My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 151

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟓𝟏: 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐄𝐫𝐚 (2)

June 20, 2621.

Right after the successful Supreme Council takedown operation.

In other words, when Le-orantarum Owron was killed by Kreion.

The Believer, who had gathered the races in the capital star system, approached Kreion, and the conversation between Kreion and the Believer was shared with the Allied Fleet through the network.

Kreion expected the Believer to come looking for him in the heart of Euryale, and kept the network on.

Kreion’s purpose, which cannot be explained in a single sentence, had been decided since before the Supreme Council takedown operation began.

“The only thing that could stop his will was death.”

“. . . killing Le-orantarum Owron.”

“Yes, I killed the Federal Supreme Justice of the Le-orantarum Federation. I killed him because I judged that he should be killed, he whom The Believer cherished.”

All the Allied Forces are listening to this conversation.

“Now. . . . Are you angry with me?”


It was a quick answer.

But Kreion does not panic.

Because this is also an expected answer.

Transcendents are beings who have removed the realm of emotion, so it would be strange if they did not feel anger in this passage.

“Then what will you do to me?”

Ludwig’s vigilance was at its peak, and Gats and the Elite Guard were concentrating on reading the Believer’s thoughts and actions in microseconds.

Tension was in the air.

“. . . . . .It was the right decision.”

Apart from anger,

Despite the fact that Kreion killed Le-orantarum Owron, the last generation of the Federal Supreme Justice, a race that they had had watched over for centuries and had been in dialogue with for generations,

Despite the fact that Kreion killed him even though he had actively expressed his intention not to kill Le-orantarum Owron,

So there was a sense of regret and loss for the dead, anger and resentment towards Kreion, and groundless betrayal,

But still,

Still, the Believer acknowledged that Kreion’s recent actions were right.

“I cannot deny that it was the best, the greatest, and the safest future-oriented action from the standpoint of you and the Local Group of Galaxies. And Le-orantarum Owron. . . . no longer needs to suffer under the weight of it all.”

And the fact that the Believer acknowledged Kreion’s actions.

That was the same as acknowledging that they were wrong to try to stop Kreion’s actions earlier.

“I believed that the Believer would understand my decision and thoughts.”

“Let’s get things in order. Next time, the Federal Supreme Justice. . . . the Supreme Council Fleet’s Federal Enforcer is a strong candidate to become the leader of the Lomro-or.”

“It will be very difficult for me or my allies to persuade him. He must hate us by now.”

“I know. Let’s solve the problem of persuading the Federal Enforcer. That way, we can raise the Supreme Council and end the Great War smoothly.”

Now Kreion creates the flow of the conversation. He lays the tracks for the train.

“Rather, are you okay with the fact that the Believer’s existence has become known to the world?”

“We will return to the holy pit when things are settled anyway. Soon after that, our existence will be forgotten in time.”

“Isn’t ‘soon’ at least a few thousand, tens of thousands of years?”

“Don’t worry about our deal. We will come looking for you when things are settled on our side as well.”

“I will be waiting in the conference room of Hecartra when the time comes.”

“You can take it easy too. You don’t have to rush things, since there is a lot to do. Handle the deal for sure.”

It’s now.

“Apart from the deal, there is something I would like to ask.”

Perhaps the Believer stopped as he was about to disappear into a particle of light.

“You are the first to ask us something.”


“. . . .”

Silence again.

“. . . . . .You kept the network on. Kreion.”

The Believer saw through Kreion’s mind.

“Now that we have won, we will give as much as we have gained. So isn’t it okay to take this much profit?”

“You surprise us again and again. You are the first being since Lopez to have this level of insight.”

‘He mentioned Lopez as soon as he knew the network was on.’

Kreion has a lot of work to do in the Local Group of Galaxies. No, more than a lot.

From the Chimeraz’s point of view, who want to achieve peace through the Chimeraz, it would not be bad if the Chimeraz gained a little more advantage.

However, since Kreion cannot be 100% trusted, Lopez is the only one in the Local Group of Galaxies who can stand up to him now that Le-orantarum Owron is gone.

That’s why he mentioned Lopez’s name to give him power.

That’s what he meant.

“We could take more by making the Federation our enemy, but it is a very reasonable request in exchange for willingly responding to the Believer’s mediation and taking on the heavy responsibility of being the protagonist of peace.”

“If it’s reasonable, let’s hear it.”

“Give me the price that was in the deal with Le-orantarum Owron.”

“Do you know what the price Owron promised was and are you asking for it?”

“I don’t know. But Le-orantarum Owron wouldn’t have wanted something ordinary.”

“It wasn’t ordinary.”

Kreion found a breakthrough.

He digs deeper.

“Just now, from the Believer’s answer, I am convinced that what Owron wanted was not a ‘question’.”

“Is that so?”

“Because if it were something ordinary, Owron’s predecessors would have gotten a lot of it. Also, if the Believer had given Owron a role or some kind of goal, it was done or will be done through me.”

Today, the story Kreion shares with the Believer will spread throughout the Local Group of Galaxies.

“So I think I deserve to receive what Le-orantarum Owron was supposed to receive, instead of him.”


The last thing Kreion traded was ‘semi-permanent peace in the Large Magellanic Cloud’, and in return he received the methodology of transcendence.

Therefore, strictly speaking, it is not Kreion who brought down the Le-orantarum Federation and achieved peace in the Local Group of Galaxies.

It was the Great War that started because the Federation started the attack first. There was no deal between Kreion and The Believer there. After things were over, there was nothing Kreion could receive from the Believer.

But Kreion received it. He received it boldly in front of the many races of the Allied Forces, demanding it properly.

That one fact became a strength for the Chimeraz.

“The fundamental reason why we haven’t been able to figure out dark matter and dark energy up to now is because we couldn’t observe them.”

Kreion, Gnox, and Anima are putting their heads together in a quiet space.

Gnox is the one who talks the most here.

“Energy is finite, but the universe keeps expanding, and the mass corresponding to the various gravitational changes in this universe is nowhere to be seen.”

“Huh? Humans and Lomro-or ships often use gravitational fields.”

“Nowadays, gravitational fields are handled with pure energy without mass, but that was eventually made possible by the strong nuclear force and vectors of particles with intention.”

“If there is no mass, there is no gravity. The source of gravity is attraction.”

“The attraction that we couldn’t find until now was in the dark matter. The energy that we couldn’t explain was also in the dark energy. In fact, from the moment we found out about this through The Believer, we can no longer call it dark matter or dark energy.”

“But it was still a force that we couldn’t interpret even after finding it. The Believer said it definitely exists in this universe, but in some ways it is neither matter nor antimatter.”

“It can be matter and antimatter. It can be 30% matter and 70% antimatter, or it can be 30% matter, 20% antimatter, and 50% unknown matter.”

“What is that. . . . It’s completely arbitrary.”

“The energy coming from it contained the opposite, negative properties of what we knew.”

“Negative properties are also based on our standards. The terms yin and yang are expressed that way when approached mathematically. . . . The various properties of matter that The Believer told us could not be defined exactly by yin and yang.”

“Oh, so in conclusion, The Believer also have a realm of matter and energy that they haven’t found yet. Right?”

“The ‘deep’ realm of new matter.”

“I think that’s a more accurate expression.”

Gnox, who had been speaking well, sighed as if he was frustrated.

“But still. . . . I guess I can’t understand it with my head.”

“It was enough for me to just have you explain it to me in simple terms. I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Kreion-nim, since you are walking the path of transcendence, you will be able to understand it later.”

“Then I guess I’ll tell everyone when that time comes.”

“In that sense, I have one thing to say. Gnox.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I figured out about the black hole communication technology we obtained through the previous deal.”

Gnox’s mouth opened automatically.

On the other hand, Anima does not realize how great a thing that is.

“D-Did you understand that. . .?”

The Believer gave an example of explaining a communication device to a monkey. It was that profound knowledge.

It was virtually impossible for a monkey to understand today’s advanced communication devices with the background knowledge, intelligence quotient, and imagination it had accumulated in its lifetime.

However, the logic is that if the monkey could transcend and break free from its inherent mentality as a ‘monkey’, it would be able to understand today’s communication devices.

That’s why Kreion realized how difficult it is to explain the knowledge he had come to understand to others.

“I understood the black hole communication technology. But it was something that could not be explained in any language of any advanced race. It was not knowledge that could be explained with the tool of language in the first place.”

If the communication technology utilizing the power of black holes is applied to the collective consciousness, the Chimeraz race will literally evolve.

The constraint called ‘legion dominance’, which has been the biggest hindrance to the Chimeraz’s power, will be lifted. It is the so-called breakthrough of the Chimeraz’s inherent limitations.

However, in order to apply this to the collective consciousness, the beings within the collective consciousness must also understand it. It is not a convenient principle that can be used without understanding, like pressing a button on a screen.

The Chimeraz are a life-transcending race. And the communication network using legion dominance or waves is all happening in the ‘brains’ of the Chimeraz individuals.

If those numerous brains do not understand this, it is a technology that cannot be used in the end.

“I don’t know how to explain this to the leaders.”

“For example, is there anything similar? I worked on it thinking about Ansible.”

“What is Ansible?”

“It’s a fictional superluminal communication technology.”

“It requires a very complicated process in the microworld. And the microworld I’m talking about here is one dimension deeper than what can be seen with modern observation tools.”

“Uh. . . . Um. . . . Am I stupid?”

“It’s okay. It’s normal to have a harder time if you don’t have the relevant knowledge.”

“The Believer used a communication network made of principles, results, estimated processes, and calculations. Besides, even the term ‘communication network’ is said based on our language. It can become a communication network, a circuit that sends and receives signals, matter can become a phase shifter for transmission, or a weapon.”

“So The Believer are. . . . building and using a world that they can’t observe? They estimate some kind of function and use it as input and output. . .? Is that it. . .?”

“It’s a pretty close explanation.”

It would be nice to be able to give examples to explain. However, there is nothing in this Local Group of Galaxies that can be used as an example.

‘There might be something in some race’s creations. . . . No, there won’t be. After all, creations are also works completed in thoughts expressed in language.’

All intelligent beings approach understanding something through the data they have and the tool of language.

If there is an intelligent being who can break through the barriers and come up with something completely new beyond the data he or she has, he or she can be called a ‘great person’.

Just like the Believer said, some humans on Earth in the past achieved transcendence.

Are there no examples?

If the black hole communication technology is not explained to the collective consciousness, the brains of the collective consciousness will not be able to utilize it.

‘Examples. . . . . . .’

Gnox gave Kreion a ray of light who was still struggling.

“Wouldn’t Lopez know at least a little bit?”

“He knows?”

“I-I heard that his company. . . . Was it Obsidiamon? That company has been consistently researching deep space and dark matter for the past 20 years.”

I was thinking like an idiot.

If I couldn’t find the answer here no matter how hard I tried, I could just ask someone who seemed to know the answer.

If there is anyone who can explain it more easily than the Believer, there is no one else.

“And since artificial intelligence is similar to machine transcendence in some ways. . . . If Lopez understood, that is. I guess his artificial intelligence machines would all be able to use it if he just copied and pasted the data.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t follow what you guys are saying anymore.”

The greatest advantage of machines.

Machines are not very creative, but if someone comes up with new knowledge through creativity, they are very good at accepting it.

Acquisition and application are much faster than life. It’s like downloading is much faster electrically than evolution.

And Kreion just realized something else through Gnox.

“. . .I think I know why Lopez put you in my hands as a human resource.”


“He predicted this far, this situation.”

Gnox was bewildered.

“Aha. . . .”

Anima understood what he meant.

“Yes? Why are you two like that? Are you saying I’m a spy?”

Kreion took a step forward.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Come with me!”

There are precious things. So he walks faster.

Another track that had been missing was revealed.

“He must be waiting for me by now.”

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