “failure”, His Highness Alfred expressed his displeasure explicitly.

I think it’s because my father thinks of Miri as if she were someone else.

“W-Well, that’s true, but… That’s why I suggest re-education at the monastery…”

“Master…! Leanhardt-sama’s brother, Elmhart-sama, is here. He has something to tell you about the house…”

Leanhardt-sama’s younger brother, Elmhardt-sama, is here?

I heard that His Highness Prince Alfred came yesterday to complain to the Dukes, so I assume that’s what this is about….

If he wanted to apologize to Miri or break off the engagement, he would have come himself…

“Your Highness Alfred…”

“Hmm, I don’t mind. It’s not like I had nothing to do with it since I went to the Duke’s yesterday. If you and Elmhart-kun want me to leave, I’ll come back.”

In the end, Elmhardt-sama wanted to greet His Highness if he was present, so he was escorted to the reception room with His Highness Alfred present.

As I recall, Elmhardt-sama had just turned 15 years old. He still looks a little young…

When he met my eyes, he turned a fresh smile toward me.

“Your Highness Alfred, I apologize for not being able to greet you yesterday. I’d like to apologize for that as well as for my brother.”

With dignity and formality, Elmhardt-sama addresses His Highness Alfred and apologizes.

I had the impression that he used to be shy or timid, but he seems to have changed a lot….

“It’s not your fault. You don’t need to apologize. If you want to talk to the Count, you can do so beforehand.”

His Highness Alfred did not ask for an apology from Elmhardt-sama in particular.

He urges him to give priority to the matter of his visit to my father.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me. My Father took my brother’s disgraceful behavior yesterday very seriously, Count Arzel…He’s decided to let me take over the reins of the family. On behalf of my brother…”


I had expected that Leanhardt-sama would be disinherited, but it was too soon.

The Duke seems to be very upset…

“So, what do you want to do, Count? My father has no objection to calling off the engagement.


“If the Count does, I would like to take Miri as my wife.”


Elmhardt-sama said, which no one had expected.

Time stood still.

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