My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 (Leanhardt POV)│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

What, what, what, what is this? The crown prince of a neighboring country?!

I don’t understand!

Because Charlotte was my fiancée just a few days ago! And now she’s engaged to Alfred, the Crown Prince, not long after our breakup?!

You’re too indiscreet! You’re too heartless to leave me and go on to the next guy without any feelings at all…

What about my pride? Alfred’s got a triumphant look on his face, too.

I’m the adult here, and I backed down. The last time I saw him, he was speaking in broken English and acting like a country bumpkin, and I didn’t like it.

But, as much as I don’t like it, Going against the Crown Prince of the neighboring kingdom is an international incident.

As a duke, I can not allow that. If I go against the Crown Prince, our father’s title could fall into my brother’s hands.

I regret saying this, but I’ll have to put up with Miri.

She has a pretty face, and she’d be a perfect wife if only I could ignore the fact that she’s an idiot.

Hmmm. If only she didn’t have that stupidity…

If only she wasn’t so stupid—.

I was supposed to leave Miri and go to Charlotte’s for dinner today, but I changed my mind.

And now that I’ve told Alfred that I’m Miri’s fiancée, I can’t break up with her so easily…

Aa~h, she’s got a good face. I’m tired of seeing it.

That’s the thing. I’ve learned that beautiful idiots piss me off even more.

At first I was like, “She’s a screw-up, but she’s cute, so I forgive her.” But then I got more and more annoyed… But I just have to put up with it.

But I had no choice but to endure. I had to see the good in her—.

“So, Alfredo-sama was a very nice prince. Miri had never seen such a good-looking man before.”

Has she lost her mind? He’s talking about Alfred as if he’s his own lover, saying he’s good-looking and nice in front of a man named me..

I mean, it’s irritating to hear a mature woman talk about herself in the first person.

Normally you say “I.” But then suddenly you say, “Mirim is…” She’s really a tricky girl.

“And Alfred-sama called Miri pretty. I was so happy to hear that.”

And again, “About Mirim.” She says it again.

There are women who are better off watching from a distance. It’s too late to learn that lesson…

Hmm? Wait, wait, wait a minute!

She just said that Alfred said Miri was cute.

Is this a chance?

Could this be my chance to introduce this stupid girl to that obnoxious Crown Prince?!

“Mirim, could it be that you are… Did you fall in love with His Highness Alfredo?”

‘Eh? Leanhardt-sama, what are you suddenly…? How did you know that I adore Alfred-sama?”

It’s obvious. Try to hide it a little.

But I might be able to use this to my advantage. For me to be the winner of the mule draw.

“So, for example, there’s a chance that His Highness Alfred will call off his engagement to Charlotte and say he wants to marry Miri…?”

“…This smells funny. It’s rotten… What is it? What were we talking about?”

This woman can’t hold a decent conversation for long enough.

You’re not listening to me again.

And it’s not rotten! It’s fermented!

Didn’t you hear what the chef said?! Of course you didn’t. You’re a miri.

“So…I’m asking about the possibility that His Highness Alfred is in love with Miri…”

“His Highness Alfred is in love with Miri. because the other day he was staring at me with beautiful eyes.”

That’s it!

Yes, yes, yes!

It’s time to turn the tables!

I’m going to give this joker to that ugly Alfred for sure!

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  1. M1n3t says:

    Urghhhh…..that stupid woman and that bastard can be a good match for each other….the main fault is that her stupid parents not give their stupid daughter more education….they think their stupid daughter can manage live without knowledge?😏😏😏

  2. HaruElias says:

    Haha! Try your luck, sucker

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