My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 150

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟓𝟎: 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐄𝐫𝐚 (1)

Hive Alliance’s the Ririm, the Parahtoria, the Quakacor.

Conda line’s the Caycaconick.

The Crolr.

Humans’ UNF fleet.

Le-orantarum Federation’s Federal Fleet.

They witnessed the mysterious egg-shaped entities simultaneously appearing across space near their capital star system.

They displayed incomprehensible, advanced technology to most species, imposing a forced halt to all fleet engagements with their sorcery. The bound vessels and aircraft in each graviton field were immobilized, their cannons inexplicably ceasing fire.

Fighting was no longer possible.

The enigmatic, egg-shaped entities appeared like mirages above planets, affecting every warzone. Aircraft battling in the sky were tethered in place as the vessels in space, and ground forces could not move as if their muscles and their circuitry had frozen.

And the Federal Enforcer looked in horror at the mysterious entity that appeared in the bridge.

【Who, who are you!】

The soldiers simultaneously pointed their guns at the egg-shaped entity.

【What is your identity?!】

It responded in the language of the Lomro-or.

【We are ‘the Believer’.】

【The Believer?】

【Your Le-orantarum Owron whom you follow is dead.】

They expected it, but a sense of despair washed over them upon hearing the news in reality.

【Who. . . . Who killed Federal Supreme Justice. . .】

【It matters not who killed him.】

Haaah. . .

It was an unbelievable sight.

The soldiers’ firearms on the bridge disintegrated into particles of light and disappeared.

【If the Federal Supreme Justice dies by an unforeseen accident, the Federal Enforcer shall inherit his position.】

The Federal Enforcer felt mentally overwhelmed by the incomprehensible entity before him. Looking around the bridge, he noticed his soldiers were dumbfounded and didn’t seem to think of fighting back.

【W. . . . What is this. . . .】

He instinctively felt that they couldn’t win against this entity no matter what they did.

He couldn’t even fathom if the entity had malicious intent toward them or what its objectives were.

He could only explain it as an enigmatic entity with incomprehensible, immense power.

【What do you wish to say to me. . .?】

【End the war.】

【The war. . . . . . .】

It wasn’t a war that could be ended so easily. How many years had the Lomro-or fought for this war today? The beliefs and significance of the Le-orantarum Federation couldn’t be broken so easily.

If the Federal Supreme Justice died, he had to inherit the position of the Federal Supreme Justice and carry on.

【It is too late to end it.】

【Why do you think it is too late?】

【That’s. . . .】

Was he clinging onto his stubbornness because he couldn’t give up?

Perhaps everything was already over.

【Many species are participating in the war. Even if I become the Federal Supreme Justice and propose an armistice. . .】

【Not an armistice, a cease-fire.】

【A cease-fire. . .?】

【It would take too long to explain.】

Haaah. . .

At that moment, particles of light from the Believer flowed into the Federal Enforcer’s mind. The Lomro-or soldiers in the bridge must be wondering what had just happened.

【Aaah. . . . Aaaah. . . .】

【Do you understand the situation now?】

It was like he had just woken up from a dream. 

The Federal Enforcer, whose voice was trembling after seeing something in his mind, asked.

【Did you. . . The Believer have dealings with the Federal Supreme Justices all this time. . .? For a common goal of peace. . .?】

【The Le-orantarum Owron was a pitiful being. The chains that bound him since before he was even born were finally broken by his death. In truth, it was a curse of succession. It was a convenient curse to exploit.】

【B-But even if the Federation surrenders and wants a cease-fire, our countless enemies won’t accept it. I doubt the Federation can win now. . . . . But the scale of what has been done is too large to stop now.】

【If the Federation disbands, the Triangulum galaxy and Andromeda galaxy species will regain their freedom. And if those young ones are given freedom, they will fight again.】

【That’s exactly what I want to say. If the Federation disbands, the war deterrence that the Federation has been managing will surely collapse.】

【The void of the Federation will be filled by the humans’ New Universe Civilization Union and the Chimeraz’s Hive Alliance.】

【Have The Believer chosen to side with them? How could you do this after dealing with us for so long?】

【This is why young ones like you can’t stop fighting. Just like how you are now.】

On the other hand, Kreion of the Chimeraz, Lopez of the humans, and Le-orantarum Owron of the Lomro-or communicated well with The Believer. It was because their mental levels were somewhat similar.

However, after conversing with beings on similar mental levels until now, he felt a little frustrated having to deal with the Federal Enforcer.

【We are on no one’s side.】

What the Believer was doing now was an act of mercy. The young being who didn’t understand needed an explanation. Like coaxing a child.

【We intend to save the Le-orantarum Owron and his ancestral civilization, the Lomro-or, from what they have built over generations. And the humans’ New Universe Civilization Union and the Chimeraz’s Hive Alliance, who understand this, will show mercy.】

【. . . .】

【It is your choice. Whether to disband the Le-orantarum Federation and live anew as the Lomro-or species from now on, or continue the bloody fight without Le-orantarum Owron.】

The Federal Enforcer closed his heavy eyes.

If they explained it to this extent and he witnessed the situation with his own eyes, he had no choice but to accept.

【I understand. I will comply with the surrender, cease-fire, and disbandment of the Federation.】

【Well thought.】

【But I have one question.】

The Believer wasn’t a species that answered questions from other species for free. However.

【Your burden will grow heavier from now on, so let me hear it.】

The Lomro-or was a species that the Believer pitied.

【The machine transcendent species. . . . Did you, The Believer, make the Reptured, who had been with us for a long time, turn their backs on us?】

【Were you that curious?】

【Humans couldn’t have hacked into the leadership of the Reptured. I doubt the Chimeraz could pollute their minds or persuade them through words either.】

And yet, the Reptured suddenly turned their backs on the Lomro-or.

He asked if The Believer were the ones capable of doing such a thing.

【The ones who persuaded the Reptured species to remain neutral were the Chimeraz.】

【Unbelievable. How could that ferocious species have persuaded the Reptured?】

【The Chimeraz. We also failed to properly assess their strength and potential.】

What did the Believer mean by that?

【But looking at those Chimeraz with a narrow perspective and arbitrarily defining them. . . . Don’t you think there’s a problem with the way you overestimate yourselves and underestimate your opponents?】

【Our Federation doesn’t do that. . .】

【It is an even bigger problem to deny, ignore, or make excuses for your own shortcomings. Beings who don’t face themselves properly and resolve those issues will never grow.】

It was a sincere statement from the Believer.

【And to beings who don’t know how to grow, opportunities, friends, and success won’t come. They will just futilely struggle, hoping for a miracle like it’s a stroke of luck. Although there are insignificant beings who don’t even struggle. . . . Even so, you are an ‘intelligent being’ capable of making choices.】

【Isn’t what you, The Believer, are offering our species a miracle? Can’t you continue to lead the peace just as you have stopped the fighting now?】

【Do you desire that?】

【Wouldn’t that be a miracle to us mortals. . . .】

【How immature.】

Truly immature. If not for Le-orantarum Owron, The Believer wouldn’t have even bothered with the Lomro-or.

【In this universe, a miracle is given to all beings once, as their first and last.】

【What is that?】

【Being born.】

The Believer left a final message to the Lomro-or as it disappeared in the form of mysterious light particles.

➖That is the first and last miracle for all beings. There are no more miracles after that.

➖Everything is merely the result of someone’s choices and the accumulation of interactions. We don’t perform magic or present illusions. Do you think we can make miracles happen?

➖If you can’t comprehend it with your shallow mind, refer to the Crolr of the Large Magellanic Cloud. The painful burden you carried will be carried by others. If you want to regain more glory than before, discard the illusions and choose to change that way.

➖We sincerely hope the Lomro-or do that.

At the same moment, Le-orantarum Owron inside the Supreme Council.

The Believer collected his body.

That’s how his body became particles of light and ascended above the clouds, or so it was passed down among the Lomro-or.


July 5, 2621.

The species who participated in the Great War declared cease-fire one after another. In the end, news spread that the Le-orantarum Federation had disbanded.

The Great War was devastating. It was impossible to even count how many lives were lost and how many civilizations were engulfed in flames.

The aftermath of the damage was so severe that most species were busy healing from the wounds of the Great War.

And to the species who couldn’t recover from the damage on their own, the New Universe Civilization Union and Hive Alliance willingly offered a helping hand.

Those who were fighting just a few weeks ago were now united in a dramatic peace, sincerely wishing that such a devastating war would never happen again.

As madness faded from those who participated in the war, the true horror of war was etched into their hearts.

Now, there probably aren’t any species in the Local Group who want war. Or even if there were, they wouldn’t do it.


【We have heavenly land, too!】

The small bird-like species, the Caycaconick who were the backbone of the Conda Alliance, looked up at the blue satellite approaching their planet.

In their capital city, the chieftain of the Caycaconick stood on what seemed like the balcony of a tall building.

Below the chieftain’s gaze, the Caycaconick gathered in the wide square were cheering.

【The Hive Alliance has gifted a prosperous satellite to us, the Conda bloodline!】


The cheers of the Caycaconick crowd were as refreshing as the sound of birds chirping in unison.

【We shall heal from the wounds of war and soar! We shall fly high, strengthen the unity of the Alliance, and repay the Hive Alliance who helped us!】

Some of the Caycaconick wearing mechanical devices flew up into the square along with a formation of metallic aircrafts. It seemed like they were vigorously ascending towards the blue satellite visible beyond the clouds.

【After we pay off our debt! The Conda Alliance will rise again!】

➖Even if our beaks are crooked, we will rise again!

➖Even if our beaks are crooked, we will rise again!

The crowd shouted in unison, and the chieftain sang loudly while his colorful cloak fluttered.


Fragrant flowers bloomed abundantly in the lush forest. The trees bore luscious fruits, and the Hydra herd trampled on the grass.

The flowing river sparkled transparently. Fallen plant leaves floated on it like boats, and large horned fish gulped down the leaves floating on the river.

“The heavenly land. It really was a good idea.”

“You’re flattering me. Haha.”

Rundalt was walking through the forest with the Elite who had been assimilated into the Ririm.

“When did you start thinking about this?”

“When we were engaged in an all-out war with the Vehlpciaarct. I thought it would be something I’d definitely do after the war was over, but I put it off and only got to do it now. The timing was just right.”

“A heavenly satellite where no one starves. Species who suffered damage from the war would be very grateful to receive such things from the Hive Alliance.”

“There’s no better way to win favor than helping someone in need.”

“Very good. But a trivial question.”


“Considering the resources and energy the Chimeraz invested in the war, I thought it would be difficult to create hundreds of ‘heavenly lands’ in a short period of time.”

It wasn’t an exaggeration, but hundreds literally.

The Chimeraz was now providing hundreds of satellites called heavenly lands to the entire Local Group in less than a month.

The resources and energy invested in the war were astronomical, and they must have consumed a lot during the war, so how could the Chimeraz create hundreds of satellites in just a month?

“That was possible thanks to Gorgo’s Star.”

“Wasn’t Gorgo’s Star a mobile planetary-mass entity for waging war?”

“Using it in war would make it a fearsome Baal-class weapon. But there’s no law that says a Baal-class must be used in war, right?”

The Ririm tilted its head.

“What did you do?”

“Didn’t we initially target the outskirts of the Triangulum galaxy? Starting with Anima-nim and Elise’s Ark fleet.”

“Right. I remember. At that time, Gorgo’s Star was divided into 30 dwarf planet-class entities, spread throughout the Triangulum galaxy, and waged war.”

“Gorgo-nim’s living fragments absorbed the necessary materials and energy while waging war. Several planets were preyed upon, and several civilizations perished. In the process, the 30 fragments grew larger and stronger.”

“Are you saying those fragments have now become heavenly lands?”

Rundalt snapped his fingers.

“That’s right. We used the enormous productivity from the war for something else.”

“The Chimeraz’s insight is really something I can’t adapt to, even after seeing it up close several times. They planned for what would happen after the war?”

“Of course. Kreion-nim isn’t someone who only looks forward to winning the war in the first place. It was the same this time.”

“I know he’s capable of doing that. But it’s still amazing. It’s impossible for us to catch up to the Chimeraz.”

Rundalt picked a fruit from the tree and held it in his hand.

“Abundance and nourishment to allies, death and horror to enemies.”

“An aphorism?”

“It was Gorgo-nim’s words. It means that the heavenly lands that many species are now using have two faces.”

Rundalt’s recent statement had a slightly eerie meaning in several ways.

Still, the Ririm didn’t fear Gorgo or Rundalt.

The Chimeraz were eternal allies of the Ririm anyway.

“True peace. It could be the foundation for realizing that.”

“Originally, I was going to charge a usage fee for the heavenly lands, but Kreion-nim told me to provide them for free. Because there’s ‘that kind of intention’ as well. Haha.”

The Ririm suddenly wondered.

“Is Kreion resting? Some time ago, he was busy traveling the galaxies, but he hasn’t moved from the Hecartra star system.”

“He must be doing research.”

“What kind of research?”

“He obtained various things from The Believer last time.”

The most precious thing of all.

Something the Chimeraz had always wanted to obtain whenever they met The Believer.

“Did he receive something special?”

“He received knowledge.”

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