My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 14

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As soon as His Highness Alfred came to our house, my sister Miri made a mistake and came after him, which sent chills down the spines of both my parents and me.

This is the first time. My parents shouted and forced my sister to leave…

After that, we asked his highness to go to an accommodation for dignitaries in the royal capital without even greeting him, leaving us in a strange atmosphere because he was probably tired from the long trip.

Today, I had another dinner with His Highness Alfred at a restaurant in the Royal Capital.

“I am sorry for my sister Miri’s misbehavior yesterday.”

I apologized to His Royal Highness Prince Alfred for my sister’s rudeness yesterday.

I don’t think I did anything to warrant an apology.

But the atmosphere there was terrible, and I am sure that His Highness was very uncomfortable, so I could not help but bow my head.

“I was surprised, it’s true, but I was wrong too. I had let my discomfort show through. It seems that I was tired without realizing it.”

Fortunately, His Highness Alfred forgave Miri.

I was relieved to hear him say that he was sorry himself.

I can’t take advantage of His Highness’ goodwill, but it seems that he is not really angry with me.

“But Mirim, right? Is she all right? She’s Leanhardt-kun’s fiancée, which means she’s a future duchess. Did she do something wrong in public?”

In a serious tone, His Highness Alfred asked me if Miri had done something terrible in public.

Yes, she had. I suppose you can’t blame him for thinking so, given the way she’s acting…

A duchess in the future — and as far as His Highness is concerned, it doesn’t look good.

In the past, Miri has been rude to her superiors, and I have been on edge every time.

She’s never been as rude as he was the other day, though.

For this reason, I have warned them several times.

But Milim’s looks and charm made her tolerable in many ways. My parents told me that she would be fine when she grew up, so they left her alone.

As a result, it was not good at all…

“No, your family will naturally be present at our wedding, and we will also invite dignitaries from neighboring countries other than the Kingdom of Ezersta.”

“I think it would be best not to have Miri attend. I’m sorry…”

“If you can correct her now, that’s fine, but wouldn’t it be wiser to do so? It’s your family business, and I don’t want to embarrass you.”

Prince Alfredo advised me to ask Mirim not to attend the wedding.

I agree with him, but I don’t know what my parents will say. I am sure that Miri will cry and want to attend the wedding.

If it were possible to correct her now, that would be better, of course, but there is not enough time to learn the proper etiquette of a lady.

“I understand. I will tell my parents that Mirim should not attend the wedding.”

“If that’s too much to ask, should I tell them myself?”

“No, I’m afraid that would be too much trouble for Your Highness.”

I can’t believe I’m asking His Highness Alfred to tell my sister not to attend the wedding. We, as a family, cannot make such a request.

Anyway, let’s talk to our parents first…Miri might not complain if she is told that the future of our family is at stake…

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