My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 41.2

Despairingly, the chimeraz’s planetary invasion was nearing its final stage.

➖Master. We have successfully destroyed the enemy’s orbital military base. The enemy has lost its main force, and my horde has taken the lead in the fleet battle. Victory is in sight.

Thud. Thud.

Clank. . .!

Kabana’s snout opened, and Kreion in his black armor, who had been inside, landed on the ground.

Despite being in broad daylight, the sky was covered, and wherever one looked, there was only shadow.

‘Well done, Nazar.’

➖My horde has arrived at your location, Master.

‘Release all of Euryale’s Drop Cysts and Organic Pipes.’

From Euryale in the low sky, Organic Pipes as thick as a decent-sized building descended to the ground. The Organic Pipes connecting Euryale to the ground were erected all over the city, like orbital elevators.

Euryale’s Organic Pipes disgorged even more chimeraz hordes into the city.

And it didn’t stop there. Euryale fired thousands of Drop Cysts. The Drop Cysts, which looked like the severed tips of a devil’s fingers, boasted incredible heat resistance and rained down on the city at insane angles like artillery shells.

Boom!! Thud!! Rumble!

Thousands of Drop Cysts fell all over the vast city, burying themselves in buildings or crashing into the ground.

Zzzzt. . .!!

Each Drop Cyst spread its front body like a tripod and spread its tentacles like roots to anchor itself. Then, it opened the shell on the back of its body in three directions, adjusted the height of its body using its tentacles, and then positioned the opened holes so that they were exactly facing outward.

Chimeraz poured out from within.

The Drop Cysts, which had been dropped over a large area of the city, rendered the concept of a defensive line or front line created by the regular army meaningless.

The moment Nemea’s orbit was opened and Euryale’s entry was not blocked, the chimeraz’s planetary invasion entered its final stage.

The Drop Cysts that had fallen on the ground or on high-rise buildings sent out their tentacles again and disgorged chimeraz and Xenotera.

Chimeraz’s living tissue began to grow wherever the Drop Cysts fell, changing the environment itself. The living tissue, which spread indiscriminately over buildings, vehicles, and corpses, gradually transformed the entire city into a colony-like place.

The structures built by humans were reduced to nests that protected the hive from shelling and bombing, creating an insurmountable numerical gap for the Nemea regular army to overcome.



Phlegeth trampled on the Drone Hive, which had been broken into five pieces.

“You dared to burn my children to death! How dare you!”

“. . .Hostile living. . . entity.”

“My name is Phlegeth. What are you?”

“. . .”

Phlegeth, who had lost part of the right side of his head along with an eye, looked fine despite bleeding profusely.

The regular forces that had formed a defensive line at the Argos Tower site were on the verge of annihilation, and the scrap metal or pieces of the Drone Hive scattered across the now-silent battlefield were already being gathered by the swarming Hydras.

“Judging by the fact that there’s no pilot inside, you must be an AI. Am I right?”

“. . .”

At that, the Drone Hive’s power went out. Phlegeth was impressed by the sight.

“You killed 600 of them by yourself and then committed suicide. That was impressive for a human machine.”

‘But Gnox will tell me what you are anyway.’


Behind Phlegeth and the Hydra horde, dozens of Elite legions aligned themselves in unison. Cresecters approached the Elite ranks at the same speed as the Elite legions, over the collapsed high-rise structures or between buildings.


The Elite ranks parted left and right, and Kreion walked out from the center.

Phlegeth bowed his head.

“Well done, Master!”

Thud, thud, thud. . .

Blood dripped from one side of Phlegeth’s head.

“You’re badly injured.”

Kreion reached out his hand. Phlegeth brought his head to Kreion’s hand.

“What was it like facing the Drone Hive?”


Sizzle. . .

Kreion’s hand instantly repaired Phlegeth’s injured head.

“The rectangular AI weapon that resisted you to the end here.”

“Ah, it was quite surprising. It was like a small Lemegeton that had landed on the ground.”

“How did you manage to win?”

“It wasn’t easy, as it fired plasma weapons with power comparable to the Organic Accelerator Cannon while flying countless insect-like machines. It was an amazing machine that eventually erupted with flickering heat haze and even used optical camouflage.”

“There are dozens of Drone Hives like that in major powers. In such places, there are also powerful weapons that work well with the Drone Hive’s tactics.”

“Our legion needs to get stronger.”

➖Master. The enemy fleet is retreating toward the dimensional passageway, leading the evacuation ships. You told me not to target the evacuation ships, but the enemy fleet is with them. . . Shall we pursue and annihilate them?

‘Leave them alone. The hostages in the underground shelters are enough. You should regroup your children and prepare for the next fleet battle, if there is one.’


“Phlegeth. What about the broadcasting building?”

“I cleaned it up.”

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