My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 17

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“(Sniff), (Sniff), I’ve been sent to a monastery… (Sniff) that’s too much…”

What’s going on? I don’t understand.

I was thinking of having Alfred draw the line at this woman, and now this woman… she’s being sent to a monastery?

—What the hell did she do to deserve that? She’s my fiancée, for God’s sake.

What was Count Arzel thinking? Has she done something stupid?

“Miri, tell me what you did. Count Arzel wouldn’t suddenly try to put you in a monastery if you hadn’t done anything.”

“… (Sniff), Father was mean to me…”

That’s not what I said!

You know, I’m not asking you that! Even a child would give a better answer!

This is the biggest mistake of my life. I shouldn’t have broken off the engagement…

I didn’t know there were people I couldn’t talk to except for the fact that they don’t speak Ezerstanian or something like that…

But I have to be patient —the last thing I want is to have to take care of her for the rest of my life.

“Miri, I know they’re mean. I just want to know how it happened.”

“How did it happen? Well… Um—.”

It’s annoying.

Yeah, it’s really annoying.

I can’t believe how hard it is just to find out what happened from this woman.

“That is, I’m a big admirer of Alfred-sama, aren’t I? So, let’s see, what were we talking about?”

“…So, you walked in on Charlotte and your parents having a private conversation, right? And then your parents told you not to go to the wedding. And they said something about you liking Prince Alfred.”

“Ah, yes, I did. Leanhardt-sama is very smart. I forgot what we were talking about right away. The other day~”

“You’re getting off track! Please continue the story of His Highness Alfred!”

Damn! How can you forget what we were talking about earlier?!

And don’t change the subject so abruptly! This has absolutely nothing to do with what we were talking about!

A~ah, I don’t remember when conversation was so tiring. No, it’s just too hard to talk with this woman…

But after listening patiently…

Apparently, while talking about Charlotte’s wedding, she mentioned that she was going to marry Alfred.

This stupid woman is beyond my imagination.

Of course, people will think you’re crazy if you say such a stupid thing.

But now we’re in trouble.

If she’s sent to a monestery and Charlotte gets married…

No. It was hell just thinking about it…

“It’s no use. I’ll go talk to Count Arzel. I can’t believe they’re sending my fiancee to a monestery.”

“Leanhardt-sama~. Miri is touched by Leanhardt-sama’s kindness… That’s right. Leanhardt-sama is the man of Miri dreams. Alfred-sama is better looking though…”

Stop it. Don’t make him look good.

That’s right. You like Alfred, don’t you? Be confident in that. Why do you waver so easily?

Anyway, I’m wont allow sending Miri to the monastery.

And I’m going to give Alfred this woman.

“Leanhardt-sama, when will you tell father? I am to be sent to the monastery tomorrow by carriage.”

“Tomorrow? They’re moving faster than I thought… Okay… let’s go to your house now!”

Why at such the last minute?

I mean, Count Arzel was going to report it after the fact.

He took the dukes lightly just because he’s now related to the royal family.

I’m going to give him a lecture…

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  2. At this point it really isn’t that she’s lacking education, it sounds like she’s a special needs child that hasn’t properly established her moral compass

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