My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 48.2

The outer boundary of the Tarantula Nebula. The Craclot star system, where five planets and three self-replicating protein satellites orbit.

On the outskirts of this place, the Euryale and Lemegeton swarms appeared.

➖ Anima-nim. The Crolr fleet is attacking my body.

Anima is in the ruler’s room of Euryale with the Elite swarm.

Her seat is a throne woven from the white bones of an unknown creature.

‘I need to draw the Crolr’s attention. Can you attack their fleet yourself?’

➖ I do not have the means of attack to strike the fleet. The design of the Organic Accelerator Cannon you sent me requires resources that I do not have.

Anima ponders.

The place that seems to be the capital planet of the Craclot star system is the second orbit over there. And the first self-replicating protein satellite that is rampaging is in the orbit of the fifth planet.

The fleet that is currently attacking the satellite is the army from the third and fourth planets. The fleet from the capital planet over there has not moved yet.

‘The entire race sent their troops to the Milky Way Galaxy. . . . Even so. . . The size of the remaining army cannot be ignored.’

She must quickly capture the Craclot star system and spread her colony. In order to prepare sufficient colonies before reinforcements arrive, she must absolutely conquer the capital planet. However, the capital planet naturally has many means of defense, including the main force of this star system.

In order to break through the defenses of the capital planet while leading a relatively insufficient force, she must lure the capital planet’s fleet elsewhere.

‘Create a huge thruster and accelerate towards the fifth planet.’

➖ Is it alright if I move the resources that make up my body over there? It might be better if I join Anima-nim and let you use my body as a colony instead.

‘Even if you did that, you’d lose in a clash with the capital planet’s main force. It’s important to make the enemy focus all their attention on you. There’s no time.’

➖ I understand. Then, I will accelerate with the goal of colliding with the fifth planet.

➖ If I successfully collide with the fifth planet, I will devour the planet.

‘Got it. Do that.’

And so, the first self-replicating protein satellite became shaped like a water droplet and formed giant thrusters on its surface. The output completed by the combustion of protein and hydrogen was very small, but if the output of moving in one direction in space is repeated, even a small force was enough for it to deviate from its orbital path.

Eventually, the protein satellite escaped its orbit and began to move, drawn by the gravity of the fifth planet. And the Crolr fleet of Craclot, realizing the gravity of the situation, reacted immediately.

They moved to destroy the protein satellite before it reached the main force of the capital planet.

Thanks to that, Anima’s swarm was able to approach the capital planet without resistance by making a large orbit.

Now, she commands.

“Begin the invasion.”

Thud. . . . Thud. . . .

This is the rumble of hundreds of Drop Cysts being ejected from Euryale. At the same time, the Lemegeton swarm deployed Cresecter swarms from their mouths or Organic Pipes.

➖ Unidentified fleets have appeared!

➖ Destroy them!

The small number of the Crolr fleets guarding the capital planet engaged in combat without any conversation.

Kuku, kung. . .

As expected, explosions occurred first. The Drop Cysts heading towards the planet are shot down by the beams from the Crolr fleet’s cannons and defense satellites.

However, in the vast space, the Crolr fleet that had already headed towards the fifth planet was being pushed back helplessly.

Zzzzeee. . .

The sight of the organic accelerator cannons of the Lemegeton battleships sinking the Crolr fleet and the Euryale’s miniaturized Organic Accelerator Cannons emit purple rays of light.

Round explosions erupt one after another amidst the intersecting beams of light, and the Cresecters and the Crolr carrier-based aircraft flying around destroy each other.

In the meantime, under Anima’s orders, the capital planet’s defense satellites were exposed to attacks one by one.

➖ Who are you. Who are you people.

A message translated into all races’ languages arrived on Euryale through the radio waves.

Anima proudly informs them.

“We are the chimeraz. I am the second ruler of the chimeraz, Anima Selas.”

the Crolr had heard of that race before.

➖ Weren’t you at war with the humans?

“We are at war.”

➖ And yet you are attacking us? You haven’t even conquered the humans yet. Are you crazy?

“I am crazy.”

➖ The current situation. If you think of taking advantage of this opportunity, stop it. If the guardians of the Tarantula Nebula arrive. You will be reduced to ashes.

“I plan to devour the Craclot star system before your reinforcements arrive. What’s next. . . . Guardians of the Tarantula Nebula? Thank you for letting me know that something like that is coming. I’ll have to make a plan to deal with them after getting rid of you.”

A hole is slowly being pierced through the defenses of the capital planet.

The Crolr army on the planet is preparing for a ground battle.

At that moment, impatience can be seen from the main force trying to destroy the self-replicating protein satellite.

However, with their firepower, they won’t be able to completely destroy an object the size of a satellite in time.

Then, both the capital planet and the fifth planet will be breached. Either way, the Crolr have lost their chances of winning.

➖ I understand. Anima Selas. As you know, we do not want to fight the chimeraz. At least not now. So let’s stop here.

“When has there ever been something like that in war?”

➖ We value strength above all else. We honestly acknowledge strength. That’s not a lie.

➖ I understand this much. Waging war against both the humans and the Crolr at the same time. The chimeraz’s current military power is stronger than ours. I admit it.

➖ What do you want from us.

This was the part where the Crolr’s way of thinking became apparent.

And Anima responds coldly.

“I’m not trying to threaten you into giving me something.”

➖ What do you mean?

“The chimeraz will take what you have.”

Soon, the sky of the capital planet opened up.

What the Crolr on the ground saw then was the sight of Drop Cysts pouring down from their own sky.

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