My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 126

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐𝟔: 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐈𝐬 𝐔𝐬 (2)

The Crolr fleets were engaged in a fierce fleet battle.

‘All we have to do is cripple Carrd. The outcome of the battle is immaterial.’

As a warrior, Dracatarr decides to personally break through space to take up the challenge.

The two fleets, which had been fighting in formation, were now intermingled as if they were superimposed on each other. To the naked eye, it was impossible to tell friend from foe. This was the result of Dracatarr’s special forces continuing to charge forward, bearing the brunt of the engagement.

Amidst the fleet battle where flames of death and destruction raged, Dracatarr’s mothership and dozens of ships escorting it withstood the enemy ships’ attacks head-on.

While doing so, they approached the capital structure, no matter how much they had to force their way through.

Thousands of anti-aircraft weapons deployed on the capital structure were continuously firing, and Dracatarr’s fleet withstood the attacks of those anti-aircraft weapons while forcing their cannons to fire.


A storm of hot flames and a mushroom cloud erupted on the ground. The heavily armed troops fought almost frantically to stop the special forces descending from the dark night sky.

The night sky of the capital was as bright as day.

Multi-legged tanks, Colossus units, and infantry were dying, and the special forces aircraft and assault ships descending fell like fiery meteors.

➖They’re Dracatarr’s special forces!

➖Kill those bastards!

The Crolr race has overwhelmingly more means of attacking than means of defending. That’s why they have to annihilate their opponents before they themselves are annihilated, by fighting with sheer firepower.

➖Carrdrarrk Crola!

Regardless of whether they are ordinary working class, young or old, everyone is armed and fighting. Cities are scorched and the terrain is transformed. The air screams hot and the civilization is engulfed in flames.


Dracatarr’s assault ships landed in various parts of the city and were set up on their four legs. As the Colossus units scattered grenades, buildings collapsed like dominoes, and endless multi-legged tanks crawled out from the dusty dirt to attack the Colossus.

In the excessive firepower, the infantry armed with combat suits died like consumables. Nevertheless, no matter how many corpses piled up in the capital structure, Carrd’s troops showed no sign of tiring and sprang up from all sides.

➖Break through the front lines all the way to the Monarch’s Source!

The Monarch’s Source is the name of a building. The large structure, which looks like an upturned turtle, is the command post and headquarters of all the Crolr strata.

Fixed guns were also firing from the Monarch’s Source, and various aircraft were engaged in dogfights nearby. And Carrd’s elites were fighting to hold their ground at the Monarch’s Source.

The front lines and bottlenecks were opened up by the ever-increasing number of special forces being deployed.

Both sides had the same firearms and weapons, and there were no complicated strategies or tactics in the Crolr’s military science. When one of them on one side dies, one on the other side dies as well.

Ddrrrurrrrrrrruk. . . !!!


Colossus units from both sides collapsed. Multi-legged tanks from both sides exploded. Interceptors from both sides crashed. Infantry from both sides fell, bleeding.

Orbital bombardments fell, and anti-aircraft turrets erupted with barrages into the sky. It was a battlefield where one could not stand upright for a second and even breathing seemed impossible without the help of a combat suit.

➖Those bastards are directly hitting the Monarch’s Source!

➖How did a bunch of backwater special forces prepare an army as big as mine without me knowing!?

Carrd’s elites tried their best to defend and wait for reinforcements from other areas.

➖Block them! I said block them!

However, Dracatarr’s special forces did not give them time. Because winning the battle and occupying the city was not their goal.

➖The main gate has been breached!

Dracatarr’s special forces had found a good way to attack their enemies in special situations.

They attacked the Monarch’s Source from all directions and at all heights, instilled a sense of crisis in them, and induced the troops inside the Monarch’s Source to come out.

It was like an operation to poke a beehive and draw out the bees inside.

Small multi-legged tanks and special forces infantry appeared in the smoke in front of the main gate that had been blown up.


➖Go in and find Carrd!

“Dracatarrk Crola. . . !”


The special forces entered the first floor of the Monarch’s Source and quickly killed the enemies inside. Then half of the troops created a defensive line at the main gate they had entered through, preventing enemies from entering from outside.

Dracatarr was among them.

【Our civilization is burning! Countless Crolr are dying!】

【This ends when Carrd dies!】


Explosive tanks moving on four legs were deployed in a circle.

【My brave warriors! Carrd’s control room is underground!】


A round hole was made in the floor.

The special forces that entered below gathered in front of a dozen or so elevators and ripped off all their doors.

Immediately after, the small multi-legged tanks tore through the elevator floor and descended deep into the passage themselves.

【What’s the situation below?】

【It’s clear!】


At that moment, a dizzying roar was heard from upstairs. Fragments and dust from the ceiling fell like grains of sand.

【Commander! The defensive line at the main gate has been breached! Carrd’s elites are after us!】

【We need to kill Carrd before that! Get down there, everyone!】

Dracatarr and the special forces threw themselves into the deep passage leading underground.



The door was blown up and Dracatarr’s special forces stormed into the underground control room.

The special forces lined up along the walls to the left and right and took aim at Carrd. Carrd was the only one standing in the empty space.

Carrd glared.

【You traitorous bastards. Your warriors are now doing something they will regret.】

【We did this so that we would not regret it.】

Dracatarr entered and faced Carrd.

【Something you will not regret?】

【Monarch Carrd. You do not know what is truly best for the race, and you keep making mistakes.】

【Do you think I’m to blame for losing the last war?】

【That’s not what I’m talking about.】

At that, one of Dracatarr’s subordinates turned on the combat suit’s hologram.


On the hologram was the face of Commander-in-Chief Racliaa. If Carrd were to die at the hands of Dracatarr, the challenge would be considered a success, and then Racliaa would have to accept the new Monarch and cease fighting.

【I don’t have much time, so I’ll ask you one last thing. Carrd.】

【. . . .】

【Do you really think that our war efforts today were not wrong?】

【I don’t know what you mean by that question.】

【I’m telling you to face our race properly, which has become like this today. Why are you preparing for war even after seeing so much bloodshed?】

“Creuk. Keukkeukkeukkeukheuk!”

Carrd laughed like a mad Crolr.

【Is this situation funny?】

【I knew it! You never told your warrior class that you were preparing for war. As I thought, there must be someone behind you who told you about it!】

【All we did was seize the opportunity to correct our mistakes.】

【Do you think those Hive Alliance lackeys will give you the position of Monarch? If that’s the case, don’t be mistaken. This is not a challenge that you succeeded in with your own strength.】

【We had to correct all of us, even like this.】

【You don’t know anything. You don’t know even know a little bit.】

➖Commander. Carrd’s elites outside are approaching underground. We need to finish this now.


Dracatarr took aim at Carrd himself with the firearm he was holding.

【Carrd. From now on, I will lead our race.】

【No! If you become the Monarch, our race will become slaves to monsters! Not if you lead us!】

No need to listen any further. We need to finish this quickly.

【The Crolr will prosper.】

Dracatarr finished speaking and fired.


However, Carrd did not die.

Jiiiiiing. . .

A shield enveloped Carrd’s body like a protective barrier.

The Crolr do not have shield technology.

【The Crolr reign supreme! You lowly traitors!】

Dracatarr’s mind flashed like lightning.

A shield technique was the pinnacle of defense that could respond to firepower that was growing stronger day by day. There were very few races that could use such advanced technology.

As far as Dracatarr knew, there were exactly two races in the Local Group who were known to be able to use shield techniques.

One was the human, a mammalian race from the Milky Way, who were evaluated as being the first among the known races to evolve and form a civilization, and who were considered to be the ancestors of all the others.

Although the entire race had not achieved transcendence, the individuals of the race had succeeded in achieving transcendence in various ways.

The other was the Lomro-or, a composite race from the Triangulum galaxy who had evolved slightly later than humans, but who had rapidly advanced thanks to the fact that they had fully embraced transcendence as a race.

The Lomro-or were considered to be part of the vanguard races alongside humans, and they had political and diplomatic tendencies similar to those of humans.

There was a story.

In the Local Group, there were less than five races that could rival the Vehlpciaarct, the mechanical transcendents.

The races that fell within those five fingers were the humans, the Chimeraz, and the Lomro-or.

Also, since Carrd had a high-powered shield that could withstand a shot from a Crolr rifle at this distance, it seemed like there were two possibilities.

Either the humans had sold the shield technology to the Crolr.

Or the Lomro-or had sold the shield technology to the Crolr.

‘There’s no way the humans, who were at war with us, would give us this valuable technology. . .’ 

Therefore, it was at that moment that he guessed that the Lomro-or had sold shield technology to the Crolr’s ruling class.

Jijijijijik. . . !

Kung! Kungkungkung!

Something like particles of light began to reconstruct around Carrd, and at the same time, the special forces that had been hit by something collapsed all at once.

【Thank you for your help! We, the Crolr, will not forget this favor!】

Dracatarr was speechless.

It was a much deeper relationship than simply the Lomro-or selling technology to Carrd.

There was some kind of connection between Carrd and the Lomro-or.

Two legs, six arms with four joints each, a flat, cone-shaped body like a bamboo hat, a neck as long as its legs above it, and a round head like a human.

Its entire body was covered in what looked like a combat suit, and its face was covered with something like transparent glass made of a smooth material.

Lomro-or, who had suddenly appeared in this space, surrounded Dracatarr in a circle.

【Carrd. . . !】

【Are you shocked?】

【You were just criticizing me, saying that I didn’t succeed in the challenge with my own strength. . . ! How dare you say such things!】

【How naive. Of course it was a lie to see your reaction.】


Immediately after, giants rushed into the underground control room. They were the elites who had come down after killing Dracatarr’s special forces upstairs.

【My loyal warriors! Quickly apprehend this traitor!】


Dracatarr was knocked over by the impact of the gunfire and fell, bleeding.

“Keureureureuk. . . ! Carrrrd. . . !”

He glared at Carrd as if he would kill him, his one eye trembling as he collapsed.

Carrd patted Dracatarr on the head.

【I’ll have you executed in front of everyone on a specific date.】

【What are you planning with the Lomro-or. . . !】

【It seems you’re not even afraid of me. You still have the energy to ask questions.】

Carrd gestured to his elites to drag Dracatarr away.

And as he watched the dragged Dracatarr from a distance, he uttered the words that Dracatarr hated the most.

【All your special forces warriors will die today. I’ll broadcast their deaths live to your prison, so enjoy watching.】


Dracatarr was dragged away in a rage.

After he was dragged away, a Lomro-or asked in the Crolr language.

【Why did you ask for our help before completing the task we assigned to you? Monarch.】

【Wouldn’t it be better to bring forward the scheduled time rather than let the Crolr become a race that gives up on war?】

【That’s true, but today’s performance was a bit disappointing.】

【It seems that the Hive Alliance is behind the one who was just dragged away. Don’t your federations also want to get rid of the Hive Alliance before it gets any bigger?】

【Did you use the Crolr’s name to justify the war?】

【We’ll torture that Dracatarr and make him spit everything out. I intend to make up for the disappointing performance you saw today.】

【Since it’s already happened, do as you please. Our federation is fine with anything as long as we can claim it’s a just war.】

At that moment, a mushroom-shaped mothership appeared in the Crolr fleet battle.

It was nearly 3,370 km wide.

That mothership, ‘One’, was the Lomro-or’s ‘fleet’.

The Lomro-or mothership dispatched its fleet and began to clean up Dracatarr’s special forces in an instant. Their fleet had various types of ships, but they all had in common that all aircraft operated advanced weaponry based on phase assault technology and gravitational wave cabling.

Their firing range was unconventional, and they were weapons that could neither be defended against nor evaded.

Soon, Dracatarr’s special forces were massacred unilaterally, and Dracatarr was forced to hear the news while being tortured in prison.

【Tell me. If you tell me now, I won’t kill the working class of the backwater planet you rule.】

The Crolr’s method of torture was very sophisticated.

One of the Crolr’s physical characteristics is their large ‘one eye’, into which a very thin needle heated over a fire is inserted one by one.

Puuuk. . . !


Dracatarr, who had 100 needles stuck in his eye for 5 hours.

Before he knew it, he was trembling all over, his warrior-like appearance gone.

【Tell me. If you don’t tell me, everyone who was under you will be killed as traitors. And this torture will be repeated until the day of your execution.】

“Geueueueu. . . . Keueueueu. . . .”

【Tell me. If you don’t tell me, your family on that country planet will also be considered traitors and subjected to the same torture as you. And they’ll be executed.】

【Such a cruel thing. . . ! It has nothing to do with them!】

【It doesn’t matter whether they’re traitors or not. But they will say they are traitors with their own mouths.】

“Keureureureuk. . . !”

【I’m going to take out the needles now. And after I heal your eyes, I’ll stick in 100 more needles for 5 hours. So hurry up and tell me. What’s behind you?】

In fact, the Chimeraz are a different race from the Crolr. In any case, it was a lot for a single Crolr like Dracatarr to endure this much.

【I can’t help it if you don’t want to tell me. Back to work. . .】

【Rundalt. . . .】

Dracatarr, whose mind and body had collapsed, had no choice but to confess in the end.


【Rundalt came to me. . . .】

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