My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 12

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Royal Highness Alfredo, muttering his displeasure in the neighboring language of Albania, has a cold expression on his face, while Miri, who does not understand the language at all, tries to lean closer to Alfred, looking up at him with watery eyes. 

“Miri! I will not tolerate disrespect from you.”

“F-Father?! You’re hurting me! I just want to be friends with his highness Alfred-sama!”

The first thing that happened was that my father jumped out in a panic and pulled Miri’s arm with a yank.

Miri frowned in pain as father tightened his grip on her hand.

“Don’t be stupid, Alfred-sama is Charlotte’s fiancée…”

“Waaa! Mother, this is terrible! Miri, I’m not an stupid!”

My mother also jumped out and pushed Miri’s shoulders, trying to pull her away from His Highness Alfred with all her strength.

She takes the word “stupid” in stride.

In fact, Miri has done something terrible, but she is completely unaware of it, so she starts to scream and cry.


The atmosphere was so bad that we all fell silent and only Miri’s loud voice could be heard in the room.

This might have been the first time.

I have never known my parents to really scold Mirim.

They did not want to offend the crown prince of a neighboring country and cause an international incident.

I thank you for your honesty. Miri is the type of person who is more rebellious when you warn her about something.

“She is your sister, isn’t she? You said earlier that she is engaged to Leanhardt-kun.”

“Y-Yes. Yes, she is, but I don’t know what to say. She’s a strange girl.”

“Hmm. I can’t imagine she came from the same parents as you. I wonder what kind of education she had…”

That’s not good. I never thought to expose the ugliness so far…

Miri’s outburst was unacceptable to His Highness Alfred.

Until now, she has been able to cover it up with her charm, but not this time.

The Kingdom of Albania is a country where politeness is valued above everything else. Milim’s behavior could be considered unacceptable.

“Miri Arzel!”

“Ehehe, yes. Did you call for me? Alfredo-sama.”

You are like a monkey. You have to be human. Otherwise, we’ll have to figure out how to deal with the Arzel family after Charlotte and I get married.”

His Royal Highness Alfred complains about Miri’s attitude in the fluent Ezersta Kingdom language.c

He is more harsh than I expected, but I hope Miri will be okay.

I hope she doesn’t cry and scream again…

“Like a monkey? It’s cute, isn’t it? Thank you for saying Miri is cute.”


Miri, who does not understand the irony of being called a monkey or anything, tries to get close to Alfred again with an adorable smile on her face.

His Highness looked at me in silence, bewildered by her unexpected reaction.

It’s hard to be here anymore. Why is this girl so…

“Alfred-sama, you must leave Charlotte-onesama and—”

“Miri! Stay outside for a minute!”

My father, looking pale, rushes to get her out of the room.

My mother also looks stunned and holds her head in her hands.

I had told them many times that if they left Miri alone she might get into trouble, and they finally understood what I meant.

“F-Father! What’s wrong with you today?! Please let me in! It’s terrible!”

“Is my Ezerta language not good enough? I’m afraid I don’t understand a word she’s saying.”

His Highness Alfred is worried that Miri, who is shouting loudly outside the room, did not understand him.

This is the first day of greetings… I’m more worried about my future—.

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  1. Blahblargh says:

    The one I hate the most in this repugnant story is the MC…

    Doormat, garbage bin, trash collector, dumpster… This is what she is… Any waste she swallows it with a grin 😀

    Now why would I care if her sister shts on her? Why does it matter if her fiance is trash? who cares if her family ignores her needs or gives more support and love to Miri… 😏

    Heck if she doesn’t care then no worries!🤓what is so good about a person like that? An abominable people pleaser, a person who just got used like toilet paper and happily got flushed…

    I like Miri way more than the MC which is not at all…😌 I don’t think I could stomach reading this for a few more chapters but I’m gonna do it for shts and giggles!

    1. Seiffkin says:

      ‘Cause she have her parents genes. That’s all.

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