My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 47.3

In the end, Emperor Aooa had no choice but to raise his two tentacles.

“So, the Aooa incited the Crolr to go to war with the humans. So the reason the Crolr is preparing for war now is probably to invade the Milky Way. Am I right?”

【That is all correct. However, even if the Aooa diplomat had not done that, the Crolr would have targeted the humans someday. They have long wanted to take the place of humans and ruin the Local Group’s diplomacy and the concept of peace.】

“Yes. I needed a definitive answer. Now let’s have a constructive conversation with each other.”

【What else is there?】

“Humans are strong. Very strong. The Crolr will mobilize all of its military forces to conquer the humans. Their military will be mostly absent. Isn’t this very good timing?”

【Are you proposing an alliance between the Chimeraz and Aooa?】

“I don’t want an alliance. The Aooas don’t like fighting that much anyway. They’re not a species optimized for fighting either.”

It was a rude remark, but Emperor Aooa agreed.

If he did not seize this opportunity, countless people would continue to go hungry.

And countless neighboring species would continue to be exploited.

For the sake of his species, for the sake of the world, he had to make a decision.

That is why he exists as an emperor.

“The Chimeraz must not be interfered with by other species when they attack the Crolr. Just like the humans created the UNF so that when one nation is attacked, the other nations all mobilize, we need to prevent such a situation.”

【I was going to ask you about that anyway, but I heard that the UNF recently declared war on the Chimeraz. Is that okay? That the Chimeraz are fighting a war against two species at the same time.】

“. . . The first ruler will have to deal with that.”


“Yes. Anyway, if there is a faction that has a mutual defense pact with the Crolr, please persuade them.”

【To be honest, the Crolr is a terrifying entity. It is very difficult to persuade those who have promised military cooperation with the Crolr.】

“Liberation, freedom.”


“I’m telling you not to sacrifice anything for that, just sit still. I’ll take care of everything.”

【That’s. . .】

“If you can’t do that, then I’ll just kill them all. I’ll meet them as the enemy. So please tell them to choose wisely.”

Emperor Aooa felt a new terror from her.

However, that terror was fundamentally different from the Crolr’s.

She could become an object of terror or an object of desire at any time. She was an existence that had that potential.

In the worst case, the Chimeraz could expand their power and become the ‘new Crolr’.

But that is just a possibility.

As it is now, the Crolr are detestable.

Even if it meant joining hands with the devil, the Aooa could do it in order for everyone to break free from the Crolr. Because for the Aooa, the Crolr species is more devilish than the devil.

That is the earnest desire of those who are currently the long-time targets of the Crolr’s exploitation.

“I want to fight only the Crolr if possible. They are a difficult opponent, and if they are interfered with, I don’t think we will ever win.”

If he joined hands with the Chimeraz now, he might be able to liberate himself from Crolr. But can he really trust the Chimeraz, who are fighting the humans? Of course, he had heard that Kreion had come forward and asserted his legitimacy, so it wasn’t as if the Chimeraz had fought recklessly.

The Chimeraz’s reputation among the various species is too complicated.

【. . .】

Anima then extended her hand to Emperor Aooa.

“Will you help us? This fight.”

It was a sweet and dangerous temptation.

If he took it, a future from which there was no turning back would come.


【I will help you.】

What kind of foolish leader would turn down that hand?

【I will spread the word in secret so that no one will interfere with your war with the Crolr.】

And so Anima’s white hand shook something like a handshake with Emperor Aooa’s blue tentacles.

“Let’s drive the Crolr out of the Large Magellanic Cloud and live together in peace.”

【I bow my head to your generous offer.】

“But, the Chimeraz will have dominion over the Large Magellanic Cloud. Promise me that.”

【Though it is customary for the victorious faction to gain territory, the Chimeraz will have dominion over the entire Large Magellanic Cloud. . .?】

“Crolr has kept everyone else out of that galaxy anyway.”

【. . .】

In the meantime, she added a word to the emperor Aooa, who was keeping silent because of his greed.

“The Aooa who helped us in this matter will be given a large part of the territory. Once we have wiped out the Crolr, we will help you with terraforming and even create things like protein satellites. Don’t the Aooa like ocean planets?”

In the end, her words touched on Emperor Aooa’s dire deficiencies one by one.

【Thank you, Selas-nim】

【The Aooa species will work to prepare for the Chimeraz species’ victory.】

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