My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 18

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This has become a problem.

I had no idea that Miri would tell Leanhardt-sama that she was being sent to a monastery and that he would come to our house to protest it.

I was more surprised that my parents let Leanhardt-sama see Miri.

Didn’t she say she was going to pretend she went to an etiquette class later?

Why can’t you understand that this is a meaningless thing…

“Count Arzel, what is this? How can you think that I would allow my fiancée to enter a monastery without my permission?”

“No, it’s just that… It’s complicated… I’m afraid so.”

Leanhardt-sama is the legitimate son of a duke.

My father doesn’t want to get into trouble with his father, of course, so he has to keep a low profile.

But today, Leanhardt-sama seems very overbearing.

I wonder if he has some other goal in mind than to stop Miri from going to the monastery…

“Did you listen to Miri’s opinion? Poor Miri! She was trembling and crying! What has she done to deserve this? Tell me what she did!”

“What did she do? I’m sorry, but this is a very private and sensitive matter…”

When asked why he was sending Miri to the monastery, my father became even more sluggish.

This is not surprising, because there is no way my father would tell him that Miri wanted to marry His Highness Alfred, even if she was with Leanhardt-sama.

If such a situation were to come to his attention, he would certainly break off the engagement with Miri.

“What privacy and delicacy is there that my fiancé cannot hear?! Mirim said that you were mean to her, Count Arzel, but what does that mean? Why is she being sent to a monastery? Do you think I’m stupid?”

“No, I didn’t… N-No, I would never make fun of you, Leanhardt-dono…”

“I understand. You wouldn’t say it’s meant to separate them from their true love, would you? Miri seems to have found true love in her life. Tell me who it is.


What? Miri’s true love? No way, he’d know…

You mean to say that Leanhardt-sama heard all this from Miri, knows what’s going on, and is here to protest…?

We understand it at this moment.

No, then he would be more angry with Mirim than with us…. After all, she has changed her mind.

As these questions were floating around, Miri, who seemed to be in a strangely good mood, opened her mouth.

“…The man I love is Alfred-sama. because he’s so good-looking. He’s a prince.”

“T-This, Miri! You’re standing in front of Leanhardt-sama!”

“I don’t mind. I wouldn’t mind if his highness Alfred and Mirim got married. I have heard that he is very fond of her. I don’t want to quarrel with him.”

What is he talking about? How could you not care?

It’s one thing for Milim to mention His Highness Alfred’s name here, but… but beyond that, I don’t understand what Leanhardt-sama is doing.

And there is no evidence that His Highness Alfred likes Miri at all…

What did Miri tell Leanhardt-sama?

“Master, Madame, Miss, His Highness Alfred is here.”


Yes, that’s right. Today, I was supposed to have a meeting with His Highness Alfred to discuss future plans, but Leanhardt-sama came out of nowhere and things got strange.

What is to be done in this case? I’m afraid it’s going to be complicated…

“I don’t mind. I would like to speak with His Highness Alfred.”

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Enough! I want to talk to His Highness properly!”

It was going to be a very chaotic day.

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