My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 149

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟒𝟗: 𝐆𝐥𝐨𝐛𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 (5)

So far, neither the Believer nor Kreion have tried to look down on each other. Kreion did what The Believer couldn’t do, and The Believer paid Kreion with similar interests.

Even though they traded from an equal position, it was undeniable that there was an inevitable hierarchy.

Perhaps Kreion and the Believer turned a blind eye to such a relationship, knowing it.


The situation unfolding in the capital star system of the Lomro-or is regrettable. Too many intelligent beings and lives hate and kill each other. They are killing.

We don’t know how the upcoming great war will unfold. It’s unknown whether the great war will end after suppressing the numerous Lomro-or armies in the capital star system and collapsing the Supreme Council.

But the winner in the capital star system is almost decided.

The top of the Le-orantarum Federation, the most likely entity to have traded with The Believer so far, is the Federal Supreme Justice, whose name is Le-orantarum Owron.

Now that the bio-armor containing Kreion’s spirit and Gorgo have entered the Supreme Council, the life of the Federal Supreme Justice is in danger.

At that moment, the Believer who appeared stopped the fleet battle in the capital star system by force.

And he proposed. They will also step forward to stop the great war, so let’s not kill the Federal Supreme Justice. The Believer will try to persuade the Federal Supreme Justice.

“So now I’m going to change a little bit.”

But Kreion did not readily accept the Believer’s proposal. It’s different from the ‘past’ where they knew each other but ignored the hierarchical relationship.

In the new trend, the two beings start a full-fledged conversation.

“I wonder what you want.”

“If you have something you want from me, please tell me without lying.”

“Killing the Federal Supreme Justice is a bad judgment.”

“Believer. Please tell me without lying.”

Kreion pulled out the sincerity hidden in the depths of the Believer’s transcendent mind.

“. . . . . .I wish the Federal Supreme Justice was not killed.”

“Is it because you’re attached?”

“Isn’t it too precious to kill?”

“So far, the role that the Federal Supreme Justice has been playing has lost its meaning. Given the situation, the Federal Supreme Justice is rather a potentially toxic existence.”

“It’s too early to judge.”

“We can check whether it’s early or late from now on. And I think the Believer will know it better than anyone else.”

Kreion’s question returns to the beginning.

To a slightly more essential question.

“Can’t you let go of the Federal Supreme Justice?”


Pu-eok. . .!

Blood was splattered.

Gorgo and the Elite Squad had defeated the Lomro-or soldiers.

Crimson blood pooled on the clean floor, forming a puddle around the corpses.

In the golden temple-like interior that exuded a holy atmosphere, Kreion appeared in his bio-armor.

“Le-orantarum Owron.”

【. . .】

The Federal Supreme Justice faced him with an expression devoid of surprise or fear.

“Kreion. Your legion has killed countless soldiers and enforcers. How much more carnage do you need to be satisfied?”

The Federal Supreme Justice was fluent in the language of humans.

“It is a waste of time to discuss who has killed more in this Great War, Federal Supreme Justice.”

Gorgo and the Elite Squad cleared a path.

A resplendent space filled with the smell of blood.

Only Kreion (and the bio-armor his consciousness was linked to) and the Federal Supreme Justice were left in this place.

“What was the Federation’s intention in starting the Great War?”

“I do not understand what you mean by ‘starting it.’”

“If you intend to hide it even at this moment, give it up. Everyone knows who pulled the trigger for the Great War. You are so cornered.”

“We hate war.”

“Was it a war for peace?”

“You knew it.”

“Your methods were wrong.”

“I know you think it’s contradictory.”

After all, a race obsessed with war couldn’t possibly make a deal with The Believer.

The Federation’s claim that they chose war for peace was proven true by Federal Supreme Justice’s answer before Kreion.

“But it was a necessary war. It is something my ancestors have foreseen and prepared for since long ago. In the end, the intelligent beings of this universe have no choice but to fight. All intelligent beings start as life, and under the absolute goal of wanting to survive, they constantly fight with their own methods and thoughts.”

The Federal Supreme Justice turned his gaze to the bodies of the Lomro-or who had fallen near him. Kreion also followed his gaze to the bodies and slowly opened his mouth.

“Enough with the excuses. I’m not asking you about the truth that we both know. Let’s skip those stories.”

“The existence I trust the most in this universe is myself. And the Le-orantarum Federation, which I lead, is the most reliable force that can realize great ambitions based on strong bonds and vast power.”

“Are you saying that you tried to establish peace directly by holding the hegemony of the Local Group of Galaxies?”

“Many leaders of various races shout for peace these days. But who knows what their true intentions are? Even if they outwardly shout for peace and seem to be working for peace right now, won’t they be the ones to easily break the peace when generations pass, time flows, and new incidents become complicatedly intertwined?”

“I find it contradictory that the head of the greatest Federation fundamentally distrusts other races. Federal Supreme Justice, I think you are contradictory in many ways.”

“I know you, Kreion. The Chimeraz, who have shown the complete opposite of peace so far, are actually your property, and you are fundamentally a leader who pursues peace, so I know that the Chimeraz are also a race that fights for peace.”

“Was even the Federation’s definition of the Chimeraz as a threat just an excuse? I guess your appearance and your true intentions are too different.”

“Do you trust the leaders of the races in the Hive Alliance?”

“What are you talking about?”

“That’s what I’m asking. Kreion, do you trust the leaders of the Ririm, Hyraguroa, Parahtoria, and Quakacor?”

“There are parts I trust and parts I don’t. The hands of leaders are joined not by loyalty or emotion, but by a thorough understanding of interests.”

Yesterday’s enemy can become today’s friend, and today’s friend can become tomorrow’s enemy.

Alliances do not guarantee cooperation, and hostile relationships do not necessarily lead to rejection.

“Then can those interests continue in the future? Will the races of the Hive Alliance continue to follow the will of the Chimeraz even after 100 years, 200 years, 1,000 years?”

“We do not know.”

“Yes, we do not know. That is why I made such a thing. No one else but me could be trusted, nor could they be confided in. That is why I, as the most trustworthy subject, moved the Federation and tried to ‘manage’ peace.”

The Chimeraz would fight properly because they were in Kreion’s hands.

When the Local Group was in the Federation’s hands, the Local Group would follow the righteousness of the Federal Supreme Justice.

That was the story.

That was the purpose of the Federal Supreme Justice. All the other complications were methods and processes.

Kreion, who had listened to the story, said bitterly.

“Federal Supreme Justice, you seem to be at odds with me.”

“Are we at odds in an important part?”

“The Federal Supreme Justice wants peace for the Local Group, but I want the survival and well-being of my species, my alliance and my friends.”

Kreion, who had been fighting to survive until now.

The Federal Supreme Justice who had been living to fight until now.

“In that part, what the Federal Supreme Justice and I are pursuing are at odds.”

Kreion, who had been fighting to survive, hoped to live,

And the Federal Supreme Justice, who had been living to fight, hoped that there would be no more fighting.

There was no absolute villain. 


The Believer emphasized again to persuade Kreion.

“Le-orantarum Owron is a being with a broad mind and a deep heart. He who harmed peace wants peace more than anyone else in this Local Group of Galaxies. He is the only one who works harder for peace than even we, The Believer. This means that he has worked the hardest for the peace of mortals so far.”

At that point, Kreion was certain.

‘The Believer highly value and love the existence called Le-orantarum Owron.’

“His father, the Lomro-or, his father’s father, his distant ancestors all taught a single Great War for peace. The Federal Supreme Justices until now have inherited that teaching.”

“Eternal peace for the entire Local Group of Galaxies is impossible. I think The Believer knew that a long time ago. . .Why didn’t you stop him?”

“Because we thought it would be possible to achieve very long-term peace, even if it wasn’t eternal peace. That’s why we’ve been making deals with Le-orantarum Owron and his distant ancestors.”

As a result, the Le-orantarum Federation continued to expand. While humans, who are in a similar position to the Lomro-or today, focused on internal affairs and technology in the past, the Lomro-or simply focused on expansion.

On the battlefields of madness, the Triangulum galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy, the flames of war gradually subsided before the unity of the Federation. If the Lomro-or hadn’t increased their power like that, several races would have gone extinct by now.

“In a word, Le-orantarum Owron was used. He was used by us, by his father, by his ancestors, as a means for peace. And today, in his generation, Owron is determined to get his hands dirty.”

“Why didn’t you predict in advance that he would be the generation to start the Great War?”

“It was too late to stop him and there was no good way to stop him in advance. The Great War was an event that was bound to happen. And above all, the Chimeraz didn’t appear in his generation.”

Generally speaking, how long does it take for a group of living beings to be recognized as a race in the cosmic era?

How long did it take for the Chimeraz to be recognized as a race in the cosmic era?

In The Believer’ sense of time, the Chimeraz was a new force and variable that appeared suddenly, too quickly, and ‘artificially.’

Even if it wasn’t necessarily The Believer’ sense of time, it’s the same from the perspective of most leaders of races. The Chimeraz suddenly appeared and sorted out various incidents, becoming a rising power.

“. . .Kreion. The Great War has already started and the purpose of the Great War can be achieved at this point.”

“Yes. It’s because the winner and the loser are virtually decided.”

“And the Chimeraz has become capable of stopping the Federation. It’s finally time to end this regrettable fight.”


There was no absolute villain.

Kreion asked Federal Supreme Justice one last question.

“What are you going to do now, Federal Supreme Justice?”

The Federal Supreme Justice faced him with an expression devoid of surprise or fear.

It was a calm response.

“Well, I’m glad you asked me that.”

It was an oddly calm response.

“I see. Now I understand all of these situations.”

“Hurry up and answer. What are you going to do now?”

“Based on what you said in your ultimatum at first, I will declare surrender and disband the Le-orantarum Federation.”

“Are you saying that you will comply with our will?”

“That’s all I can do.”

The Federal Supreme Justice.

Le-orantarum Owron removed the shiny trinkets on his body and the crown-like thing on his head and placed them neatly on the table.

“However, I would like you to protect the peace from now on instead of me.”

“. . . .”

Owron approached the bodies of the Lomro-or near him, gently closed their eyes one by one, and made hand gestures that seemed to have some meaning.

His hands were stained with blood while he closed the eyes of the bodies, but he didn’t care and mourned the deaths of the Lomro-or.

“So that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again, so that a leader like me doesn’t cause the same situation again. . . I hope you use your power properly. That’s all I sincerely wish for.”

Only then was Kreion able to extend one hand to Owron.


“Kreion. I will give you a chance to choose. Keep Owron, a capable being who can join forces with you at a similar mental level in the future, alive and use him.”

“It sounds like you’re demanding something from me. What do you plan to do if I refuse?”

“That’s right, it’s a demand, and in case of refusal, I’ll leave that to your imagination. That’s why I said I’d give you a chance to choose.”

“You’re wrong.”

Kreion strode up to the Believer until he was close enough for their breaths to meet.

“Right now, The Believer are in no position to give me a chance to choose.”

Just then, the shield of the capital planet turned on.

One of the ultra-deep power generation facilities had been restored.

“When the shield is on, material transfer related to phase assault doesn’t work.”

“. . .?”

“This means that The Believer can’t enter the capital planet where Federal Supreme Justice is.”

“Wait a minute. . .Kreion. . .”

“The Believer won’t kill me. You won’t even try to attack me mentally, because I’ve fought with something called a mind until now. Since the inside of my brain isn’t an area where The Believer can unilaterally dominate, if The Believer attack me mentally, the inside of my brain will become a battlefield, and I might be ruined because of that.”

The Believer was caught off guard.

“I’ll say it again, but right now, The Believer are in no position to give me a chance to choose.”

It seemed like the possessors of transcendent minds were having an invisible tug-of-war in the depths of their brains. This was the end point that they reached after the tug-of-war.

This was the end of the path that Kreion had set.

“I’m really sorry, but I’ll be the one making the demands.”


Owron faced him with an expression devoid of surprise or fear, responded well to the conversation calmly, and answered Kreion’s last question about what he would do in the future by saying that he would surrender and disband the Federation as requested in the ultimatum they had received at first.

“. . .I hope you use your power properly. That’s all I sincerely wish for.”

And he asked Kreion to protect the peace instead of him.

Only then was Kreion able to extend one hand to Owron.

“You, who prepared and executed a single will passed down from your ancestors throughout your life, you, who couldn’t trust any leader other than yourself, didn’t show any signs of fear even when faced with the crisis of death. Rather, you calmly complied with our demands.”

Skin spread out from the center of Kreion’s palm, revealing a hole like a muzzle.

“If you had begged for your life out of fear or responded to the demand reluctantly with anger, I would have believed you instead. Even I, who only listened to the story for a while, can’t fathom the weight you’re carrying. But at this moment, are you saying that you’re going to put down all of those things and entrust the future to me?”

Zziiing. . .

The muscles around his palm made a creepy ripping sound.

“Aren’t you planning to try something like this again in the distant future. . .?”

At that moment, fear flickered in Owron’s pupils for the first and last time.

“Ah, no. . .I can’t die like this. . .!”

“Le-orantarum Owron. You still haven’t given up.”


At that moment, Owron’s forehead was pierced.

“That’s why I had no choice but to do this.”

He died instantly without any pain.

Owron probably didn’t give up even at the moment when his body collapsed and hit the floor.


The Believer confirmed that the being he had watched for a long time had become a cold, dead body.

The will that had been passed down for a very long time to the Federal Supreme Justices was like a curse, so Kreion broke the chain.

“The only thing that could stop his will was death.”

The Supreme Council was dead.

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