My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 16

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My father tried to persuade my sister Miri not to attend my wedding to His Highness Prince Alfred, but her words froze our family.

She told us that she was going to marry His Highness Alfred.

I wonder if she knows what she is talking about…

“Miri, Alfred is my fiancee. You have Leanhardt-sama, don’t you?”

I couldn’t resist interrupting.

It is not so much that I am selfish, but more that I don’t understand the logic.

I really don’t know how you came to that conclusion.

“Because Leanhardt-sama is not a prince. Alfred-sama is much better looking than Leanhardt-sama. He is the ideal prince that I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl.”

With a twinkle in her eye, Miri shows a pure and innocent expression.

It’s the same expression she has when she begs for a picture book or a violin.

Despite all the talk of engagement and marriage, and of the future not only of her life but also of her family’s future, Miri is still trying to push her way through with her usual selfishness.

“Miri, that’s enough. You’re ruining Charlotte’s engagement. You can’t be so selfish.”

Miri’s mother also complains to Miri in disgust.

She has forgiven her for most things in the past, but this is just too much for her to tolerate.

“Then I will return Leanhardt-sama to Charlotte-onesama. In return, Alfred-sama, please.”


Like a child who craves the candy of someone else, my sister wanted her sister’s fiancée.

And then we realized that Miri really didn’t think anything of it.

She just wants it because she wants it — that’s all she thinks about.

Maybe it’s too late. Maybe it’s impossible to convince her…

I didn’t feel any ill will from her as she begged her sister’s fiance with an open face.

That’s why there is no discussion. She has no reason to feel bad.

“I had been aware of this for a while, but it seems that I have completely misjudged the way I brought her up. I thought that because of her good looks, she would be blessed with a good marriage without having to do anything special…”

My father is upset and laments that he thought Miri’s good looks would lead her to marry into a good family without having to do anything.

He was actually engaged to Leanhardt-sama, so perhaps he was right, but the current situation was enough to make him uncertain about her future.”

“It’s your fault, husband. You took your friend’s words to heart that Miri was too perfect.”

“No, the Marquis of Aston says that if you raise her uninhibited, she’ll be more lovable and have a better chance at a good marriage. He is a leading authority on education.”

My parents started fighting about how they had raised Miri wrong.

It doesn’t matter what they say, because it’s already been said.

Anyway, something needs to be done about Miri.

I can see that she will definitely rebel if you lecture her.

“Mirim! I don’t care what you say, the marriage of Charlotte and His Highness Alfred is a done deal. Besides, His Highness does not like you!”

“No, Father. Didn’t Alfred-sama say the other day that I was cute as a monkey?”

“No, he didn’t. Miri, if you don’t want to be disowned, you’d better let this one go!”

“Father, mother, what’s wrong? Why are you mean to Miri…? (Sniff)(Sniff) Whaaaaaa!”

Miri finally cried as our parents turned up the heat.

This is the kind of situation that can’t be helped, right?

Normally, this would be enough to make her point…”

“It’s no use. Let’s leave her temporarily in a monastery.”

“I guess that’s the only way… But I don’t know what to tell them…”

Apparently, my father thought of putting Miri under house arrest at the monastery.

Miri had no idea what they were talking about, and would occasionally stop crying and tilt her head back and forth—.

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