My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 48.1

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒𝟖: 𝐒𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 (3)

Emperor Aooa’s will was widely and secretly known around the Magellan Galaxy.

【To the core of Vehlpciaarct.】

The entity that now perceives the message of Emperor Aooa as a code while overlooking the dark metallic city, resembled countless wriggling metallic machineries tangled together like multiple spines.

Vehlpciaarct is the race that rules over the Sculptor Dwarf Constellation. From the smallest member of their civilization, their bodies, minds, and even their buildings are all made of machines.

【Though Vehlpciaarct is not expected to intervene in the war in the Large Magellanic Cloud, it is hoped that you will listen as the approaching war will affect all races under the Crolr’s sphere of influence.】

【As you know, there is a race called chimeraz that was recently born in the Milky Way Galaxy. Their second ruler intends to wage war against the Crolr to expand their power to the Large Magellanic Cloud.】

Tiny plant species of chloroplasts that value harmony and preservation, bipedal scaled reptilian species, chitinous exoskeleton species walking on dozens of legs, species that have become so small that they are stored in tanks at the cellular level.

The races that are influenced by this war, who are in diplomatic relations with the Crolr, the ruler of the Large Magellanic Cloud, have all received Aooa’s message.

【The Crolr, despite achieving an advanced civilization and boasting great power in the Local Group, is a barbaric race that engages in primitive acts of conquest and plunder. This is a fact that no race, excluding the Crolr, denies.】

【To our friends who will be liberated from their exploitation. To our friends who have helplessly watched their exploitation. Even though we do not have the power to actively help the chimeraz at the risk of great danger, we hope you understand that we have a sufficient reason to at least not interfere with their war.】

【The chimeraz are a race that was able to wage war against humans in the Milky Way Galaxy. They are strong enough to fight against the Crolr.】

【Therefore, we must not commit the folly of repelling the opportunity called chimeraz due to our own will.】


On the surface of the self-replicating protein satellite, the Crolr’s mining facilities are installed in multiple terraced pits.

Of the 8-meter-tall Crolr who walk quadrupedally, those who work in the protein mines work while wearing metal gloves with blades attached to their hands.


They use communication devices to converse in vocal tones.

➖ War with the humans. The troops have departed.

➖ I heard a huge number of troops went. How many?

➖ 400 fleets. That’s what I heard.

➖ It’s almost an all-out war.


The Crolr workers cut the white protein on the ground with blades and scoop it up. Then, anti-gravity vehicles that move around between the workers carry the protein to the facility.

➖ If we win against the humans. Can we live in the Milky Way Galaxy?

➖ That’s not something we laborers can decide.

➖ Of course. The warrior class or the ruling class above them will decide.

➖ Still, we’ll probably be able to earn some energy thanks to the war. There’s a lot of work in military supplies.

➖ The humans’ unit of currency is called Cret. They say it’s an intangible ‘value.’ Can those be converted into energy?

➖ I don’t know. Since it’s the currency of a powerful race, it might be possible.

➖ It would be better to just take it from those weaker than the humans. The Aooa have added another planet this time. How presumptuous.

➖ The Crolr’s opponent isn’t the weak Aooa.

➖ That’s true. . . Wh. . . What?


A the Crolr suddenly collapsed forward.

A white tentacle was stuck in his back.

The tentacle was connected to the protein ground.

➖ Casualties during work?

The moment the attention of the nearby workers was focused on that, an unbelievable phenomenon occurred.

Kuku, kuku, kuku, kuku, kuku. . .!!!!

White tentacles sprouted from the ground everywhere the Crolr workers were. The white tentacles pierced through their metal gloves and entered their bodies, pulling out their bright red entrails.

➖ Groaaa!!!

In the environment with weak gravity, drops of blood and flesh floated slowly, and the screams of the Crolr echoed from all directions.

The workers and anti-gravity vehicles that were in the terraced pits were hit by tentacles protruding from the walls, and those that were on relatively high ground were pierced or wrapped around by tentacles and slammed to the ground.

Kaboom! Kwakang!

Following that, the mining facilities were pierced here and there by tentacles that emerged from the ground, expelling the air inside. As the buildings collapsed powerlessly and fell to the ground, more tentacles emerged and wrapped around the wreckage.

The self-replicating protein satellite itself is preying on the beings that have settled on its flesh.

The small number of Crolr fleets nearby ignored the dying workers and bombarded the satellite’s surface with orbital strikes, but it was futile.

It was meaningless unless they had the firepower to destroy the entire satellite in the first place.

➖ This is the fleet commander! The first protein satellite is causing an unexplained rampage!

➖ Is that even possible?

➖ The satellite is eating Crolrs!

The self-replicating protein satellite, which had the appearance of a sphere like countless other celestial bodies, became elongated in one direction like a water droplet.

The Crolr, regardless of their hierarchical distinctions, must have felt fear toward the unknown gigantic entity at that bizarre sight.

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