My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 41.3

➖We are the chimeraz. 

Kreion’s voice began to spread throughout the world via Nemea’s government broadcast.

“I understand that there are various factions among you humans. So most of the leaders who are hearing what I’m saying now must feel like this came out of the blue.”

The leaders of each country, who had been remotely convened under the UNF due to the invasion of an alien force, listened with serious faces.

“I went berserk after being created by the Darwin Foundation. So the Foundation tried to kill me and my kind, and I destroyed Apoptology in order to survive and make the Foundation submit.”

“I thought it was over. I thought that humans and our kind could go our separate ways, but then I realized that New Ark was also trying to kill me.”

He revealed that the Darwin Foundation and New Ark were involved in this.

“Fortunately, the conflict with the Darwin Foundation is over. But now there’s New Ark, my enemy. They are a large group that manages dimensional passageways all over the world, and if we clash with them, it’s likely to be a war with all of humanity.”

He warned of the impending clash with New Ark.

“I don’t want an unnecessary war.”

“I hope you understand that I have invaded the Nemea star nation in order to make my intentions known this way. When I made contact with the Nemea fleet, they avoided communication and attacked our fleet. So there was no other way.”

He explained that he was not a monster with whom dialogue was impossible.

“I tried not to touch the government evacuation ships, civilian aircraft, or civilians as much as possible. I didn’t even touch a single one of the hundreds of millions of citizens trapped in the underground shelters of the Argos Tower.”

He pretended to uphold some moral values while subtly revealing that there were hundreds of millions of hostages.

“Whether it’s New Ark, who is trying to kill me, or any of the leaders of the UNF, I want a response. I want to ask you humans what you think about this fight escalating any further.”

It took over 40 minutes for a response to come. The leaders of each country needed some time to verify the facts and coordinate their opinions in the UNF after Kreion’s statement.

Finally, Kreion was able to hear the will of humanity.

➖This is for the unidentified extraterrestrial invader.

➖I am Defaulstellay, the stellar president of the Federal Star Nation of Defaulstellay, representing the United Nations Federation, UNF, and the leaders’ meeting of the Kardashev Universal Civilization. My name is Seamus Pollan.

Kreion was familiar with his face and name.

“I am the ruler who leads all chimeraz leaders, the collective consciousness rank 1 of our chimeraz race. My name is Kemet Agele Kreion.”

The name Kemet Agele Kreion itself sounded very human. That’s why the UNF must have immediately looked up his identity and found out that Kreion was a citizen of Nemea and had an unclear family relationship and background.

➖Good. Kreion of the chimeraz race. First of all, let me ask you this. Was the nuclear fusion explosion at Apoptology really caused by your invasion, and was today’s unauthorized invasion and occupation of the Nemea star nation also a war effort led by you?

“Yes. Didn’t I explain why?”

➖The chimeraz invaded and occupied the Nemea star nation, which is officially affiliated with the UNF, without a declaration of war. In response, the UNF has determined that a state of war exists under the Special Mutual Defense Treaty, and we hereby declare a formal declaration of war against the chimeraz race, a quasi-national alien force.

“Are you serious?”

Humanity had declared war on the chimeraz. 

➖This is the will of humanity.

“Even though I’m holding hundreds of millions of Nemea citizens hostage, even though the chimeraz don’t want war, and even though you know that this will lead to endless bloodshed, you still decide to do this?”

When he asked that, the response he got was very human.

➖This is not the first or second time we’ve been through something like this.

➖UNF will never negotiate with terrorist-oriented camps, and we, humanity, will respond strongly based on rational and cool-headed judgment.

“I tried to talk to you first, but all I got back was New Ark’s attacks. And today, when my horde entered the Nemea star system, the Nemea fleet attacked without any response.”

➖The Nemea fleet’s response to the chimeraz was one of the manuals that had been given to the Nemea fleet in advance.

‘The Nemea fleet knew about the chimeraz before I arrived? Then who created that response manual?’

➖And can you say for sure that the casualties at Apoptology were also caused by the Darwin Foundation’s attack first?

There was a sense of conviction in his questions. It was clear that he had information about what had happened at Apoptology.

‘. . .New Ark. The information they have about us was provided by New Ark. Chief wouldn’t give out information that would put himself or me at a disadvantage.’

And according to Haber’s memories, the Darwin Foundation had been reporting to New Ark on a continuous basis, and New Ark’s AI, the Ark, seemed to be able to intervene in the Darwin Foundation’s systems at any time. That was because it had infiltrated Darwin’s small humanoid secretary and forced Darwin’s private soldiers to fire their rifles.

Little by little, the questionable points were surfacing.

‘Could New Ark have been unaware of my mother’s device malfunction? Twice, even. . . If it was their ability, they could have intervened in all of the Darwin Foundation’s systems and kept a close watch on them.’

And now the UNF’s attitude.

A hostile attitude, as if they already knew something else.

‘. . .New Ark’s slander.’

That was Kreion’s conclusion.

“Let me explain. There were extenuating circumstances. But as far as what happened at the Darwin Foundation, I’ve talked it out with Francis Darwin, the chief. The one who is really trying to hurt me now is New Ark. New Ark is the one who intervened in all of the incidents and forced this situation.”

“We need to stop fighting, summon New Ark, and investigate their data. And then it’s right to discuss how the chimeraz and humanity should proceed.”

➖You should have done that before you invaded Nemea, killed soldiers who were someone’s sons, and scorched someone’s homeland.

➖In other words, you trampled all over a civilization and then tried to call a truce just before we stepped in. That’s a common practice in other galaxies where wars are active.

“No, that’s not. . .”

➖I don’t know how many people you’ve killed with your own hands and how you can make such a ridiculous request. You chimeraz are an aggressive invader and a vicious bioweapon group that threatens humanity.

‘He even used the direct word “bioweapon”. They already have the information and are treating us like monsters.’

➖I emphasize again that this is not the first time we have experienced this. So there is no room for dialogue in this terrible situation.

Now it was completely broken.

After New Ark, now even the UNF.

‘. . .That’s it.’

It was good that he had tried at least.

By trying, he had achieved his goal of creating a justification for the chimeraz. 

“I understand. Let’s not waste our breath on this anymore.”

Kreion cut off communication with the humans and then communicated via waves.

‘The UNF fleet will be here soon. Leave all the hordes behind, take only 8 Lemegetons and Euryale, and prepare to retreat.’

Then the belligerent Phlegeth made another claim.

➖I thought it would be easier than I thought to fight against a group called a nation of humans. Our legion overthrew a human civilization in a single day. Even so, do we really have to retreat?

‘The UNF is no different from humanity’s main force. Realistically, we can’t take them on right now. We need to go back and gather our strength.’

➖But. . .

‘If we clash head-on right now, we’ll be broken. Prepare to retreat after recovering as many resources as possible within 180 minutes.’

➖. . .I’ll do as I’m told.

‘Nazar. We need to stall for time after we leave so that the UNF fleet can’t track the light trails.’

➖Excluding the 8 Lemegetons to be used in the half-moon formation, there are 33 Lemegetons left here.

‘I’m going to leave as many children as possible on the ground to buy us time. So half of the children carried by the 8 Lemegetons should also be left here.’

➖I understand. But if it’s 180 minutes, the UNF fleet will arrive with plenty of time to spare. We need to retreat within 60 minutes to be safe. . .

‘There’s a way. Gather the Lemegetons and Cresecters that will remain here in orbit.’

Kreion came out of the collapsed wall of the broadcasting building and spread his wings. His wings now had several small thrusters attached to them, underneath the bat-like blood vessels.

➖33 Lemegetons and 2388 Cresecters are gathering.

This was the sight of Cresecters flying up into space all at once, having landed in the city or flying in the sky.

➖What are you going to do?

‘Destroy Nemea’s dimensional passageway.’

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  1. Take this comment as a grain of salt.
    New Ark supposedly advanced AI should be capable of calculating the true risk of the chimeraz race. By now It should have sufficient data to process. But in this chapter it shows that the AI is somehow “Ignorant”. It should be known that for most system even if 10% critical risk rate is unacceptable to take, and in this case for the chimeraz race who can build and confidently delete a star nation on its own in just a small gap of time its risk should be 10% or greater.

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