My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 41.1

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒𝟏: 𝐒𝐭𝐢𝐠𝐦𝐚 (1)

Chimeraz’s power proved that they had evolved to the point of being considered a race, with Kreion at their head.

At first, it was shocking that a group of living organisms, without machines or high-performance computing devices, would respond to a fleet battle, invade a planet, and engage in combat with a regular army.

Even considering the small size of the Nemea star nation and the size of the planet, it was difficult for the world to accept the fact that a respectable human civilization’s army was being pushed back by another race at every turn.

Rumble. . .!!!

Firearms spewed fire like crazy. Tanks and armored vehicles occupied the roads, and helicopters and snipers were positioned on rooftops, engaging in battle with the Cresecters in the sky. The war machines and humanoid forces at the forefront were swarmed by the Cust horde and forced into close combat.

“Dammit! This is never-ending!”

The Cust horde, which had reached the Nemea city, devoured police forces, military forces, pets, food supplies, trees, grass, and corpses indiscriminately, increasing their numbers at an alarming rate. The Cust’s spawning organs, which were planted here and there, grew easily in the resource-rich city.

In the midst of all this chaos, the chimeraz that had invaded the city strangely did not kill civilians or those who were fleeing in terror.

Phlegeth, who led the group into the city, spotted soldiers firing incessantly from the windows of a tall building.

The entire building was being used as a bunker.

“Kukukakaarrrrgh. . .!!!!!!”

Phlegeth opened its jaws and spewed purple flames. The intense heat melted the glass of the broken windows and peeled off the paint. Those who had been at the window evaporated without even realizing they were dying.

And the building hit by Phlegeth’s flames eventually tilted as even the steel frame buckled.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

The impact of the collapsed building caused a cloud of dust to rise high above the city, covering the roads and streets in a thick layer of dirt.

In the streets, where nothing could be seen with the naked eye, the regular army secured their field of vision with infrared detectors, while the chimeraz used their evolved photoreceptor cells.

Therefore, no matter how great the shock to the city or how thick the dust, the sounds of battle did not cease.

In the midst of localized battles raging across the vast city, Skeletunnel quickly infiltrated the sewers and burst out of the ground.

This was the heart of the Nemea government, the site of the main government buildings and the Nemea star president’s official residence, the Hyper Tower complex.

The name of this Hyper Tower, which boasts 250 floors above ground and 45 floors below ground, is Argos Tower, named after the most famous downtown area.

Pew, pew, pew, bang!

Whenever Skeletunnel poked its snout out of the Argos Tower site, the most elite troops armed with maximum firepower came out and sealed off the underground infiltration route at its source.

Key figures including the star president of the Nemea government and hundreds of millions of citizens had already boarded evacuation ships and left the planet.

However, hundreds of millions of citizens who had not been able to board the evacuation ships in time remained gathered in the underground shelters of Argos Tower, so the regular army had to guard this place.


Drone fighters in the sky above the city engaged in a dizzying dogfight with Cresecters, and the front lines of the chimeraz horde, which kept coming endlessly, soon reached the road in the distance.

The Nemea regular army, facing unprecedented weapons in a sudden invasion, was helplessly pushed back to this point.

In the end, the regular army had no choice but to bring out the weapon they had been saving for the most important location on the ground.

Wheeeeeeeeeee. . .

Behind the defensive line formed on the road, the metal ground opened up, and something from underground rose up with a thud.

25 meters wide and about 50 meters high. It looked like an alien structure with a straight blue line running across its smooth, black surface. The large object, which had neither wheels nor legs, was levitating with anti-gravity, attracting the attention of the chimeraz horde.

A mechanical voice announced over the Nemea regular army’s communication channel.

➖To defend the last line of defense, this unit will directly participate in the battle.

Drone Hive. This was a highly intelligent AI commander that analyzed and controlled the unmanned weapons and vast tactical data of the regular forces located on the ground in real time.

And the fact that the Drone Hive, which was supposed to be in a safe underground location, had to participate in the battle directly meant that the situation was very dire.

➖Hostile lifeform 3 species vulnerability analysis complete.

The Drone Hive’s body was basically a mechanized colony.


From the Drone Hive, 2,000 flying objects 14 cm long flew out like a swarm of wasps and rushed forward. They were a type of drone called Robobugs, self-destructing flying objects that caused forced nuclear fusion of plutonium and deuterium.

Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom, boom!!!!

Flexible and precise explosions tore through the chimeraz horde in front of the defensive line like a storm. The Robobugs, controlled by the Drone Hive, accurately targeted the Hounz’s joints, the Kabana’s legs, the Cust’s snouts, and the Tritula’s front legs.

Even so, the sheer number of chimeraz filling the road was too great. Even as the army at the defensive line concentrated their fire and countless Robobugs exploded, the chimeraz kept pouring in.

➖Slime-like unidentified fluid and organic matter extraterrestrial tissue are involved in maintaining the number of hostile lifeforms.

The Drone Hive was also a self-learning weapon.

➖Request permission to use the rechargeable plasma direct-hit cannon within the city.

➖Permission granted.

At that moment, a square hole opened in the center of the Drone Hive’s body. Inside, blue electricity flashed menacingly.

Crackle. . .


All the windows in the vicinity shattered. A massive bolt of plasma streaked across the road leading to the defensive line and far beyond. The chimeraz caught in it vaporized and disappeared into particles smaller than dust, and even the Xenotera extending over the road was cleanly swept away. Cars and streetlights alike vaporized, and the enormous heat storm, expanding violently, pushed away the Cresecter horde in the sky, causing them to fall like rain.

The area ahead was neatly cleared, as if some kind of magic had blackened everything.

Soon after, Cresecters fell onto the road, which had been dug up into an inverted arch.

“Kill them!!!”

Rat-a-tat-tat! Pew, pew!

They were exposed defenselessly to the army’s attack and were confirmed dead.


“Haha. . .! You buggers!”

The regular forces at the Argos Tower site must have glimpsed hope, however briefly.

That is, until they realized the existence of the colossal shadow cast over the city above their heads.

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