My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 11

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In the Kingdom of Albania, it is customary for a man to go to the home of his wife to meet her husband.

Following this custom, His Royal Highness Alfred, Crown Prince of Albania, came all the way to my house from a neighboring country.

“What’s that? He didn’t have to leave so quickly. Did my Ezerstaish sound funny?”

“No, it was perfect. I am surprised at how much you have improved since we last met.””

When I met His Highness Alfred before, he was speaking basically in Albanian because he seemed to speak it badly, and he had an interpreter with him…”

I was frankly amazed at how fluently His Royal Highness Alfredo spoke Ezersta.

I wonder how much effort he has made to improve so much in such a short period of time.

“I have been studying it ever since I fell in love with you. After all, I wanted to learn the native language of the person I love.”

His Highness Alfred told me that he had worked hard to learn the language of this country in order to take me as his wife. I was so glad to hear that, because it was more straightforward than any words you could say.

It was still early in the winter and a cold wind was blowing, but strangely, I did not feel cold.

“Well, I decided to greet you first, so I came here as soon as I got here, but I had to greet your family too.””

Ah, yes! I think we are ready to greet His Highness, so this way please.”

His Highness Alfred stated that he would greet my family, so I will show him around the house.

—Finally, the day has come.

I have only a few days left in this house.

I would be lying if I said that I do not miss them at all, but I am more hopeful and hopeful about my new life.

My heart is beating fast as I feel His Highness Alfred’s goodwill towards me.


“In the manner of the Kingdom of Albania, I have come to take Charlotte Arzel here to be my wife. On that occasion, I came to greet the members of the Arzel family. “

In the parlor of our house, His Royal Highness Alfred held me by the shoulders and announced his arrival to the family with a stately gesture.

My mother and father looked more nervous than I have ever seen them before, and my sister Miri looked at His Highness Alfred with a twinkle in her eye.

It was the first time that royalty had ever visited our house.

The whole house is filled with tension.

“I will stay here for a week or so, then I will take Charlotte back to Albania. So the family will have to wait until then—”

“You’re still cunning~!!”


Although His Highness Alfred was still speaking, he was overtaken by Mirim’s voice: “Cunning!”.

—What is she yelling at all of a sudden?

And in front of His Highness Alfred.

My parents and I both froze. My sister’s attitude was too much…

“I’m sorry. Does the word “cunning” have another meaning in Ezersta? Did I say something weird?”

“Hey, Alfred-sama. Please take me. Miri never saw anyone as good-looking as Alfred-sama in this country.”

Miri stands up and approaches His Highness Alfred, reaching out to take his hand.

She makes a sweet sound and makes her face look pretty—.

I was not expecting that this girl would be so eager at this moment to make a move on Alfred-sa—.

“Hehehe, Alfred-sama is the one I’m destined for…”

“What is it? You stupid woman.”

Miri was having a good time, but I was scared when I heard His Highness Alfred say scary words in his own language.

Anyway, we have to get her away from him as soon as possible. If we don’t get her away from His Highness soon, she might cause his displeasure—.

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